Friday, May 21

The best Mother's Day ever!

Well, to be honest, all this while I'm more excited to celebrate Mother's Day with my mama & SIL rather than for myself. Yeah, I'm (still) a new mom. 6 years compared to 30/36 years? Apa lah sangat kan?
This year I had almost a week long of celebrations! First it was for my MIL @ Al-Rawsha.
My SIL Ina planned almost 90% of the surprise dinner. Though it didn't turned out as we expected (and minus karaoke-ing with the Reza's  :( ) I must say it was a success. We got a sitting room booked and spent 3hrs relaxing & eating gooood food! Alang & Rini came all the way from Melaka for Mak.
What makes it less enjoyable is the presence of the family's so-called Yoko Ono. Sorry, I'm not gonna elaborate on that. The moment she arrived, the fun is just not there anymore, pfffft!

The next day, Skuirtgun was being utterly sweet by taking his girls to Marmalade for brunch. We thought of Delicious at first but they're not serving pancakes that day. Aresha loves pancakes.
I had corncakes with avocado salad while he ordered their 'Hearty Breakfast'. Our eldest princess had wholemeal pancakes served with slices of banana,orange,apple & strawberry. Did I tell you home much she loves maple syrup?
He also surprised me with mini cupcakes for dessert. It's great to be a mother isn't it? Aresha made me 2 cards & kept on wishing "Happy Mother's Day" throughout the day ;)




and the celebration didn't end just there. On Tuesday me & my girls went for 3D2N roadtrip to fetch baby sis, Fara at UiTM Dungun and we had scrumptious lunch at the campus hotel. Fara ordered a huge moist chocolate cake (which only costs us RM35 but OMG, so delicious!) for mama & papa's birthday.
(Sorry pictures are not available, lil' mommy kelam-kabut forgot her cam & still waiting for baby sis to email me from her mobile)
It's been a while since we went on roadtrip and surprisingly it was oh-so much fun! The girls munch all the time when they're not sleeping and we stopped whenever we feel like it. 
That sums up my Mother's Day week & the most memorable so far. I'm just lucky I have the best family & in-laws. Oh, I did treat myself with Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender bath set too! 

Monday, May 17


After much consideration, second thoughts & whatnots, we have decided: 'that' townhouse indeed!
Just checked the site yesterday & looks like progress is on its way, yeay!
So we'll have a new postcode in 2012, Insya Allah & I'll have the same headache when it comes to choosing primary school for lil' miss artsy fartsy ;P

On another note, our trip (sans kids) will be less than 12 days away and we have so many things to be done before that.
Sometimes it is much easier to bring them along. Now we still need to pack their bags as well. 
Papa kinda worried since Zara is wee bit too clingy with me during the 3D2N roadtrip with them but mama assures him that she'll be fine when I'm not around. 
Aresha also will be on her school field trip when we're not around. Luckily my SIL Ina has been so kind to agree on being her chaperon :)

Ok, let me get back on the list so that I won't forget anything. Toodles!

Monday, May 3


To dance or not to dance? That's the question & time is running out :P
Am sure my two girls would be thrilled to be part of this.
Afterall they're big fans!

Glee Flashmob Dance KL

The one in Seattle is pretty cool, tell me if you can spot a girl about Aresha's age dancing in the crowd, cute!