Friday, January 25

Baby talk

You know it's crucial to have a second child when your toddler is talking to her toys as if they're her friends!

Aresha did just that and I can't help to laugh but pity her at the same time.
Why does it took us so long to have another one?
So many reason which is so irrelevant now.

To start over is one thing but I always love pregnancy and baby smell.

Aresha has grown out of tht smell and we miss it so very much!

Those cute little shoes and onesies.

Ahhhh, can't wait for my baby bump to show up, lol! (not tht I've peed on the stick yet!)

Wednesday, January 23

Blissful fourth :)

Anniversary once again!
As usual we stick to Fridays (tho was thinking of going to Tony Roma's , maybe next time) Aresha emptied her 'kids eat for free' plate of chicken fingers in just few minutes.

We had a really big meal, my 3 course meal and succulent steak for dear.
even Aresha had enough of the ice-cream, haha!

Joyful joyful and we're blessed with a wonderful year(s) together.

while waiting for our meal

love you mommy!

she got it from daddy, Skuirt would kill if I post the picture here, lol!

Aresha now loves to make funny face everytime the camera's pointing at her.
I guess she'd beam proudly, "I got it from my daddy!" LOL!

Tuesday, January 22

Baby making

After doing research and what not about trying to get a baby boy we finally decided...let's just do whatever we could and leave it to Allah :)

I look through Chinese Calender and found out that January is the month to conceive a baby boy and my birth year (according to Chinese zodiac)coincide with the calculation :) Not that I believe it 100% but at least it gives us a good feeling, hehe.

So we've tried and my most fertile dates are only 2 days left. It's so much stressful when you really want a baby rather than doing it without any expectation like 4 years earlier, lol!

Aresha has begin to understand the idea of having a sibling. She wants to hold the baby and sleeps with him/her. We watched'In the Womb' on National Geographic last Sunday and she gets so excited seeing a newborn baby :) That's a good start.

I know it wasn't easy being the eldest. I remember (tho I was only 2 1/2) being so jealous of my cute baby brother when suddenly the attention goes to him and ppl commenting on how adorable he was. I hit his head once when no one's looking, lol! Evil sister!

It is important to introduce Aresha to her soon-to-be sibling as early as the baby bump starts showing and remember to let her touch the baby (and not get too paranoid) anyway she likes so that she won't feel left out or even worse less special than the baby.

Here's hoping to hear baby cries and laughter by the end of this year :)
And start digging out all the bottles, sterilizer and old infant clothes, ha!

Sunday, January 20

the unintended playdate with Aiman

Sunday has become flea market day for us the past few weeks. We always lepak at Amcorp Mall, the military stall owned by Che Mat & Kak Nori.

Aiman rarely come with his atuk and nanny but today, he was there.. with his mom, too bad he's already sleeping under the table.

When he woke up, these two best friends clicked instantly! They shared toys together (which is rare for kids their age) and smiled sheepishly (malu-malu kucingla konon)
but as soon as they saw my camera, they posed, giving me the best shot!

I love the last pic.Imagine when they grow up, they'd be so ashamed to admit they were friends back when they were toddlers. But mommy got evidence!

Before saying byebyes, these two hugged each other, awww so sweet! Looking forward to see Aiman again, right Aresha? ;)

Thursday, January 17

First, 10 years

Today marked 10 years we first met :)
Time flies when you're having so much fun right?

And in few days, we'll be celebrating our 4th anniversary.

So much has changed but we're still going strong as ever.

Here's to wonderful years ahead!