Friday, April 28

I'm a mom and proud of it!

Whoever thought being a stay-at-home mom is easy, you're absolutely wrong! I used to get headache with my boss' demand of everything to be done fast, sorting out his ridiculous bills and stuff but now I'm a personal assistant to dearie( just finished doing his taxes, sorting and listing bills to be paid), a cook who wakes up @ 7 religiously to prepare breakfast, a nanny who bathe her kid, feed her and put her back for day nap, and not to forget a lover at night, lol!
Multitasking, get it? And I'm actually good at it. hehe.
One quick question how can a woman be so good in multitasking whilst a man can only do one thing at a time? I'm not overgeneralizing, there are men who can, but can every man be a stay-at-home-DAD? My dearie, already surrendered, I mean he knew he couldn't possibly be doing what I've done now. Hey, I'm not implying that I'm a superwoman but from what I can see this is what our mothers, grandmas, great grandmas has been done for million years!

On another thought, Lauren our lovely soon-to-be a doctor host in London, is coming to Penang this summer! Yeay! And being half-MAlaysian Chinese, she can't wait for her inaugural visit to daddy's birthplace. We might catch her in Ferringghi this August. That's the least we can do when we can't offer her a couch. Oh, we're gonna be travelling so much this year July- Zaidi, my schoolmate/best friend's wedding, August- my Pak Usu's wedding both held in Kluang, and we might also be travelling in dearie's Suzy(not the car's name) to Penang the same month, and going back south for Man's wedding in November. Whoa! So much for a new ride ehh?

I'm leaving for USJ, mom's place tonite. Farra called she'll be teaching me how to make pastry. I'm looking forward to bake brownies and pie. Yeay, It's the baking weekend once again! Have a great weekend y'all. I know I'm gonna have a blast!

Thursday, April 27


Aresha is recovering from her fever, her Mommy plak sore throat. I hate sore throat + runny nose, so uneasy. @5amish she woke up crying,having a hard time to breathe, her nose, respiratory clogged with phlegm, even mommy's milk couldn't help.

Made Jamie Oliver's burger patties last night with

400g minced meat (I use Ramly's, the fresher the better)
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt (4 condiments above, mashed together in a mortar)

1 tsp mustard
1 egg
1 onion (fry till brown/soft)

parmesan as much as you like (I'm a sucker for parmaggiano)

You can also add fresh herbs like dill/parsley(chopped)

Mix everything together and form into round patties (a pack of Ramly's could make 4-6 depending on how thick your patties are)

Put at least one hour in a fridge, if you want to eat it for breakfast, make a night ahead and store it on greaseproof paper, if you wanna stack 'em, sprinkle breadcrumbs or flour on top)

Chargrill, or bake in the oven (well,done, medium as you wish)

Serve with burger buns,sliced onions,tomatoes,and gherkins.

Voila! Burger ala Jamie Oliver!

10.15am, she's up and smiling, lying on the bed for a while before running around the room, dancing to MTV and play with her toys. I'm happy that albeit having a fever she's still able to make me run after her :)

Wednesday, April 26

im getting cranky

im getting cranky
Originally uploaded by screamingsonic.
I love this pic courtesy of pwetty Dr. Ain :)
Thanks babe, Aresha in the pic look so muchh like a big girl. Or am I gettin' older? lol

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