Wednesday, June 14


Holiday is over, and I must say I had much needed rest while nestling @ mom's place. There's always someone watching over Aresha and mama never ask for help when she's cooking. AS if I'm on school hols, hehe.

Managed to bake carrot cake, cookies and cheese cake as an added bonus :)

I kinda miss mama today :( She's already safely landed in Labuan (my uncle Khir's place)She maybe vocal, but at least she's being straight-in-yer-face. I don't mind her nagging and high pitched voice. I miss it, more than ever!

My biggest pet peeve is ppl being ultra super nice in front of me but behind my back they're talking bad about me. Please, I can take your criticism, and I rather be told about what I did wrong than knowing it from other sources. Don't get your drama in front of me cause I'm done being nice.
Sorry dear, I don't mean to put u torn in between but this is just who I am. I choose not to talk and just do whatever, as long as it doesn't concern anybody.
I'm on not-so-nice mode.

Wednesday, June 7

Home and away

I'm now @ mom's place for school hols since my baby sis is back. Dearie's such a sport (and very busy too, ;) ) he let me spend girlie time with my sis. Last nite he surprised me with taking me out for dinner and spent the night here, with me! Yay! (and a ride on his Springer, after months of not having a blast riding)
I love it when he made unexpected gestures like that :)

It's been a while that we didn't go out just the two of us like two lovebirds. The last time we did, watching Da Vinci Code. I never thought a couple time is such a big deal after having a baby. We used to go out every weekend, riding (up til a week before I gave birth)having the best time of our lives. No regrets of having Aresha in our life, she's such an angel but I'm sure once she gets older we'll have time for ourselves, again!

On the other hand we'll move out for sure maybe next month and we're looking for houses to rent around RM500 to 800. So, if you know any houses/apartment to let around that price and within Klang Valley area please let us know asap. Just found out the ugly truth and I guess some ppl just wouldn't stop bugging and stabbing us from the back till we move out of the house. N'mind, you don't know what you got til it's gone. Dearie's really hurt and I totally understand how he feels after what we both did, and not appreciated at all. Sometimes you just don't see what's under your nose. I rather have ppl being vocal and tell me that I did something wrong rather than acting like everything's cool and talk about me behind my back.

Well, enough of that, it's gonna be a bake week for me and so far I've successfully made carrot cake and tomorrow Hershey choc chip cookies, been thnking about baking cheese cake, hmm let's see how it goes.

Aresha's now mastering words like "No" (and knows how to use it, too) "Go", "Mimy" ( for MOmmy)Thank you and "Scheh" (bilingual) She's such a chatterbox and not so shy anymore.

it's 4.16 and I miss cuddling with my dearie :( Wish that he'll come tomorrow, miss you terribly dear.

Saturday, June 3


After a long day with two babies to take care of, nothing beats eye-feast on lingeries @ less than RM50 each! Yes,FJ Benj@min Warehouse sale is back! The best part is that now it's held @ Queen's Park which is literally 10 minutes walk from home! I went kiasu this time by taking advantage of dear's 'plastic' yesterday (cardholders preview sale) and bought two lace, see-thru ;) L@ Senz@ cami and pant set. With just RM54 dear's smiling from ear to ear, if you-know-what-I-mean. This afternoon I got myself a cotton nightie, and terry cloth capri, plus two nighties for mama and Farra.

Who would've thought everyone would flock the once-serene-and-oh-so-quiet Jalan Peel? I heard girls clad in office attire talk to each other, "Have you been here before?" quickly answered by of course, never. We got Esprit Outlet too, y'all. Last Wednesday, my MIL bought Aresha a tee for RM10 and matching pants for RM20!

Err, I'm going there again tomorrow,(without sounding like a shopaholic) with my sister as I promise to buy her a pair of jeans and maybe some tee/shit to go with it.
If we're going to move in the future, this is what I'm going to miss the most, retail therapy within your walking distance! Sweet!