Monday, May 26

Alang's engagement

We have a new addition in the family (next year insya Allah)
Alang just got engaged last month 26th May in Bangi.
It was a short and sweet ceremony, filled with laughter and joy :)
Rini's side wasn't very fussy and they already agreed beforehand on the syarat-syarat.

I rarely go to engagement ceremony and this is one is just perfect.
We are excited to welcome Rini to the family as she's such a nice girl and got along with us really well.

Here's looking forward to go to Kota Bharu next year and experience the wedding Kelantan style!

Our future sis-in-law

us with newly-engaged couple (note how tall is the younger brother?)

The Reza's family of 5 boys, mak and spouses

Wednesday, May 21

of weddings and baju kurungs

Oh wow, it's exactly a month since I last updated my blog, this is insane!
Well, I'm just too lazy to get my fat ass upstairs, and rather glued to the tv all day to be exact.
But now even lying down for few minutes causing me backache and leg cramps!
Is that a sign for me to get myself busy? Haha.
Sign or not, I'll just do whatever I feel like doing. hehe

Good news, hematoma is completely gone (what a relief),alhamdulillah :) baby is growing accordingly and healthily.
I'm trying not to eat so much to avoid ballooning like my previous pregnancy, stick to the healthy food, vitamins and milk!

I got my brother-in-law's engagement this weekend and already bought a nice traditional kerongsang for the kebaya(which I can still fit it but to my horror, I can't even do the zippers! There goes my RM55!

So what should I do now,less than 4 days, I desperately need a new sarong.
Dear just laughed at me silly,
'Cannot fit in already?'
You're not helping at all my dear.

Now I got Ajeep's wedding at the end of the month and more than 5 kain to send to tailor.
What's the most flattering design for a very pregnant mommy (by then, Erie's wedding in August)

Ok, I'm not gonna blab, off to bed now. Hope that I'll find solutions soon!