Wednesday, September 13

on print

Dear and his Streething crew were featured on JUICE last month. Shot @ The Curve's Showroom early August and here's the outcome.

Left to right JamastaJules, Skuirtgun himself, Kzzit, UrawaRed and Headhunter. They're all sneakerheads and the backbones of Streething, a street culture forum. These peeps are really cool and they're so friendly they made me feel welcomed, even on the first time we met. can't wait for another swap meet or Nike party!

Monday, September 11

Home Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Home!

Just paid a deposit to our very own crib (for the time being la )last evening.
We'll move to Sri Gombak Phase 9 end of this month and that means more entertaining friends, parties, barbeques and ALWAYS a place to couchsurf!

I'm walking on sunshine oh , oh , oh!

Dear, this is the best gift ever! Je vous aime beaucoup!

Thursday, September 7

Joyful , joyful

Yeah, I've been lazy again... been riding almost every weekend, yes I'm back on track now. Slowly trying to get over separation anxiety from Aresha (tho' I still wish she's with us all the time)
The past few weeks was a bliss. It's my birthday week. Dear made sure that it lasts till last weekend. Had two dinners one at the usual and the unforgettable , very affordable seafood galore @ Coconut Flower not on the same day, mind you ;)
Oh, dear surprised me with his gift , a biker-styled leather jacket which I've been longing since last year! I'm just lucky my birthday falls in autumn. I've searched hi and lo when we were in Europe last year, be it at the vintage shop, flea markets or department store. European girls look really cute with these, cowboy/leather boots on and skinny jeans! If only I could wear it during the day lah :( everyday!
However, this year, while having Caesar's salad, I told dear that this is the first time that I felt birthday is just another day in my life, not a big deal as I always felt previous years. He said, that's how he feels every year, wait till you reach the three-oh. Cheittt! In other words, I'm getting oldlah!

How fast time flies... but to look on the sunny side, I'm walking on rainbows, couldn't ask for more!
Big thank yous to mi familia, my Cik Nab, Dzeti, Marlia, Masnah, Nadia, Ichah, Bob for remembering my birthday :) Love you guys to bits!