Tuesday, December 25

Bkk , Xmas eve

that's Nammon our host, such a darling

us with fellow SEA Csers,Manila, BKK, KL unite!

Our journey didn't start as smooth as we received a text at 2pm from Thai Air Asia that the flight will be delayed for an hour and when we arrived at the airport we have to wait for another hour before we could be onboard!

Poor Honey, luckily she could receive text from us that she has to wait for an hour before we arrived! Mind you, it may be Xmas holiday in Malaysia it is not the same story in Bangkok. we arrived 1.30 am Thai already Christmas and missed a
party that our host, Nammon wanted to bring us.

Honey is sweet and definitely fit a profile of a real Thai and also a Bangkok Cs Ambassador, soft spoken, always smiling and energized even after a long day at work and fetching us at the airport!
She even brought a teddy for Aresha, thought that she's joining us, hehe. Err we didn't say it clearly I guess, haha.

We were welcomed by Nammon, dressed in pure cotton Thai clothes to his awesome one bedroom apartment complete with a really comfortable couch. He made us frangrant tea at 3am and albeit have to be at work @ 8am, he's still wide awake to give us an excellent direction and even drew us a map to get around the city! Oh yeah, he even gave us a spare key-card too! How cool is that! Prepared bread and eggs for breakfast, basically made us feel at home!

Monday, December 24

First after 4 years

We'll be leaving to BKK tonight sans Aresha :(
This is our first holiday together after 4 years :)
We found a couch for the whole 6 nights and tht's just awesome!
It comes with air-conditioned room and a swimming pool!

I have mixed feelings, I know I'm gonna miss her and think about her all the time, but we need this holiday badly so that we can get her a sibling, ha!

Nah, I guess it's not the right time to bring her along, she's so distracted with toys, clothes etc when we go to malls , imagine what would be like if she goes with us? She might just stop at every stalls at Jatujak and we won't have enough time to explore! LOL!

We promised her everything from Dora to Spongebob to Strawberry Shortcake. I know I'd buy a whole lot more!

Have a great Xmas and 2008!

See you guys on 1st Jan!

Thursday, December 13

What it's like being a CS Ambassador

First of all, what is Couchsurfing Ambassador (CS Amb)?
Well, it's a title that came with a huge responsibility. Not just a fancy cute little yellow flag on your profile. It wouldn't be so hard if your city is small and not many participating, but if the community is growing, then you might be dealign with cases like member disputes, miscommunication, sexual-harassment so on and so forth.

I applied to become one a year ago after that whole-in-a-pocket Euro trip since I feel like helping Csers who comes to Malaysia and those who wants to learn what Cs is all about.

I'm very much involved with this job now, it's full time and mind you it's a non-profit organization to begin with.

I've been organizing meetings, attending member's potluck, or just join an event just to show support. Sometimes when you give so much ppl step on your head.

I'm not bitching about how much I have done but there are ignorant ppl who feels like they travel so much, lotsa 'ang moh' friends and hey why not apply to become an ambassador as well?

Why bother if you're not helping the other ambassadors?

Can't believe ppl would go crazy over this status cause I'm ready to hand over my burden to anyone interested now!

That aside,

I received a sexual-harassment complaint from a member.

It was a very busy day yesterday handling this matter and some member disputes over a thread in our group postings.

Never imagine a day like this would come, but you know, when there's a huge crowd/participant, you just have to expect it coming.

On a lighter note, but makes it all worth, we received couchsurfers from Brazil who is just,just awesome.

They know how to carry themselves well and makes us think of visiting Brazil World Cup 2014.

Ana Maria & Andres you guys are always in our heart.

Aresha refers to all our couchsurfers as 'friend'

This couple are just great with kids, Aresha even missed them when they left :(

'friend mana?' LOL!

After all the headache, hosting wonderful Csers just brighten up our day.