Friday, November 12

Big Mac

Arizal and Zai are so kind to send us home. The four of us went to IKEA to buy some stuffs. The fact that we were shopping like mad yesterday didn't stop us from buying a set of baby gym for our yet to be born baby girl. Oh , IKEA's cafe currypuffs, so yummy!Kalau tau, beli 2 dozens baru puas, hehe. Aiyoh!I'm already looking like a balloon about to burst, but still eating like there' sno tomorrow. We had our buka puas at home(my MIL's). Everybody's eating out today, so we decided to have go to JJ's McDOnalds for the Buka Puasa special. Even bought a bottle of Ribena.
At home, I decided to raya at dearie's kampung in Jeram instead of my parents' place since there's no sign that the baby will come out any soon. I want to taste the famous ala-ala dish, U'an's specialty.

Tuesday, November 2

Pineapple tarts

Today, teringin nak makan tart nenas so bad..Normally I wouldn't really care about this pineapple tart so much but this year, nampak je tart , so tempted. I want the original round shape with jam on top not the rolled ones, seems so hard to find. I've been craving for it since the past few the beginning of puasa, I think. So, I told dear...I would settle for the rolled pineapple tarts. Yeah sure you can find it anywhere in this festive season, but how would you know that it's the best?
My mom is not an expert in baking tarts.. She made the best pineapple jam, no doubt, but the art of making tart is different. Have to buy la ini macam..
Dear's going to KLCC tomorrow, and he'll get me some....Yeay!

Monday, November 1

7 days

It's November already... and I'm still counting days..Is it gonna be today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or on the weekend? Dear woke up this morning, dreaming that our baby has been born. Last night he told me that he has a hunch that the lil' one will be born this Thursday. Ohh... it makes me so nervous, although I'm trying so hard to be calm. Every pain that I experience makes me think that it's a contraction. Lately, I can actually feel the baby move (or was it jerking?) downwards, it hurts. So hard to get up, to bend and kick yourself out of the bed.
My baby girl wants to stay inside until she feels ready to face the world, kot?
Your daddy can't wait to see you... in fact everybody's eager to welcome you this world.
Only mummy has this uncertain feelings...Part of me wants to see you badly, another part of me wants to protect and carry you inside the womb forever. Mana boleh forever kan? I wish I knew when you would come out.

Saturday, October 23

Let's skype!

I couldn't sleep last night, decided to cook ayam masak merah and starfruit juice for sahur.After having a simple meal with dear and mak ..I browse throught the net and found my dearest Eva on YM. She insist that I download Skype a software that will enable us to communicate as clear as a phone call via a microphone. How cool is that? At first, me and dear were a bit skeptic, we thought that it would be no different than YM. In fact, at that very moment, Eva and I were already voice chatting. Heck, why don't we just try and download this Skype thingy...10 minutes, voila! Eva dialed me up and to my amazement it is definitely clearer , just like talking on the phone. Felt like she's really not that far in Liverpool. We had fun talking for almost 5 minutes. I really really miss her. Talking with her was so much fun!She's looking for a job to cover her expenses there. I promised to send her serunding and some kuih for raya.
Didn't do anything much after that. Dear and I slept until 3pm! Weather wasn't so good,cloudy and windy. Luckily by 5pm the sky cleared up and off we Sg. Wang before having a stomachful of chicken buffet at Hartz Chicken. I myself coudn't believe that I could eat that much. Sampai tak boleh bangun!
Oh yeah, bought a washable breast pad for my nursing days from Mothercare.

There's only few stuffs left in the list:
Baby blanket
Plastic pants
Nappy rash cream
Maternity pads
Cotton balls
Alcohol swab to clean the baby's cord
Baby's cap
Button front nightdress

Have to buy all these things tomorrow... due date is just around the corner!

