Monday, June 21

Baby's first ride

Just came back at 12.30pm last night from the ride to JB and Singapore. It was my first long ride since I got pregnant.It was as smooth as usual. Nothing's changed except for the fact that I can only wear ONE jeans..undone the first button or else I have nothing else comfy to wear. All of my HD tees looks so tight like "sarung nangka" but heck I'm not gonna buy new clothes that I'll be wearing for just few months!Oh yeah, we arrived at BBU around 1pm for Mui and Ain's wedding. Met Apek, ET, the new baby at his mummy's place. We all had prepared empty stomach to enjoy the food at the wedding. And I must say the food was great! How many times have you been served Singapore's sup gear box in a wedding? Although it's not my favorite but watching dear and Apek indulge the red gravy along with the gear box thingy makes me really hungry. I had the usual nasi minyak along with the rojak... lai chee kang, kueh-mueh until I couldn't get up for the second helping. My tummy felt like a balloon, ha! The couple arrived around 3pm and Mui looks so different than usual! Everybody said that Ain looked like Bienda, the singer. They were clad in suit and gown this time.
Then we rode down to S'pore. Abg Apai and Kak Rozy had been waiting for us. At the S'pore's custom checkpoint, we were told to go into the office. Is it us or the bike? The Indian officer kept on saying " Aku tak tau, masuk dalam office, cerita" when dear asked him what went wrong. We were really shocked. Inside, we figured that there were only Malaysians. The officer just went through our passports, stamped it and hand it over to us. Hey!!! Why didn't they tell us that their computer screwed up?! Damn! After that incident, I don't think we're gonna use the Woodlands checkpoint anymore. We never had any problems using the Second Link. According to Abg Apai, it's easy to get to HOugang Ave 6. Dear did miss some turning but we manage to get there safely. It's good to see them again. Felt almost at home.

Wednesday, June 16

Did I say that I'm a homemaker earlier? Well, not really though.. I washed clothes only twice a week. Rarely cooks (although I like cooking so much!!Trust me!), I have only a room to clean up too, and I'm expecting a baby in NOvember.. which means... I'm not taking care of any baby right now. So why did I call myself a homemaker? what else should I call myself then? Maybe it's because due to the fact that I'm living with my mother-in-law right now. It will be a whole different story if we live on our own. Lemme tell you, how many of you has a mak mertua who's really sporting, never nag nor fussy, wash your clothes, cook for you and can talk everything (I mean EVERYTHING!)with you? Don't envy me cause I'm having the best 'mak mertua' in the world! That's why I have nothing to do at home. I really love her as much as I love my own mother. I think she's gonna be my role model when I have my own baby soon. Dear, I never talk about this with you, right? I'm so blessed to have your mom as my m-i-l. She's sooo cool!
Hmmmm.. dear will be back late again.. yesterday he came home at 10pm. Today, 9 something I guess. Since working at XM, his workload and working hours are massive!! I'm not complaining but sometimes I pity him.. Dear looks so tired everytime he gets home. I wish I could help.. but how? Tomorrow I'm goin' to my mom's at USJ.. She's lonely.. and I am lonely too..Thinking about what she's gonna cook for me.. Yum!

Better Late Than Never

Heyaa.. This is my first time blogging.. cause I have nothing else to do currently. I'm officially a homemaker now. Quit working my ass off for this lousy company for almost 4 months. Today is just another day.. Woke up when the alarm goes off. Actually the alarm clock was set by dearie.. He's the one going to work and I'm always the one waking up due to the horrible noise. Ha!
We had our daily nasi lemak as usual.. Dear hugs and kisses me before he left.. which he never failed to do since we got married. Time for me to continue my 'beauty' sleep... My tummy is getting bigger.. Mama said the baby's gonna be big if I sleep too much during the day. Is that true?