Wednesday, August 17


Felt really good after my work out last evening. 49 floors of Stairmaster, cardio dance with Jimmy and a private workout session (specifically for waist, thigh basically the lo's) by the super friendly and nice instructor Badrul. It was really kind of him to actually spend 10-15 minutes on the mat guiding and pushing me to the limit(haha!)just because I desperately need to trim my waist. Please note that he's not my personal trainer (yet!), I must have put on my cutest face for him to go through all the trouble to help me. :P
I'm thinking of getting a personal trainer to get a six pack (very optimistic goal or dream?), maybe after we return from Europe, that is if dearie let me laa.. *finger crossed*
I'm slowly catching up with the dance class, still 'cheating' here and there, have to practice more body roll. I'm so stiff like kayu, even the guys in front of me can do it.
I had fun alright, albeit forgetting to bring padlock to he locker. Nasibla I kinda knew the kakak cleaner. She's so kind and trust me to keep the key to her locker.
Oh yeah, I told my dearie jokingly that I'll post an entry to the forum that 'you always get the rare, new sneakers whereas for me only 'bundle' 30 bucks Nikes'. He dare me not to. Haha! I'm trying to pull your leg only la sayang
can't wait to go to Berlin , London and Paris.. I know I have a Nike Stussy Blazer waiting for me in Berlin...Perhaps we could find rare, nice colourway COrtez, Dunk..anythinglah as long as it's in my size!
Now we collect sneakers. Dear always find new interesting stuff to collect and I'm highly influenced by him, obviously.He's my style guru. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 16

30 days and counting

30 days from today we'll be whisking our way off to our 'so-called' long-delayed honeymoon in Europe, AND I'm gonna meet up and travel together with my bestest friend ever, EVA!! Haven't seen her for almost a year now, all I know is that she's getting super-stylo, workaholic (just got a job @ Man U's stadium) but the same bubbly, 'manja' ol' Eva.
Just reserved our accomodation in London and Paris. We'll spend almost half of the trip there. There are just so many things to see, do and shop at these supercities. Might catch the Barcelona festival on the 24th. Can't believe that 'pejam celik, pejam celik' the most awaited month of our lifetime is just around the corner. The best part is that we'll celebrate dearie' birthday in Paris! On top of Le Tour d'Eiffel perhaps?
I've already preprared Aresha's clothes to be taken on the trip. New pants, jackets,pyjama, still we need to buy some stuffs to bring along. The funny thing is that the both of us haven't renew our passports yet. Aresha's all set since we've just made hers for the SIngapore trip.
Last night we went to Streetlab's swap meet. Being a sneakerholic, my dearie got a really good bargain on 'the chocolate' Airmax 97. Can't believe our luck. As expected we are the only Melayu there, but felt the warmth as all of us share the same passion for sneakers. Actually it felt like an IRC gathering as everybody introduce themselves with the forum nicknames. Cool peeps tho'. Lotsa cool kicks. It's all about the hook-ups, baby!

Monday, August 15


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This is my latest wallpaper courtesy of my dearest the super AD haha!
Dearie's wearing face mask (HAZE) whilst Aresha donned her "classic" stare.
Merci beaucoup sayang!

Sunday, August 14

My baby!!

Snob look
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All grown up and ready to see the world!

Mommy's Dragon

Mommy's Dragon
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Aresha playing with my shades.

My baby and I

Awesome Twosome
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Wearing dearie's BWL, went to Tg. Malim for Mak Uteh and Pak Uteh 44th Anniversary. Wow! We sure want to last that long, still loving and cherish each other till death do us part. Amin!

Saturday, August 13


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The highly sought after "Tiffany" Diamond Dunk SB. Cool colourway.
1/2 hour queue+great hook-ups=6 Tiffs.
No hook-ups? Cry your heart out! Hehe

Tuesday, August 9


I have to cancel my going to the gym today. Aresha is now coughing and suddenly when I wake up in the morning, I don't feel so good anymore, runny nose and sore throat. This is not good. We stayed inside the house the whole time and still the hazy air penetrates through the window. Her temperature is sometimes up and down. But she's still active and happy as always. Starting new vocab last night "lolllilolllillo'. been practicing untill the wee hours. Hehe. I didn't realize when did she fell asleep last night. All I know is that she's been babbling those words. My little girl, never failed to amuse me. While I was writing, I heard her talking with toys...

Tuesday, August 2

Hazy bloody hazy

Haze attack in KL make us so worried. War of the World? Can all of you smell something burnt? Just don't bring your kids especially babies outside.
Taaa!! I have capoeira class @ 7.40. Should be exciting.