Monday, September 26


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the opposite of vatican city. self taken pic. we haven't got the chance o explore rome. Can you believe that we didn;t get the chance to go to Colosseum? Tossed a coin at Fontana de Trevi. Will definitely come back soon!

Thursday, September 22

Roma o Roma

Rome trip is so adventurous.
i'd say that most people in here are not as friendly as Britons.
They're so proud of their country and language.
It's hard to even ask for directions. You gotta master the art of map reading
But the food is GREAT!
We ate gelati twice a day and pizza whenever we feel hungry.
Been to the market fruits are cheap, and you'd be tempted to bring home Parmagiano, Pecorino everythinglah!

and guess what our rooms is right in front of the vatican museum entrance. The view is priceless!

Omigod! so many things to write! will write more later, promise!
In the meantime check out more pics at my flickr.

will depart to Barcelona for La Merce festival tomorrow night at 2309 hrs.
Already got a place to stay (for free) in Amsterdam and Berlin too. Yeay!

Tuesday, September 20

0157 hrs inLiverpool.
Afraid to sleep cause I don't wanna miss the 0705 flight to Rome tomorrow.

One word: Tired

Been walking, shopping like crazy the past few days . Tomorrow explore Rome.
Wil update along with some pics later.

My obsession- Cheshire Oak.

I wish we earn money in GBP. Everything is so cheap if you don't convert. hehe

Gotta rest, or I'l be draging my feet tomorrow