Friday, October 22

Ramadhan is a great month to enjoy all the food that I love! I've been eating like there's no tomorrow, seriously! My mama has a menu for buka puasa for the whole month. I could only enjoy all these food such as nasi beriyani, soto, nasi ayam etc... now as I'll be on confinement for the next 44 days after delivering my baby. What would it be like to drink without ice, eat everything cooked without oil. Not allowed to eat 'cold' fruits and vegetables. Define cold? Is there any research out there that supports all this confinement rules? I was told to be prepared for 'bertangas' where you stand on top of a burnt charcoal with your body wrapped around in a blanket. Something like a home made sauna. My dearest Faizal was totally against this "bertangas" thingy. We even had a funny argument with atuk last Monday. Tangas supposed to make your uterus shrink to its normal size, but according to our ante-natal instructor Jenny, it's nonsense. Some mothers even almost burn themselves by this practice. Hmmm.. this is the conflict that any new mother would face. We learn the modern practice through books and classes whilst our mother/grandma would insist on practicing their confinement rules on us. It's not that I don't believe in old tradition, but some practice such as putting pilis on your forehead seems to be so ridiculous. It supposed to drive your hubby away as the smell from pilis would really turn any men off. I wouldn't want my dear to avoid me! I want him to be there right next to me, we both decided to take turn taking care of the baby except for washing the baby's poo poo... Gross sangat eh dear? That responsibility is mine, hehe.
Hari ni teringin nak makan apa pulak? Been craving for kueh kole kacang for the past few days. Dear pun sampai terikut-ikut sekali. Nasibla I'm not really that fussy. Dapat kuih pun dah best sangat. Today I would love to go to any bazaar Ramadhan. Nak cari kole kacang!

Thursday, October 21

15 more days to go

Wow!I can't believe that it's just another 15 days to my EDD. It used to be 42 weeks now it's only fifteen days! The baby could be delivered anytime. two of my friends had already given birth to their cute lil' babies. Congrats Kamal and Lyla on your babygirl Sakinah, and to Matun and Syed on their newborn Syed Aiman Haziq. What a year to begin and end with. Got married to Faizal Reza on January, and having our baby right before raya! Tak sempat nak raya berdua dah bertiga! So we're gonna be celebrating our first anniversary with this baby girl named.....(secret.. wait until she's born)
Actually I really can't wait to deliver this baby...My belly felt so tight. You can really feel and see her movements. Sometimes it's her knees, elbow kicking and punching me. It's so strong compared to the last few months that sometimes it hurts!
Went to Putrajaya Hospital last Tuesday. There are so many mommy-to-be. I have to wait from 9 am to 2.00 pm to complete my check up. This new Government hospital really amazes me. It's so ultra-modern and chic...and the charges are so minimal. I'd really suggest anyone who's expecting a baby soon to have their baby here. It will only cost you few hundreds and you'll get to enjoy the same privilages as private hospital. The GP was so friendly. A young Dr. Norhana did my ultrasound and we were talking like friends! My baby now weights 2.5 kgs... Pretty small but normal for my height and size. I asked the doctor to confirm the sex once again...was introduced to the term 'burger'.. funny word to describe the female genitalia. I've already bought pink clothes for her..if boy pulak comes out, siapa nak pakai tu?
I'm gonna be in labour anytime soon, the GP said.. since my placenta has moved downwards.
So far there's no sign of labour yet. No show, no waterbag burst, no contractions. Still riding on the back of dearie's Harley. Gila ke tak gila tu?Please don't come to me and tell me it's dangerous. I know what I'm doing ok?
I have been fasting for 7 days now. It's just like any other day. I have no headache or nausea that keep me from fasting. I intend to fast as long as I could until I gave birth.
I might not be blogging anymore after having the baby.. for a while la since there's no phone line back in the USJ 3A neighbourhood. It supposed to be equipped with ISDN, wireless broadband whatever crap but it just didn't reach our area yet. How frustrating.

Sunday, October 17


It's Sunday and we went to IKEA with mama, Erie and Fara to shop for some stuffs. everybody with their own agenda. Mama wants to buy her Kenwood mixing bowl to bake cookies for raya while dear and me would love to shop around and buy nursery furniture for our baby. This is the first time we shop and browse through the Kids section. We decided to buy a diaper changer rack(?), bath basin and face towel. I'm really happy and overjoyed. I don't know why, but shopping for the baby makes me really excited. Dear also bought a swivel chair for his home office. We didn't plan to spend so much but end up shopping rabak2. Can't wait to assemble the rack at home... Mama gonna buy us the crib...Just have to rearrange the room to make it easy to move about. Can't wait.. can't wait...

