Wednesday, July 15

I heart them!

It's not always that all of us three could hang out together.
Normally, just me & Nad or Ain et moi

This time we didn't plan much ahead, exchanging smses a week earlier, voila!
Last Saturday we were reunited!

So much has changed, physically & also emotionally ;)

I'm glad that Nad is moving to greener pasture now (believe me, you're doing great now!)
Ain also has her own great news which I won't elaborate until she post in her blog ;)
(Updated: She finally got transferred back to HKL on Monday, hooray!)

We didn't actually walk around, just moving from a cafe to another (which annoyed Aresha until she settled for pen & papers)
So much to talk about, luckily Zara slept most of the time.

Promised each other that we would do this more often, let's catch a movie next okay?

To be honest, it was a really short get-together. I already miss them when the day is over.

Babes, so glad that we found each other & become bffs after all these years!

Friday, July 10

YOU made it all worth it ;)

No matter how long & tiring my day was, these two babies of mine never make me regret on the choice that I made almost 6 years ago.
How can a simple chuckle, laughter, cheekiness & simple answer overcome the need to have a huge paycheck?

Mama asked me, "Don't you miss working?"
To be honest ma, I don't.
Not even a single bit.

Watching them grow right in front of my eyes is the biggest salary one could ever ask for ;)
Aresha knows when I'm pissed (with her). Her damage control would be.
"I'm sorry mommy, Aresha sayang mommy sangat," followed by a hug.
Now, at that age i didn't know how to pujuk my mother!
She didn't know either.
It was a spontaneous act of love :)

Sunday, July 5

Graceful failure

'If the kids are united, they will never be divided!'

Sham '69 sure got it right to the bone ;)

The so-called event we tried to organize wasn't as successful as we hope for, blergh!

Lack of publicity and too much conspiracy over unnecessary stuffs.

We're just NOT ready to hold such events until we finally unite and get the right people to work together.
No hidden agenda, please. This is a non-profit organization. If we choose to be transparent, then, for God's sake, be transparent.

That aside, I am utterly baffled when it comes to people who thinks that being a SAHM is not as important as some professional job.
Please, if you're not a mother, just reserve your impression/ comments/assumption later when you have your gossip sessions with your friends. Don't be so insensitive. The world does NOT revolve around you.

Yeah, thank you. This is my rants/delayed update :P