Monday, March 26

Eetle and playdate!

Wht a weekend it was! Saturday we drove the Swift to a used car dealer. Turn out the salesperson was quite a nice guy and I don't feel bad leaving the car there. When dear signed all the necessary forms and whatnot,I was left in the car with Aresha sleeping on my lap. I almost got teary eyed (emo la sangat) and funnily enough I actually bid farewell (read: literally talking to the car, saying goodbye and thanks and hope she'll fall to a good hand)Oh dear! I'm gonna miss our compact, but just enough to accomodate the three of us lil' Swift :(

After waiting for almost 2 hours (including roti telur & choc Vitamilk session at nearest mamak)
We finally ride on our '68 Beetle. Definitely a different experience but so much fun! Aresha was stunned the first half hour. She seems to sit back, enjoy the ride, inhaling the natural air condition and fell asleep right after that! It is a good sign indeed! She's comfy and all and kept saying 'Eetle best!' (insert thumbs up here)
I even suggested tht we watch 'Mukhsin' to celebrate, lol! Not today..we need to (at least dear think that)get to the famous VW spare parts supplier @ Jln Ipoh to get some regular service. We don't want to be stranded by the roadside, do we?
Before heading home, we decided to take a bite @ our usual drive-thru. Aresha had so fun, her face show it all, with the wind blowing her hair, priceless!
Tho' this is just a temp VW before dear got(and still looking) his '67... I must say riding in a VW is so much like riding on a Harley! Why? (Since u can only feel the a/c when the weather is not too humid)The sound itself plus vibration is very similar to a Harley. All in all we LOVE it!

The next day, we went out on a playdate @ Kidzsport (again! Had 3 vouchers to redeem before 31st) with ET, Apek & their kids the English speaking Taha & oh-so brave Ainul, Kecik & Nadia. All of us had a blast! Apek has to catch Taha who ran around ALL the time :) The always smiling Ainul can't get enough of the pool of balls. Dear and Kecik having the time of their life bullying the kids (and Aresha too!) in a miniature football field while me & Nadia, we had some catching up sessions before taking turn to watch Aresha as the big boys went to Amcorp Mall. While sipping orange juice and munching currypuffs & muffins, I can't help but amazed by Taha's English vocab and his politeness. I know Aresha's taking her babystep to talk and build sentences, I'm not gonna push her so hard and let her have her own pace. Being a mom these days is not easy!
We promised each other to meet up for more playdates in the future. After her 3rd visit, Aresha's now really familiar with the playground and she even went down the slide on her own for the first time while mommy busy catching up with her friends! Wow! Marlia even told me tht Aresha couldn't find her way up to the slides but still didn't give up! That's my girl!
I managed to drag Nadia to accompany me for grocery shopping before she gave me a lift to Bangsar to meet up with dear and Kecik. Aresha really enjoyed the ride as she run her hands on Nad's dashboard and cushion, giving another thumbs up! :))
We went to Bangsar Village II, our turn to accompany her on a shopping spree followed by fruit and vege picking @ the pasar malam, hehe.

It's all good except for the curried mee goreng. Poor Nad,should've followed our instinct to go to tht banana leaf restaurant, kan? Next time, I promise!

Friday, March 23

An ode to our Swift

I try not to think so much about sending off our Swift tomorrow morning. As I clean up the whole car yesterday, all the memories, moments tht we have in this car suddenly flash right in front of my eyes. How excited we were when we first got it. We actually talk about it till 3am as the light goes off. It it our first ever car (and dearie actually thought of keeping it forever, (hehe ye la tu) Bambi loves to be carried around in the car. She just love sitting near the back window and look out till she fell asleep. So cute! Most of all we bought the car because of Aresha. We are so used to get around with our bikes rather than as dear used to say trapped in the car. He was the one who convinced me to buy the Swift strangely enough has convinced me to sell after approximately one year!

Well tonight we'll be riding her the last time, maybe to our usual drive-thru, and have some breakfast before we bid farewell. Au revoir or is it a bientot?

Thursday, March 22

A beautiful engagement

Hmm I never thought high school sweethearts would last (at least for me lah) but my brother Erie proven tht it could happen!
He just got engaged to his lovely fiancee CT on a beautiful Sunday morning of 10th March (just 2 days after his b'day) We went all the way to Kluang (actually to Singapore on Friday night but tht's another story)
I made blueberry cuppies with royal icing frosting for the hantaran but sadly it didn't make it to the dulang :(
My royal icing didn't hardened as it supposed to be. There goes my laborious 6 hours of baking (including chocolate chip cookies)and dear actually helped out to ice the cupcakes. However, at least I learn the hard way, ALWAYS follow the instructions. I'm supposed to beat the meringue and powdered sugar from 7-8 minutes not 5 minutes!

Back to the engagement, of course the usual yada-yada, the solemnisation was set on a very prosperous date, 8/8/08 and the hantaran with about the same figure, and my future SIL looks really gorgeous tht day in chiffon white baju kurung with a hint of blue flowers. She definitely looks taller than usual and my bro beamed with smile from ear to ear. They go way back since Form 4 @ High School and finally Ct is now his fiancee and in 17 months they will be husband and wife. All the best to you both..COngrats!

Wednesday, March 21

Goodbye Suzy, welcome home 'Eetle'

We're definitely bringing home our '68 VW Beetle this Saturday and send our Suzy to a used car dealer in Jln Klang Lama :(
I never thought that we would have to depart with our lightly driven '06 Blue Swift this soon? Mentally not prepared. I love lil' Miss Suzy so much tho' I didn't get to drive her, I'm the one who took care of her interior (read :religiously vacuuming the carpets, seats etc)Hope she'll fall to a good hand

The funny thing is that, we actually bought the Gold VW you saw in Mukhsin. Yes, tht exact car, now everybody knows our plate number, lol!

Now, everytime Aresha sees the trailer she'd exclaim with excitement " Eeetle!" Soo cute!