Thursday, September 23


Dearie's Birthday is just around the corner.. Got the gift ready, hopefully It will be here on time. (Hope he'll like it as much as I do). I have pages full of plans for the party. This year since I'm not working, I've prepared months before the big day.. Moreover, dear's gonna turn (toot).... this year! The only thing that worries me is that, my baby will be full term during the birthday week. So it's her choice and in God's hands now...if she wants to celebrate with her daddy.. (It will be great if they share the same birthday!) She'll be delivered in her 37th week, or else she'll wait like everyone else...40 to 42 weeks. I even talk to my belly, asking her to at least wait until the party's over.( Macam psycho pun ada, hehe) Literally, ok? I'm being paranoid because her head is now in the birth position, unlike last month where she's still up. So, she could be waiting for the right time, anytime...It's hard to believe, one minute you feel like.. lamanya nak carry this baby, the wow! It could be anytime! Now it's really hard for me to walk, feels so heavy... Sempat ke nak shop for the party ni?

Tuesday, September 7

Leaving for Liverpool

My best friend Eva is leaving for Liverpool tomorrow. She is literally... the best friend I've ever had. She's my roomate, desk mate, bridesmaid..We've been friends for only 6 years but our friendship goes beyond any other friendship that I've ever had so far. We simply "clicked". We could talk for hours, about everything.
Last week, we went out 4 days in a row just to have a long chit chat like we used to. Currently she's living in JB, and haven't seen me with my belly this big. The last time we've seen each other was 2 months ago and my pregnancy wasn't that obvious. Met in front of Topshop KLCC and there she was, looking even more gorgeous, slimmer than ever and she screamed with excitement to see me, err looking like a blowfish. Obviously. People were looking at us, I'm a bit embarassed, ye laa I look like a balloon. But heck, I don't give a damn. Seeing her brighten up my day. I have only one friend whom I can trust with all my heart., and she's leaving for a year. I did asked her to find her soulmate in UK..Get a job, migrate.. even better. She deserves a good life and a great partner. Wish you all the best my dear!
Oh well, I'm gonna miss her, so much! Promised to visit her next summer.. Me and dear are planning to have our long awaited honeymoon in Europe. Can't wait!