Monday, April 21

Back from hols!

Sorry peeps, forgot to tell y'all that we were in Phuket (Patong to be exact) from 10th to 15th April.

Still on holiday mode, Aresha couldn't get enough of the beach (not to mention her 'someone' push her in the water incident, seram!)

We all came back with a 'nice' tan,haha!

Aresha is the most tanned of all, looks more like a real island girl.

Funnily enough I didn't get anything for myself, Phuket is just too expensive compared to Bangkok (:P)
If you count my one-piece Triumph swimsuit that I got for THB 399 (which is a steal and I got it on my last day in Patong, damn!)
That's the only thing tht I got for miself.

Aresha came back with 2 dresses, Hello Kitty belt and Princess nightie (which we hated, but she is a princess, she always get what she wants)

It was too short for dear as he arrived a day later and rode home a day earlier. No fun without him :(

I actually felt empty and lonely when he left on the 14th morning. I think I shed some tears, missing him terribly.
Err forgive my sentimentalness here ;) I'm a hopeless romantic, did I tell you tht?
We exchanged texts (thank God for 12Call prepaid) saying how much we miss each other.

I finally drag myself out to Jungceylon, for retail therapy and daily dose of Green Spot Lime.

Thursday, April 3

37 back in business!

Last Sunday our kitchen is back in business.
Went to JJ to buy all the ingredients and voila! that very night we had homemade fries and jumbo hot dog for dinner.


And I haven't stopped cooking ever since, breakfast , lunch, dinner.

Healthy, home cook for my loved ones :)

We had stuffed omelette for breakfast.
Chicken fajitas w/ warm tortilla complete with tomato salsa - Monday
Fish and chips - Tuesday
Spaghetti bolognese w/caesar's salad - tonite

We have to make do of this menu since I get heartburn easily from spices.
Aresha couldn't get enough of mommy's spaghetti (she call it 'fata') made me smile from ear to ear.

Of course, my dearest is the happiest person on earth and he wouldn't mind doing the dishes, yippee!

Alamak, we're out of flour to make pizza, what's for dinner tomorrow?

p/s: No pics at the moment, not that I didn't take any, as of now I'm online only when dear's home, why?
My harddisk went kaput!