Wednesday, November 29

3 in 1 party

Last fortnight was like a whirlwind and hectic for all of us. We were hosting two couples of CSers simultaneously, preparing for the party and doing makeover for our lil' living room. No wonder I didn't manage to cook on time. Luckily mom made us her famous laksa johor, with nasi himpit and kuah kacang or else Ain, Nazri, Stuart and gf would have nothing to much on except for cheesecake and kuih raya la. Open house apa namanya tu?Pfftt

More pics can be found @ here Luckily Man brought his SLR cam and act like a photographer we hire for the party(err,jgn hantar bil pas ni sudah) We didn't get the chance to take so much pics as I'm for sure running around the house to make sure everything's ok. Sorry for those I didn't get the chance to greet or chat with. Particularly Ain and Nazri :( Many thanks to those who came and brought gifts for Aresha. It was great to meet Apek, E.T and kids, Ajeep, Man, Nadia, Kecik, Yawn & Mas, Yunus,Marlia & Isz, Muna & family, Kak Ada, Abg Enol (thx for the lovely painting) & Iwan, Oare, Kerry & Ola, Wong & family, CSers Low & Ed, in case if I forget to put your name, you know who you are and we appreciate your presence.
Most of all thanks to my wonderful parents who did helped me a lot! and saved the day! (Aresha loves the bike so much!) My grandma who made me the nasi himpit My future SIL Siti, who brought the scrumptuos apple crumble and helped out in the kitchen, Erie for the balloons oh you guys were so kind! ( Sounds like Oscar speech plak)
Aresha had so much fun tht day and it shows! She's beaming with giggle and laughter, playing with all the kids and even adults (who has camera, posing, and love to see her own pics, ok?)Tht was the first time we saw her so happy!

Meanwhile,here's snippets of our lovely time with Alia and Luis, me practicing Poi (you're truly a 'legend' ;) Alia!) I miss them when they left, they're such lovely, super nice couple , I admired their politeness and their effort to make our hosting experience a memorable one :) Do come and visit us again guys! Or, we'll visit you soon, perhaps?

Alia doing the ribbon poi

Luis and his diabolo

Riding in car with Bambi

Went to my best friend's, Marlia wedding last Sunday and I can't believe tears almost came down from my eyes seeing a very close friend of mine tying the knot :)
She's glowing, prettier than ever and Isz is sure one good looking groom :) Too bad I didn't take much pics as we're handling two babies, Aresha and Bambi.
We took Bambi for her booster vaccination and earmites treatment. She's actually having a serious infection in her ears.
Bambi is a dream cat. We could travel in the car without having to cage her. Aresha loves it, she giggled all the way :)

Friday, November 10

10 great years!

We're going to #malscene gig/gathering tomorrow. Can't wait to see faces of our old friends, some we haven't meet for years!

I dunno if I've wrote about this but this is how I met dear. Yes, thru IRC chatting. I was 17 back then and he's 23. He's one of the founders of the channel, I'm just a newbie who gets really excited to meet/make new friends.
To cut long story short, we chatted for hours almost every night, on weekends, till 6am! Mama got so furious (obviously there's no broadband back then,the phone bills went sky high!)She even locked the computer room at night. Lol! I'd climb the window from the kitchen and sneak in. Talk about things you do for love eh? We didn't become online bf gf instead I fell in love with his long ponytail on the 2nd IRC gathering that I went. Heh,I always have a thing for long-haired guys since I was in school. The relationship starts from there, tho' he actually uttered only a few words the first time we met. There goes our monthly Tower Records meet up, hiding from other #malscenians dates, till we actually tie the knot almost 3 wonderful yrs now. How fast time flies when #malscene is actually celebrating 10 great years online and we're almost 9 yrs together.
Happy Birthday Malscene, I'm thankful that I met my #1 love there :)

Wednesday, November 8

Our new baby

Since you guys have been asking, or wanting to ask when are we going to have a second child, while here she is....introducing, Bambi (short for Bambina) new addition to the family. She's a Flame point siamese mix, cream coloured neither shorthair nor persian-liked fur, with orange striped tail.

