Friday, March 23

An ode to our Swift

I try not to think so much about sending off our Swift tomorrow morning. As I clean up the whole car yesterday, all the memories, moments tht we have in this car suddenly flash right in front of my eyes. How excited we were when we first got it. We actually talk about it till 3am as the light goes off. It it our first ever car (and dearie actually thought of keeping it forever, (hehe ye la tu) Bambi loves to be carried around in the car. She just love sitting near the back window and look out till she fell asleep. So cute! Most of all we bought the car because of Aresha. We are so used to get around with our bikes rather than as dear used to say trapped in the car. He was the one who convinced me to buy the Swift strangely enough has convinced me to sell after approximately one year!

Well tonight we'll be riding her the last time, maybe to our usual drive-thru, and have some breakfast before we bid farewell. Au revoir or is it a bientot?

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