Monday, March 22

So much for au naturel!

I'm aiming for natural products when it comes to nursing & baby gear so it's not a surprise when Zara chose 'natural' soother!

On another note,there are bound to be bumps & hurdles when introducing new stuff to your baby. I'm ashamed to admit that after two kids, and organic cloth diaper, mommy deliberately infected poor baby with nasty nappy rash!
When using diaper cloth, MUST change immediately when baby poo unless you want to cry a little everytime seeing the 'aftermath' of your 'little' mistake.
That's what I learn last week, thank you for reading!

Wednesday, March 3

the young artist

She has wild imagination and often caught talking to herself.
She could spend hours doodling/drawing/colouring.
We've come to a conclusion that even if she's not going to excel in academic, we'll encourage her to be an artist,  in any field she like ;)
Her drawings is beyond the tender age of six.
Darling, by now you already know how proud we are having such a talent in the family.

Mama's birthday

Last Sunday was mama's birthday. We had early dinner at Al-Rawsha. Didn't actually book a sitting room but since it's still early, we managed to secure a room which is soooo comfy & the kids had so much fun having a private space all to themselves! Missing Fara though, mama kept saying, wishing our youngest sister were there. Loving the red mint tea and the succulent Mandy of course!