Saturday, October 9


My feet are swollen for the past few days. It's really hard to got up from bed. Today, dear took me up for a cendol treat, yummy.. and I fell asleep as soon as we're home. Dear went out without me to Bangsar.. It's really hot out there and I don't think I can cope with the weather. Plus, I wanna be prepared for our dinner tonight. Nothing fancy, just going out to our favorite restaurant.
Last night, dear asked me not to leave him. Err.. actually I'm going to live with my parents starting from next week. Why? During the day, everybody's in this house is working, so if there's an emergency i.e waterbag burst or any sign of labour.. I would be alone. It's kinda sad when dear said that from Monday onwards there will be no one waiting for him when he gets home, nobody to talk to at night, etcetera etcetera

"Please don't go eh dear?"

Ehmm..the thought of not seeing him for few days, breaks my heart. I'm gonna miss him. Miss his out of tune singing. His laughter. His stories on stuffs he found on ebay, Jesse James, WCC, the new Heuer Carrera. :(
Most of all I'm gonna miss his smell, hugs all thru the night...everything!

Thursday, October 7

Dearie's big day!!

Finally the day that I've been waiting for has arrived! Although I'm a bit frustrated by the fact that I couldn't throw him a party like I've been planning to (we settled for another date, when our baby girl comes out to this world, since his friends are going away for business trip to Bandung this weekend), but..he's really lucky though.. Dear's going to celebrate his birthday twice! We're having dinner Saturday night and for the first time in his life, he's wearing a sterling silver embossed Harley-Davidson ring, a gift from me! Definitely I would never top his prezzie for my last birthday.. my dream iPod.. but I'm glad he really love that ring, in fact almost obsessive with it. How obsessive? Hehe... only we both know, right dear?
I'm a bit frustrated that the surprise gift that I ordered thru the net didn't arrive on time. In fact they're only shipping it tomorrow!!! Bila nak sampai tu? Silap2 my baby comes out earlier than the 'mystery' gift.
Oh yeah, I managed to make a birthday card for dear.. Plus decorating the room with balloons and ** candles. I'm not really proud of it as I wanted to give him more. My dearest hubby has been so understanding , the look in his eyes is priceless! His eyes were shining underneath the candle lights, almost made me cried by his words...

"Being with you, on my birthday is a blessing"

Thursday, September 23


Dearie's Birthday is just around the corner.. Got the gift ready, hopefully It will be here on time. (Hope he'll like it as much as I do). I have pages full of plans for the party. This year since I'm not working, I've prepared months before the big day.. Moreover, dear's gonna turn (toot).... this year! The only thing that worries me is that, my baby will be full term during the birthday week. So it's her choice and in God's hands now...if she wants to celebrate with her daddy.. (It will be great if they share the same birthday!) She'll be delivered in her 37th week, or else she'll wait like everyone else...40 to 42 weeks. I even talk to my belly, asking her to at least wait until the party's over.( Macam psycho pun ada, hehe) Literally, ok? I'm being paranoid because her head is now in the birth position, unlike last month where she's still up. So, she could be waiting for the right time, anytime...It's hard to believe, one minute you feel like.. lamanya nak carry this baby, the wow! It could be anytime! Now it's really hard for me to walk, feels so heavy... Sempat ke nak shop for the party ni?

Tuesday, September 7

Leaving for Liverpool

My best friend Eva is leaving for Liverpool tomorrow. She is literally... the best friend I've ever had. She's my roomate, desk mate, bridesmaid..We've been friends for only 6 years but our friendship goes beyond any other friendship that I've ever had so far. We simply "clicked". We could talk for hours, about everything.
Last week, we went out 4 days in a row just to have a long chit chat like we used to. Currently she's living in JB, and haven't seen me with my belly this big. The last time we've seen each other was 2 months ago and my pregnancy wasn't that obvious. Met in front of Topshop KLCC and there she was, looking even more gorgeous, slimmer than ever and she screamed with excitement to see me, err looking like a blowfish. Obviously. People were looking at us, I'm a bit embarassed, ye laa I look like a balloon. But heck, I don't give a damn. Seeing her brighten up my day. I have only one friend whom I can trust with all my heart., and she's leaving for a year. I did asked her to find her soulmate in UK..Get a job, migrate.. even better. She deserves a good life and a great partner. Wish you all the best my dear!
Oh well, I'm gonna miss her, so much! Promised to visit her next summer.. Me and dear are planning to have our long awaited honeymoon in Europe. Can't wait!

