Tuesday, June 10


Strangely, I have cravings for traditional kuihs. It was kuih bakar kemboja the last few weeks which I only managed to indulge at mama's place (not homemade but her friend brought, sedap gile!)
Yesterday I wanted cekodok pisang
Okay laugh all you want, at least it's not those unthinkable food.

I've satisfied my cravings over cekodok this morning.
Funny thing about this mengidam is that after few bites you'll realize tht is is not tasty or more like had enough of it :P

Don't know what else I want to eat next, but a nice bowl of cendol would be great ;)

Monday, June 9

girls day out!

Went out with Nad for banana leaf lunch, of course the cheeky little Aresha came along.

We passed through a toy fare at Bangsar Village and she made a scene refusing to follow us to the restaurant.
Refuse to sit
Refuse to eat

Okay whatever, we're both hungry and after a while she came to me and eat rice at the corner of my banana leaf ;)

Oh yeah she spilled a half-full cup of milo. And no, we didn't get it refilled, bahhh!

It was fun anyway spending time chit-chatting at Starbucks, Aresha is just so 'perasan'.
Look at how she pose :P