Friday, August 27

Tokyo Vintage

Tokyo is a vintage haven! Skuirtgun and I are both vintage lovers, in fact we're kinda obsessed with everything vintage! Well, in his case he's into ol' school choppers, VWs and Vespas and I love vintage clothings ;) I'm not sure why I didn't shop as much when we were in Tokyo, totally regret some of the must haves and vintage Ferragamos that I found there for such (if not bargain) an affordable price.

My prized possessions would be a navy blue vintage dress bought at a flea market for 200yen! Yeah you heard it right, that's probably like RM7! If only I bought that vintage Ferragamo pumps at Koenji's vintage shoes shop, arghh. Menyesal pun tak guna, pfft. If you're into this and don't really have so much time to spend in Tokyo, look no further than Koenji, about 6 stations from Shinjuku, it's a small town full of vintage goods!

If we live in Tokyo we'd vintage snobs but when you live in KL you just gotta adapt, it's not easy to find vintage shoes/clothes without paying ridiculous price here (well, in Japan it's even more ridiculous if you don't know where to look for) I'm contemplating on real vintage Oxford boots/pumps or just a replica from Zara.

Anyway, looks like we're saving up for another vintage hunting in Tokyo rather than that Euro trip then ;)

Boots,heels, all vintage!
now where's my vintage Ferragamo?
He's rockin' the trucker look, Pendleton shirt and trucker cap :)
my Japanese bf ;P

Dust off and move onto our new Chez Reza!

Thanks to Reen, I'm not gonna dwell to my past and let emotions get the best of me.
So that chapter is closed and frankly it wasn't easy to know that apologies is not enough but I got better things to focus on right now.

So what else is new? Two of my girlfriends moved to their new home this year. When will our time come? Hurry 2012 or please let it be earlier than that! it's just freaking 28 units, shouldn't take that long eh?

We've decided (for now) to do the laminated flooring first, followed by the rooftop garden and kitchen. The rest, we'll do it slowly. Already envisioned my kitchen complete with a bench and comfy dining area where we'd all lounge on Sundays, having brunch facing ehemmm, one of our many balconies! Aresha had her own room design in mind, I guess we'll just let her choose then, it's her room anyway. There will be loadsa parties, entertaining and meetings. I wouldn't mind letting the IMG boys have their monthly meetings on our rooftop garden! Bolehla berangan SAMCRO, hehe.

Absolutely love this thekitchn. Even David Lebovitz's is featured here. Still looking for ideas on how our rooftop garden would look like. One's fit for outdoor entertaining and has an onsen + shower!
Mind you ours is a 3-bedroom townhouse. But there's a space for a room at the rooftop (if we make one, of course, a guestroom, perhaps) and I've always want a bath tub,the master bathroom would be wee bit tiny to fit one but it's kinkier to have it outdoor right? ;)

Ok enough of daydreaming for now, shall blog more for ideas and documentation of our new home. Ta!

Thursday, August 26

Ramadhan 2010

Wow, how fast time flies. Suddenly it's 16th day of Ramadhan.
We're training Aresha to fast the whole day, well uhm I mean full circle, not half-day, not yang yang yok
Alhamdulillah she made it through the till today except for one day when she came home and said she's hungry and straight away grabbed a drink from the fridge without I even have the chance to say no.
That's puasa for a 6yr old. At least she didn't try to curi-curi makan while I'm not looking. Always ask before sipping a drink or a bite on that carrot cake ;)
Normally I'd scream NO but that would be too hard on her isn't it. I don't have to force her to fast she wants to do it herself. That's good enough. She's only 6 and I must say she's really strong for a kid her age. Normally her sahur would be a quarter portion than ours. Wonders how did she managed to not get too hungry by afternoon!
She naps more often since I told her so, to get her off thinking what to eat and counting the hours.

Oh yeah, my brother Erie starts his own business right before Ramadhan so if you're at PARAM in Kelana Jaya, look out for Mr Nasi Ambang, stall no 26. Business is good, syukur. Another stall is at Mutiara Damansara PARAM and right in front of TV3 guardhouse. Cheap yo, RM4.50! Complete meal of rice, serunding, sambal goreng & ayam masak merah. Scrumptious too!

Sadly big sister haven't got the chance to check out herself. Not much a pasar ramadhan frequent. Till this date we've been only to one at Jalan Daud, Kg. Bharu. The rest would be home cooked or mom's/MIL's cooking. 

We need to improve on tarawikh though. By the time we retire for the night, we're too lazy/sleepy to do so. Bad excuse, bad bad excuse :(

This year we've prepared early for raya celebration. Got the baju raya sent to the tailor a month before puasa. Aresha got her kasut raya already, still contemplating whether to buy here or online. Got my eyes on those Oxford boots/heels, would it be okay to wear with baju kurung though? At least I got my new hair cut, super easy maintenance (read, no maintenance at all) No need to comb, Nurse Jackie style ;)

Ooh I'll be 30 in 2 days! Also fell on Ramadhan last year. Wow thirty eh, skuirtgun would be so happy we're finally in the same age circle, heheh. He got all sort of plans for me. Even got the prezzie earlier than previous years. Celebration starts early, we'll have dinner on Friday,reminiscence of my last year as a twenty-something. It doesn't matter, no one would believe I'm thirty anyway.

Shall go back to  sleep now, this Barney Aresha's watching now is killing me. Cartoon time starts right away after sahur for her this month. 
Damnit, I didn't lose any weight at all this year, hmmphh

Monday, August 9

Last weekend before Ramadhan

A great last weekend before Ramadhan it was for all of us, hang out with Josh, a New York Times consultant we met at Koenji and his funny half Malaysian, half Japanese friend, 'interesting' North Korean dinner and yesterday picnic with IMG brothers. Love love the stream, especially at this kind weather. Kids loving it too, we're trying to introduce nature to them and appreciate it. Most urban kids don't even know that river exists. Sad eh? But these girls love love mandi sungai ;) 
A good start!

Saturday, August 7

Daddy's girls

I wish I had pictures like these with papa. Well, we did have beautiful pictures together when I was younger. Then again, if only digital camera exists back then.

How can I compare their relationship with mine and papa?

They look forward to daddy coming home everyday while papa had bigger responsibilities to the country and constantly being away from us. But I remember, no matter how 'fierce' he was I'm always his baby girl. He'd come and visit me every chance he could when I was in uni. Fond memories of hanging out and exclusive time together :)

I'm sure he's having a hint of disappointment that I'm no longer his baby girl, now that I'm married. Recently, he asked me & my girls on a roadtrip to Tapah. I have to (with heavy heart) declined as it's on  a weekday and skuirtgun couldn't bear sleeping alone :P He understood and told me I made a good choice, to be a good wife, Alhamdulillah.

I wish I could clone myself and be at different places at one time.

I may be near, yet so far but you're always in my heart pa!