Friday, August 20

Quote"But you know.... when you're in the LRT and a woman is standing in front of you and you're not exactly sure if she's preggers or just a bit rounder around the tummy.... what do you do? Risk insulting her by giving up your seat OR just pretend to be asleep and not notice that she is there?" end of quote

Hmm interesting piece. If this is what people think of me each time I take the LRT, I'd never be offered a seat, NEVER! As far as I can remember there's only one incident when I was 4 months pregnant, a nice Chinese girl actually got up and gave her seat to me. She's actually have doubt about my pregnancy in a first place. The situation goes like this,
Two girls were whispering in Cantonese
All I could understand was "I don't know"
Finally one got up and asked me to sit
Her friend apologized to me
"I'm sorry, didn't notice/not sure that you're pregnant'
"it's ok, still early (the pregnancy) anyway,'
and I had a big smile afterwards.

That was the first and last...People are so ignorant nowadays. Most of them pretend that they don't see me or worse, sleep all the way to their destination. I used to notice courteous behaviour in S'pore MRT, where people still give pregnant women and senior citizen seats, but during my last visit, it has changed. The first thing I'll teach my children is these little things, that matters the most, if not for typical Malaysian, to me, at least.

Thursday, August 19

Sunshine :))

I admired dear so much, not because he's my beloved hubby but at how he see things. He rarely take things too seriously, emotionally like I did. He can always figure out the positive side of almost everything. That makes him such a noble person. I wonder, how can someone stay calm when things doesn't go his/her way? Maybe, I'm still not mature enough to understand or was I born to be rebellious? (heheh)

See, we are totally opposite in terms of personality but I realize that I did toned down, become calmer since I met dear. I used to raise my voice when I'm furious, sulk when I didn't get what I wanted, shed tears when I couldn't cope with something. Dear was having a hard time to understand me when we were dating. It took him 6 years and a Carat Club diamond ring to change me.

I was feeling down today and he made me feel alive and happy once more! I don't know how he did it, but it works! Thanks dear for being a sunshine in my life ( sounds corny, eh? but it's true!)
Love you lots!

Life is..

I'm not feeling very well this past 2 days. Today, I woke up with a strange taste in my throat. It's like gases were filling my esophagus. Went to Putrajaya Hospital yesterday to register myself for delivery. I have to bring a reference letter from my current obstetrician in order to check myself in there. A bit frustrating tho'. No wonder I was told by someone that you'll be send away even when you're about to give birth, without that piece of letter. Oh well, luckily my appointment is due on this Saturday. Anyway, the hospital is comparable with any private ones, but they only ask for minimal fees. Yes, giving birth is not cheap. A normal delivery would cost you RM 1700 in a private hospital and can go up to RM10k if you have complications or have to undergo c-section surgery. That doesn't include preparations for the baby, nappies, cribs,clothes,bottles and what not.

Enough of that, it's not that I'm not happy having this baby, I'm soooo overjoyed! It's just the hassle of going through procedures made me feel so down.

I reluctantly drag my feet out of the hospital and as my dad were circling around Putrajaya, trying to find our way out, we accidentally found this beautiful house right behind the hospital. I'm sure the price wouldn't be as much as the one mama and papa live in right now,USJ. It is so peaceful here and what stops us from not buying this particular house, is that we haven't sold the old one in Johore. I can see the disappointment in mama's eyes, really wish I could help. If only I have a 4 figure paycheck right now.

Lunch at Jusco, Puchong. I'm gonna get a crib as a gift from ma and pa. Too bad it wasn't on sale . These days I felt so guilty receiving gifts from them. I'm a graduate,married. I'm suppose to help them out with anything I could not the other way around. All I could do now is spending as much time with them. I have 2 homes to attend to. 2 big responsibilities as a child and a wife. Last night I didn't wash dear's socks 'cause I'm too exhausted from my day trip.Even a very comfy Nike Cortez made my feet swell. Today, he has nothing fresh to wear. It seems like a teeny weeny stuff but if I couldn't do this how am I gonna cope with bigger challenges?