She's really cute and bonded with Aresha instantly! She loves to play and sleep with Aresha (tho' sometimes Aresha got so jealous when Bambi snuggle with me)The best part is she's so smart we don't really have to toilet train her. Just put the cat litter in the bathroom, she went there on her own to do her business, :)

We got her from Ampang's SPCA. She was really meant for us. Why did I say that? When we arrived there, it was raining heavily. We went straight to the cat's area where most of the cute kittens are already taken (adopted/booked) Bambi caught our attention the minute we went in. She was placed in a cage, on the center, left side, she's the only kitten left in that corner, others are either taken or left empty. Dear fell in love with her immediately as she wriggle herself towards us. Then, the caretaker,kakak came in and told us she was taken. Arghhh.. but there's another cat near the office, just like her, only orange in colour. This time it's a male cat but we know he wanted us to take him home too :(
We just can't bear looking at other cats' sad faces, as if they were saying"Why aren't we taking 'em home?" We decided to take the orange cat home, when dear said he wanted to look at the backyard one last time, and..... unexpectedly good news! Someone cancelled to take the cream kitty home! It's officially ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, that's how we got Bambi. Bought a carrier, the sweet lil' Bambi stayed really calm in the car, singgah open house rumah Che Mat jap for 3 hrs and Aresha just couldn't wait to play with her.

Now, the bed is really I mean really full with 2 adults and 2 babies altogether. Bambi loves to sleep on my pillow. Ah, my new baby! It's easy to leave Aresha when I'm cooking as she'll happily snuggle, cuddle and play with Bambi.

On another note I made pot roast chicken (since we don't have oven yet), with baked potato served with, sour cream beef bacon and spring onion and Caesar's salad on the side.

So here's the recipe of Pot roast chicken, Baked potatoes and my interpretation of Caesar's salad for 2.

For the Chicken in this particular recipe I only use half of the chicken (preferably one whole chicken cut into four) Mine was already cut into twelve hence the presentation is not really that good :P

Pot Roast Chicken

1/2 Chicken - if u don't have it quartered, choose drumsticks, wings or thigh
1 cup chicken stock/broth (I use Maggi cube)
1 bay leaf
2 garlic cloves - smashed
2tbsp light soy sauce
1cm ginger - slivered,smashed (if u like it gingery, smash it or use more than 1cm)

It's easy peasy, just fry the garlic till brownish or aromatic with some oil and put all the ingredients in the pot. Leave for 45 minutes.

When it's done, heat 2 tbsp oil in a wok transfer all the chicken, fry each side for 2-5 minutes ( I like it crispy) and add some black pepper to taste.

Now, for the baked potatoes what you need;

2 Russet potatoes
2 slices beef bacon
2 tbsp sour cream(I love sour cream, so I use more!)
scallions/spring onion to garnish on top

You can either put it straight in the oven wrapped in alumininium foil or if you don't have oven like us, just boil it till it becomes soft abt 15 minutes [I think, I just left it since Aresha always distract me from the kitchen ;)]
then wrapped it in foil and put it in a pan (dry fry) for 5 minutes each side (cover it if u can).
Meanwhile,you can fry the beef bacon with 1 tbsp oil for few minutes and chop it.
when your potatoes are ready,transfer to a plate, make a cross cut and spoon sour cream in , garnish with beef bacon and spring onion.

As for the salad I made the sauce beforehand with
6 tbsp mayonnaise
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp vege oil/olive oil
1 sprig dill( I don't have it in stock so I just leave it be)
salt and pepper to taste

Blend all the ingredients in a blender/food processor till it becomes smooth, or just whisk everything in a bowl.

For the salad;I use;
Butterhead lettuce - tear or chopped
2 boiled eggs -sliced
potatoes - boiled with the ones used for baked potato, diced and fried with garlic- this is substitute for croutons
purple cabbage- shredded
8 cherry tomatoes (yellow and red)

Voila! A healthy meal for the whole family. Aresha digs boiled eggs, she ate most of 'em and no kids would refuse to eat chicken!