Thursday, September 20

Faces of Aresha

This video was made by uncle Bob a while ago and I find the background music so cute!
Aresha's so lucky to have mommy's and daddy's friends like Uncle Kecik & Man to take her pictures and then made into this clippings.
Thanks you guys!

Monday, September 17

5 things

I've been tagegd by Ain almost a week ago and this is the first time for me!
Siap tanya lagi, caner nak buat ni, lol!

5 Things In My Bag (you don't wanna know what bag I'm carrying these days, lol!)

1. Mi WCC wallet
2. Aresha's Mothercare bib, which rarely used now, she's a big girl but if I left it at home, she usually spill food/drinks on her clothes, duh!
3. Carrera aviator sunglasses (Ain, I bought this @ Kajang aunty cranky shop)
4. ballpen (to write list of things to buy , groceries!)
5. our old school Ixus 50

5 Things That Are In My Wallet

1. mykad / ATM card
2. Aussino discount cards/dear's business card (in case he forgot or out of stock)
3. old receipts (konon2 nak buat account, which I always put on hold, lol!)
4. unlike Ain, I never bring surat nikah nor that I own the nikah card (selamba je, haha, there's no way to prove tht we're married, show them stretch marks kot?LOL!) but I carry Aresha's mykid with me
5. some rm50 and mostly small changes for bus,LRT fares

5 Favorite Things In My Bedroom

1. closet and collections of Obey tees
2. the idiot box, hehe (it's old but I could surf & watch Grey's Anatomy rerun @ 10am every weekday mornings)
3. the collection of sneakers that take up most of the closet space.
4. Bambi sleeping on dear's work desk
5. the Mathmos lavalamp we bought in S'pore almost 8 years ago. Very 70's

5 Things I Wish To Do

1. be more serious about being a baker (I should really go to classes, been putting it off for a while)
2. have the guts to drive!
3. be a supermom who wakes up early and non-stop doing chores (I tried but failed miserably)
4. be a manager, accountant, PA for Mr Skuirtgun kita, he's so disorganized sampai I pening, hehe
5. write whenever I feel inspired, especially when I'm doing the dishes.

5 Things That I Am Doing Now

1. checking email
2. watch season 1 of Grey's Anatomy episode (one with the male pregnant guy)
3. checking out updates on Fahmi Reza's blog
4. doing laundry on commercial breaks
5. checking on Aresha who's still sleeping soundly, never failed to make me smile

5 People I Would Like To Tag

Arghh I honestly have no idea! Can we skip this? I don't think I have 5 ppl to tag. hehe

Thursday, September 13

How to conceive a baby boy

Finally, I'm ready to have another baby and I know gender of the baby is in Allah's will but with the technology and knowledge, no harm trying kan?
Regardless of the gender, boy or girl, we just hope it will be a healthy baby.

Time to get my baking soda stocks ready, ditch dairy foods (and forget about drinking milk for a while) and get Mr. Skuirt (eh, lain macam plak bunyi dia, lol!) to drink lotsa coffee, to keep the sperms active!

I'll definitely share my findings & research here. Just you wait :)

Tuesday, September 11

10 tahun

We had an exclusive sneak preview last Sunday of

"10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka"

a film by a young, brilliant,activist Fahmi Reza.

If you want to learn/know about what really happened before we were given independence,
check out the screening of this film at the Freedom Film Fest

this Friday 14th September

Central Market Annexe

What time?

Yeah, yeah it's Ramadhan but, if you have some time to spare, please come!

Support your local filmakers!

Monday, September 10

Lounging with Laila (again!) @ lil' Havana

Fun filled, worth every cent in 16 bucks, period!

The coolest Dr ever et moi

tak ready lagi group shot

Icham & Toya of Laila's Lounge , Taylor & Eva & us!

Thanks to Nizam, for emailing me these awesome batch of pics!

Sunday, September 9

2 weeks notice

so much happened the last 2 weeks that I'm either too lazy to update or just yeah, pretending to be busy, ha!

Now I'm gonna like summarize it all in one entry and post the pics later yeah?
I got mi own laptop now, and it's an obsolete Powerbook, better than nothing.Useless to design stuff here, obviously but good enough to blog, email, watch Strawberry shortcake with Aresha.Besides, Mr. Skuirt got his new Powerbook since joining O1. He won't let me touch that.
We should get wireless router soon, but we have this understanding when he comes back I don't go online that much so, we'll just make do of this wired(2metres phone line connected from the bedroom to our living room)Why spend RM200+ over something you don't really need eh? Tho' the phone lines can be an eyesore)

Went to watch Laila's Lounge again on the 19th, Met Nadia (I miss her, seems like we meet only when Laila's playing)Envied her lovely figure now,( damn I do look fat esp. when it's a full body shot) Now, I dreaded weaning Aresha of breastfeeding. I gain rapidly but hey,I'm like overbreastfed her already.
We went to BK together and as usual dear entertained us with his silly jokes, I felt like hitting his head,lol!
Ain were there too, always so stylo and yeah, we finally sat down with Laila talking about the EP cover design. Of course, when Bai's around you can't just sit there without laughing sampai sakit perut. They got lotsa ideas those talented down-to-earth boys,but in the end we finally meet a point that everybody agreed upon.
Can't wait to see the final print.It's gonna be awesome!

And then the week before 25th, I was really busy organizing Cs Picnic @ Lake Garden. Ken was there, MO and his CS converted housemates, MIL Elma & Ina who kindly enough cooking mee hoon for all of us. I'm like OMG is this how u organize meetings? I'm bombarded with emails every day to the point that I have to put aside those who replied that they won't be able to make it. I think it's the biggest turn up since the last 2 that I organized(or help with)
We got NORAHS (she's sweet and we hit instantly)Taylor(the Hawaii Amb) & Eva, Rob & Ruby from Melbourne, Fallingleaves aka Jamal who has interesting way of expressing himself, just love the way he talks, and Syahrul the Lomo guy. lotsa ppl actually confirmed that they're coming but you see I don't know if this is Malaysian thingy or maybe all of them has 'something came up' the last minute, but this is what you get and i don't expect too much anymore. The more doesn't mean the merrier but to get to know people at personal level and make new friends is more important.

it's almost 6am and I should head back to bed, definitely resume tomorrow.
au revoir!