Monday, August 16

Baby's denim jacket

Marlia picked me up at home around 2pm. She's a good friend, one of the great ones I'm sure. Now I really feel guilty that I didn't invite her on my wedding. I'm so keras hati. Let's just forget the past and enjoy what we have now. Went to KLCC.. It's been ages since the last time she's there. Unlike me pulak, every week mesti pegi KLCC, if not to watch movie, just pass by on my way to Putra lrt. Parking je sampai 7 bucks. Mahalnyaaaa.. nasibla we haven't own a car yet, but when the baby comes..have to la..Starving.. lunch at A&W..cold Mozza burger. The worst fast food joint I've ever been too. Really regret spending my money there, such a waste.
Then we walk around, looking for baby clothes. Lots of nice and cheap ones at Parkson. AVENT products sold here are cheaper than the ones at Mothercare, cekik darah! Marlia urged me to go inside of Baby Guess. At first I was reluctant, remember the promise not to spoil the baby? On a second thought, I went in..since I didn't bring so much cash, maybe I could refrain myself from buying. The clothes are no doubt, soooo cuuuuteeeeeee. Prices not bad too! Saw a knit cardi for RM39. Neat! Then my eyes were glued on a denim jacket for the same price. What a bargain!!
Nak tak nak, gelek la kledit kad. Dah gelek baru terfikir, mesti dear marah ni.
Sorry dear, I really have to buy this one, it's so damn cute!
Thank God that dear also think that the jacket will look really nice on our baby. His only concern, 'Nanti baby pakai kejap je kan? Tak sempat nak berjalan' clearly tagged 6 months. Unless she's a super fast one la, haha.

Penatnya.. after a long walk around the shopping center. Change to my cotton dress, slept until morning. Suddenly I realized that dear is right beside me, with his arms wrapped around my waist. Still,it's only 1am. Maybe he's too tired from his workouts. He made a pact not to eat rice starting from tomorrow. Betul2 punya diet! Best of luck my dear!

Sunday, August 15

Had so much fun with dearie. Started the day early, breakfast with mama and papa at their favorite mamak called Sri Melur in USJ 17. Topic of the day, AF lah apa lagi! Actually we planned to have breakfast at McD. I'm really craving for it since like, months!But papa kinda insist us to have breakfast with them. Takpelaa.. tak sampai hati pulak. Erie has already gone to work. Instead of Sausage McMuffin, we had tosai, roti canai and roti boom along with teh tarik. At least we made mama and papa happy. After that, we headed to Bangsar's HD. We were thinking of booking some stuffs that will be on sale but the stupid boutique manager aka Milah, didn't even prepare a thing! The staffs were complaining and our plan were shattered by this so called manager stupidity. Lapar balik, baby Zaheen ni mmg kuat makan laa..Excuses, excuses.. Ordered the Big Breakfast. The tables were decorated with IKEA's colourful stripes placemat and a vase of plastic rose. Tak pernah pulak pegi McD yg go all the way with their table decorations. I was the one eating most of the muffin/burger. Dear is really on diet. So proud of him. Lotsa parents bringing their children for breakfast. One day, we'll bring our baby here. Really can't wait to have this baby delivered. It's kinda fun waking up early in the morning, instead of wasting our day by sleeping all day during the weekends. Should've done this a long time ago. Morning breeze is sooo heavenly. It's really nice of dear to spend time with me, when his friends asked him to join them for a ride to Kuantan(using the new highway, heard that it'll only take 1 1/2 hour). I don't mind if he wanted to go, as riding is his life, his passion but he chose to be with me.

Lepak in front of the boutique. Met a new friend, fellow biker and enthusiast, just like my dear Reza. I can see from dear's eyes that he finally met someone that could share his passion. And this Kuryakin guy (just like the air cleaner, ha!) build his own bike frame! WOw! If his attempt succeed, dear's definitely gonna ask him to made a rigid frame, the one he's been dreaming off. Nak pakai Sucker Puch Sally's..gonna take like 2-3 years. Jesse James' WCC lagi laa berjanggut. Price range between 5k to 20k! Ready je la for some real pain in the ass, haha! While listening to them, I remember that I have a friend working at San Francisco Coffee If I'm lucky, I'm gonna get a free Chocolate Ice Blended. And yes!She's there! Tak sia-sia jalan kaki sorang2.

