Friday, August 17

Kluk Kluk Adventure @ Laundry

Went to Laundry to catch Kluk Kluk Adventure in action last night. Tepet was so kind to fetch me & Aresha @ home and we had a nice dinner @ IKEA's restaurant. We talked about the good old days, hmmm.. I actually had the same thought in my mind since returning from the Cure concert. Sometimes wish that we're transported back in time where we could hang out without doing anything, nothing serious to think about, oh well...

Aresha was behaving really well, and calm when we did our list on things to buy for her room aka playroom. She told she wants this and that but quickly put things back on its rack when we're about to leave. Hey, now I can see it pays to stay at home and teach her manners. She's been saying sorry whenever she did something wrong or just in a polite manner :)

What a chatterbox she has become these days.
Sometimes I just tell her, 'you talk to to daddy ok?'

It was a good show indeed. Malokai Gruv was very entertaining.
KKA as usual, always pour their heart out.
The last time I remember enjoying their show was when they first started.
Battle of the Bands or something @ Bkt Jalil

We should really be buying this ear muffs for Aresha since she enjoys going to these shows.

Monday, August 13

the family I love

These are my fav people, period!
I looooooooove all of them
Happy 46th anniversary Mak Utih & Pak Utih from all of us.

Chewy gooey brownies from Kak Ada for Ola's 13th birthday

46 and still going strong, laughing some more!

Aresha 'pengsan' after running around with her kakaks

Don't u think Oare looks so much like Sara Ramirez aka Dr Callie of Grey's Anatomy?

Friday, August 10

Friday I'm in Love :)

I'm in such a chirpy mode.

Had a great pillow talk with dear last night.

He's my muse, my everything and I wish Aresha will get all the creative juices/genius from her daddy.
I don't mean to get in-the-bakul-and-pick-it-up myself but I am truly blessed to be married to such a talented artist.

We talked about a trip to Bangkok (marked our 10th anniversary together) early next year and sending gas tank to be customized by Thor from Heaven's Devil's Custom all in one.

I was so inspired I couldn't sleep.

My two babies were sleeping soundly.

Just like Heaven, Lovesong, Friday I'm in Love,Lullaby, Let's go to bed playing on shuffle mode in my head.

In fact I lullabyed those songs to put Aresha to sleep last last nite.

Oh Friday I'm love, ohohohohooooo

Wednesday, August 8

CUREd in Singapore [a title borrowed from justthegirl :) ]

The Cure was fab!
What more can you ask when Robert Smith belting his heart out for 3 hours, Porl strumming non-stop (not even for a drink) and changing his guitars every song (his very artsy, eyecatching and complemented his bald tattooed head and body) (only stop for brief freshen up, and came out energized for 2 encores!) I can only talk about these two, forgive me for my petiteness.

Can't believe that he stood right in front of me more than three times, trying so hard to gaze away from stares, pretending that those hysterical screams are not for him. (But,i do secretly think we had a 2 secs moment where our eyes were fixated on each other, lol!)

For a rockstar, he's one sheepish, ever so shy but performed like it's their last show with the energy of a youth! Heh I hope I don't sound too starstruck there.
Definitely was fun to be in the 2nd row standing, cuddling with dear during lovesong(s),and the best part, no smoking allowed,clean air pure fun.
Feels like we're taken back to the 80's when they played all the greatest hits.
And we've just found out they're in the top 20 for Just Like Heaven( Top 20, y'all!) voted as VH1's 100 greatest song of the 80's.

To my surprise dear did something (so not him!) crazy that night. Well actually, he wanted to leave immediately, but yours sincerely persuaded him to stay for a while just to see the commotion while people are battling to grab drumsticks, guitar picks and set lists thrown on air. Just when the 2nd (I think) drumstick were thrown,he ran, jumped and aggressively, hassled and (add) a bit of tug o' war here (err, more like grab it from someone else's hand la senang)

Anaz (of Laila's Lounge) saw that too and pointed tht it was a smart idea to immediately hid the stick in the shirt right after that. LOL! He was really friendly tho' tht was the first time we've ever spoken to each other. The first pic was kindly taken by him :). We're so gonna see them next Saturday.

Seeing Cure live simply bring back memories. I'm listening to the CD and iPod everyday now, it made me smile, dance, and feel so good. I have to admit we're not the biggest fan who could sing along every single song, but we're just soo in love with their 80's hits.

All in all, we had a blast and we're honored to be part of the legend's last years of touring. (They are planning to retire soon, as spoken by Robert Smith in an interview) and the best early b'day prezzie. Period.