Monday, February 25

Alternative nation?

It's interesting tht living in this area made us unofficially subscribed to the alternative party campaign bulletin. 8 full pages of thought-provoking, somehow to good to be true(propagandha?)
I like their ideas anyway

What the ALTERNATIVE would do for the ppl (I can only speak for Selangor but no doubt the flyer would be applicable to all over Malaysia, Peninsular at least)

Health (this is the best part of the manifesto)

- 90 days of maternity leave
- 14 days paternity leave (this is heaven!)
- 30 days leave for wives who recently lost their husband
- free medical for 65 years and above

More to come! But if they could realize the 4 above I would vote for them, no hesitation at all.

Don't be like NATO, you get wht I mean right?

Sunday, February 24

Little miss particular

Had a really busy weekend.

Dear has cravings for mak's mee kari (the best ever!) we spent the whole Saturday @ Cochrane.
Was tres delicioux I ate two bowls, plus countless servings of bubur jagung and spring rolls, yum!

Dear had a luncheon at Mandarin Oriental with his creative team celebrating Ogilvy1, number 6 in world rank!

It's unusual for us to wake up early on Sunday morning, while dear's having a feast at their buffet, Aresha and I had chicken rice at the foodcourt, lol!

Walk around with her, spent almost an hour @ Kinokuniya reading Dora adventures and Blues Clues and searching for toddlers toilet (It's KLCC dammit, most of them are out of service, can u believe that?)

She has a thing for potty and the miniature toilet, and recently we realized tht she is meticulous ala daddy dearest :) as in arranging her shoes facing forward, which tee goes with which pants/skirt etc

Such a daddy's girl eyy?

Wednesday, February 13

All grown up

Mama and papa came to send my ol' powerbook and took Aresha with them :(

Well, actually she wants to follow them home which is really strange.
She smiled all the way and didn't even hesitate on her decision.

She is a BIG girl.

How can I underestimate her all this while?

She's capable of making up her mind (especially in the wardrobe area)

Now I'm left alone, staring at the ceiling.