Around 1pm we finally make a move to BSC. Dear shopping Levi's lagi. He's like a real walking model of Levi's nowadays. Oh yeah, before that we went to Motherclub (betul ke ni?) to survey the price for our baby essential needs. Clothing prices were outrageous here, so we went straight to AVENT products, baby carrier, bath basin etc. But, the clothes especially for baby girls are sooo cute, the little cardigans (which is definitely not applicable for Malaysian weather, unless if you're bringing your child to TGV or Genting,hehe) We've promised each other not to spoil our little baby with expensive clothes. However we've already eyeing ourselves on tiny Adidas and Cortez. Secretly, I wanted to buy pretty clothes for baby Zaheen when I have my own paycheck soon! I saw a cute little baby girl, just learning to walk on her feet and his father watching her admiringly or maybe proudly. Is Zaheen gonna look like that? Eee bila baby mummy nak keluar ni?

Thursday, August 12

My favorite thing

I hope I'm not living in a fairytale. ' though sometimes I feel like a loser not having a career like everybody else but I'm blessed with love all around me. I know what I might wrote next may make you all want to puke, but I don't care. Since I got married, life turns out to be such a bliss. I'm lucky to have a very loving hubby, who loves me unconditionally. This morning as dear's on his usual 'finding the right tee-shirt' (he's a designer, who had never wear office attire in his life!) routine, he asked me to find one for him. I laughed 'cause I know my choice would never suit his taste. So, he bumped into his favorite tee and asked me whether he looks fat on it? Oh, dear, don't be so obsessed with your weight, you look fine to me. I'll let you know when you become' gemuk', hehe. It's the same tee he wear every week!

"Hmm..baju tu pulak jadi favorite"
"The only favorite thing in my life that will never change is you,"

Wow! Who would've thought he'd come out with such lovely words this early in the morning?
It's really sweet.
I'vel never ask for so much things in life except for a cuddle every night, our great pillow talk and his undying love for me. Yeah, yeah... we've only been married for 7 months now but we've known each other for 6 years and it still feels the same if not more than ever.

Saturday, August 7


What a bargain! Bought a Mambo backpack for less than RM50. It's gonna be our baby's bottle and diapers bag. Hopefully muat laa..It's a really cute brown bag with 3 compartments, so that it can be filled with towels and such. Had chicken teppanyaki for dinner. Teringin pulak nak makan.

Thursday, August 5

To teach or not to teach

Yesterday I received a letter from Kementerian Pendidikan, which says that I'm accepted to sit for the MTeST exam on the 14th. Hmmm.. ingatkan dah kena blacklist. I didn't go for the last year's interview. This year is tougher and mama told me that 40,000 applied for the January 2005 intake. Last year, I didn't go because they won't allow you to get married when you enrol in the college. So, this time.. kena bawak perut pulak for the test. It will be in 9 days time and I couldn't find anything on the net to prepare for it. Belasah je? It's a good back up plan, manalah tau I won't be getting any decent job after delivering my baby. But, to be bound with 7 years contract of teaching is kinda too long! Is it worth it? 7 years is such a long time! Maybe I'm destined to be a teacher. All this while when people ask me why I didn't become a teacher, my answer would be , not interested. It's time to change my mind since I'll be having a baby soon. Teaching means more time and education privilege for my baby. I'm always scared of students who would think that I'm too small to be a teacher. Anyway, let's just keep our finger crossed. Hope that the 2 and a half hour test will run smooothly and I'll be called for the interview. Hopefully, the interview won't be scheduled on November. Cikgu Zach? Yeah, right!

Saturday, July 24

It's a girlllllllllllll!!!

3rd appointment, APSH 9am. I'm 4th in the line. The obstetrician, Dr. Asha is not even in yet. We brought along our video camera today. Gonna find out whether the baby is a girl or boy. I wish it's a boy so that he could look up to my dearie. On the other hand, dear kinda knew that it's gonna be a girl since we couldn't figure out the sex for the last two visits. Last night, we even made a bet that whoever loses should buy Ice Blended Mocha and Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. Fair enough, even though I want it to be.. a lifetime duty of washing the baby's poo. Hehe. Dear totally rejected my idea. He'd do everything else except for that. Takpe, takpe.. I'll find a way to make you do it. Haha!
My heart race each time the other mother-to be came out of the room. I'm really nervous to find out what my baby would be. I did the regular weight and blood pressure rate. For the first time, they took my urine. As I walk to the washroom, I saw through the corner of my eyes that people were checking on me. What the *&%*? Is it the way I dress? (I'd never be caught dead wearing maternity clothes) Or did I look too young to be pregnant? I seriously don't understand why. Even one of the nurse gave me a weird look as she passes me.
Anyway, half an hour later, we were called in.

