Thursday, January 26

Blame it on ....ME!

My new year's resolution was to less procrastinate and start writing a travelogue about my recent couchsurfing around Europe. Well, it's still January right? I actually writes in my head, literally ;) usually while taking a shower but my laziness took over me as soon as the water dries off. There's no excuse for me not to update, but one thing for sure, Aresha made me really worn out after a long night, therefore I have to sleep more during the day. (What kind of excuse is that?)

Btw, she's walking now! After Aidiladha,(or was it Xmas? Blame it on not document it on this blog) and never stopped since! And boy! She's been circling around the house, wandering to every nook and cranny.

Last Monday on our 2nd Anniversary she started walking with shoes for the first time. (Okay, it may sound weird to some people, what's the big deal of it, right?)
See, I can't even figure out on which topic I should write on first, there' plenty!
And yeah, to those who thought that the guy with German military jacket and West Coast Chopper cap on Star Two yesterday seems familiar, that's my dearie. We'll talk about the interview later.

It's 4.43am and I should get my long-delayed sleep now.Keep your fingers crossed that I'll post more in the morning ;) Ta!