Wednesday, November 11

What if...

This is a conversation that I had w/ darling skuirtgun last night.

'What if Aresha decides to travel alone when she grows up? Will u let her?"
He said, "No, not alone" without hesitation.

'If she's going with a friend/ Zara/ boyfriend?'
" Yes, but no boyfriend!'

"Ah, she'll eventually meet a guy along the way ..."

As if we didn't go through that phase my dear :P

I know it's too early to be discussing about possibilities that our girls might venture out on their own but secretly I want them to explore the world. Just like my bffs Ratna & Reen did ;)

I've hosted brave, young, smart girls before & they sure know how to take care of themselves.

All the kids' need is a sense of pride/dignity in themselves & their homeland.
So they will go & realize nothing compares to our beloved country & proud to be who they are!

That also means mom & dad can go on our motorcycle RTW! Ahh how long would that be? 15 years from now? ;P

Wednesday, November 4

Jealous much?

I'm truly baffled.
This happened last 2 yrs I think when out of the blue this anonymous commented that life is NOT all about family, love & food!

Ok, what is so wrong about it?
This person judged me from my pictures, thinks she's holier-than-thou.

Do i have to post pictures donning telekung?

Thank you for your 'gentle' reminder.
Berdakwah mestilah betul caranya.
If you compose your words nicely I would really appreciate it and might as well change.

I'm sorry that I love my family very much & really cares about what I put in me & my family's mouth. Ooops am I? NOT!

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