The door was half-opened. Having a hard time to squeeze myself between a chair and the door.
Dr. Asha was laughing.

'Takdela besar sangat, kan?"

Felt so silly. Well, as soon as I made myself comfortable on the chair, I started to pop out all the questions that has been in my mind the whole month. Heck, I even write it down on a post-it-note, in case I forgot what to ask.

The note reads like this,

What I should ask the Obstetrician tomorrow
1) why does my tummy stretch so much?
2) Pain on lower abdomen
3)my weight- Normal or too much?
4) Ante-natal classes, necessary or not?

It really calms me down when I knew that everything that I experienced is NORMAL! By the way I gained 10kgs since I got pregnant. Matilaaa nak get in shape nanti!

Ultrasound check....nervous gilerrr!! The last 2 checkups, the baby was so shy to show off his/her genitalia. Kept his/her legs crossed all the time. Chitt!! Today, the moment that we've been waiting for.
From the screen, we can see that the baby has grown so big now. Big, round head, cute little nose and the legs are apart! Dear asked dr's permission to record the whole process.
"Boy ke girl, doktor?"
"Macamana nak tau it's a girl or boy?"
"See, this part...(pointing at the pelvic area)"

Memang girl punnn... lagi tak puas hati... Ye lah.. I lost the bet.

Wow! I felt the rush to my head. Already imagining how my baby would look like. Eee tak sabarnya!!
Dear seems so happy..Boleh bawak on his Harley, macam bawak girlfriend. Chehh!!

Sempat Dr. Ashar joking,
"Ha, lepas ni boleh la beli baju pink"

Smiling all the way home. Couldn't stop talking about the baby sampai dear tertido and I smiled from ear to ear in my sleep. (That's what my dear said to me when we woke up)

Tuesday, July 20


I'm having a hard time to sleep last night. There's some unusual pain in my tummy that makes me feel restless. Every position seems not right, I end up sleeping only after dusk. The consequence, both of us overslept. i woke up to find out that it's already 9am! Dear is obviously late!! He quickly search for his mobile and start sms'ing Shuvit.. The reason as usual, taking me up for a monthly check up. Haha! The check up is only due this Saturday. 'Aku jugak jadi alasan' and we laughed so hard thinking that who would've argue with that? The funny thing is that, despite the fact that he's already late, he still continue to sleep for another half an hour and I end up sleeping while sitting cause I'm worried that dear's gonna be really late. It's a cold morning, and sleeping seems perfect. Finally I can close my eyes and the pain slowly drifted in my sleep, but not for long as I begin to feel really hungry... Nasi lemak for breakfast and dear left me around 11. He'll probably will come home at 8pm tonight. What should I do now? Continue my sleep as I felt a bit dizzy from the lack of sleep, obviously.
I didn't realize that when I woke up it's already 5 pm!!! Wow! Macam vampire pulak. Blame it on the weather cause the sun didn't come out today, all I could feel is cold breeze and rain did poured heavily some time around 2. Ha!Excuses!Excuses!
Dear told me about this AVENT brand for baby's bottles, sterilizer and breast pump. How come he knows it better than me? Dear was talking about it with his colleague, and these products could prevent the baby from wind(masuk angin) and the best part.... the teats are made to look and feel like a real nipple!We're gonna buy it from Ebay, better bargain. Nowadays you can get everything ( I really mean EVERYTHING, from Ebay.Who would've thought of that?)
I have this jitters on breastfeeding. I heard the first time could be really painful. Any tips from mothers out there? We're gonna enrol for ante-natal classes to prepare for the labour. Heard that it's gonna cost RM250 per 4sessions. Pricey eh?

Saturday, July 17

A rush of...

I learned some life lessons today. Been talking to 2 German guys over the subject of kids and Malaysian driving ethics. These 2 guys mind you, are all enough to be my father and they were very wise and opiniated. Both divorced and have only one daughter from their marriage. Klause and TJ actually came to me and Kak Nori and all of sudden chatting from one topic to another after Kak Nori told them that I'm gonna have a baby. They said having a baby is a beautiful thing and the experience is something that you couldn't trade with anything else in this world.  Suddenly I felt so touched by their words and a rush of joy came into my head. Wow! I can't wait to have this baby!!Malaysian men rarely talks obout the joy of having a baby, so deep with emotion and love that I almost cried. Klause talked with his eyes shined so bright and smile from ear to ear.Today I felt like everybody really cared about me. everyone I met at HD (these are leather clad bikers, mind you. Who would've thougt that they could be so sensitive) either adviced me or dear not to take me on hte Springer anymore. At least, be careful, extra careful. Yeah, you got that right, I'm still riding on the back of dear's Harley in my 6 months pregnancy. Call me crazy but we really know what we were doing. So, don't come to us, especially my dear Reza and say'Gila kau, bahaya bawak Zach naik moto mcm ni' He'd get so pissed off. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

