Monday, December 29

Reza's @ KL Bike Week

We spent the holidays @ MATIC for KL inaugural Bike Week. bbjnm,,Zara didn't make a fuss at all and she impresses everyone by not crying in discomfort and she could even sleep in the midst of loud music and sunny, hot weather!
It was a successfully well-organized event, albeit some minor glitches in how they conduct the best bike contest.
Here's looking forward for another bike week, next year!

Zara in IMG booth

Saturday, December 6

Of returning home and adjusting life with two kids

Yeah, I'm back home last Saturday, which actually was my 39th day of confinement, but i broke all the pantang that day haha.
We went to celebrate Mak's bday at Chilli's MV.
So I drank glasses of iced cold fruit juices, heaven!
That's what I miss the most.
If mama knew she'd be screaming on top of her lungs, heheh

It wasn't easy, being home with these two, alone.
I didn't even got the chance to clean up!
But managed to cook on Wednesday and Thursday.
Simple stuffs lah, chicken soup and thank God for mama's frozen rendang!

Zara loves to hang on my boobs. she drinks a bit then fell asleep and wakes up 30 minutes later. Aiyoh tiring!

She's still having difficulties to breathe,especially at night (but not to worry, we've checked with the paed, she's ok it's just the mucous stuck in her nose and diaphragm) and that reflux is something that's bothering me now.
After feeding, she keeps milk in her mouth, and vomits it out if she's not lying down in the right position. What a waste of milk!Hehe.

Today she's bottlefed for the first time,she made a funny face when sucking the teat for the first time, but happily finishing the hole bottle. I'm storing milk to get ready to catch Jens Lekman this Tuesday. Yeehaa!

We're off to shop for some baby stuffs, Salam Aidiladha!

meanwhile here's pics of our first roadtrip to Malacca with Zara