Monday, June 21

Baby's first ride

Just came back at 12.30pm last night from the ride to JB and Singapore. It was my first long ride since I got pregnant.It was as smooth as usual. Nothing's changed except for the fact that I can only wear ONE jeans..undone the first button or else I have nothing else comfy to wear. All of my HD tees looks so tight like "sarung nangka" but heck I'm not gonna buy new clothes that I'll be wearing for just few months!Oh yeah, we arrived at BBU around 1pm for Mui and Ain's wedding. Met Apek, ET, the new baby at his mummy's place. We all had prepared empty stomach to enjoy the food at the wedding. And I must say the food was great! How many times have you been served Singapore's sup gear box in a wedding? Although it's not my favorite but watching dear and Apek indulge the red gravy along with the gear box thingy makes me really hungry. I had the usual nasi minyak along with the rojak... lai chee kang, kueh-mueh until I couldn't get up for the second helping. My tummy felt like a balloon, ha! The couple arrived around 3pm and Mui looks so different than usual! Everybody said that Ain looked like Bienda, the singer. They were clad in suit and gown this time.
Then we rode down to S'pore. Abg Apai and Kak Rozy had been waiting for us. At the S'pore's custom checkpoint, we were told to go into the office. Is it us or the bike? The Indian officer kept on saying " Aku tak tau, masuk dalam office, cerita" when dear asked him what went wrong. We were really shocked. Inside, we figured that there were only Malaysians. The officer just went through our passports, stamped it and hand it over to us. Hey!!! Why didn't they tell us that their computer screwed up?! Damn! After that incident, I don't think we're gonna use the Woodlands checkpoint anymore. We never had any problems using the Second Link. According to Abg Apai, it's easy to get to HOugang Ave 6. Dear did miss some turning but we manage to get there safely. It's good to see them again. Felt almost at home.

Wednesday, June 16

Did I say that I'm a homemaker earlier? Well, not really though.. I washed clothes only twice a week. Rarely cooks (although I like cooking so much!!Trust me!), I have only a room to clean up too, and I'm expecting a baby in NOvember.. which means... I'm not taking care of any baby right now. So why did I call myself a homemaker? what else should I call myself then? Maybe it's because due to the fact that I'm living with my mother-in-law right now. It will be a whole different story if we live on our own. Lemme tell you, how many of you has a mak mertua who's really sporting, never nag nor fussy, wash your clothes, cook for you and can talk everything (I mean EVERYTHING!)with you? Don't envy me cause I'm having the best 'mak mertua' in the world! That's why I have nothing to do at home. I really love her as much as I love my own mother. I think she's gonna be my role model when I have my own baby soon. Dear, I never talk about this with you, right? I'm so blessed to have your mom as my m-i-l. She's sooo cool!
Hmmmm.. dear will be back late again.. yesterday he came home at 10pm. Today, 9 something I guess. Since working at XM, his workload and working hours are massive!! I'm not complaining but sometimes I pity him.. Dear looks so tired everytime he gets home. I wish I could help.. but how? Tomorrow I'm goin' to my mom's at USJ.. She's lonely.. and I am lonely too..Thinking about what she's gonna cook for me.. Yum!

Better Late Than Never

Heyaa.. This is my first time blogging.. cause I have nothing else to do currently. I'm officially a homemaker now. Quit working my ass off for this lousy company for almost 4 months. Today is just another day.. Woke up when the alarm goes off. Actually the alarm clock was set by dearie.. He's the one going to work and I'm always the one waking up due to the horrible noise. Ha!
We had our daily nasi lemak as usual.. Dear hugs and kisses me before he left.. which he never failed to do since we got married. Time for me to continue my 'beauty' sleep... My tummy is getting bigger.. Mama said the baby's gonna be big if I sleep too much during the day. Is that true?