Tuesday, March 1


I must admit I've stopped blogging since discovering twitter. Been a tweety bird,very chirpy one hence not updating anything since last year!
Can't believe it's March already and so much happened the last two months.
Highlight of 2011 so far would be Laneway aka Rainway Fest in Singapore on 29th January where we were soaking wet almost all thru the night but all worth it as we get to see Beach House (Victoria,you rock!),Deerhunter, Holy Fuck! (who claimed themselves as Broken Social Scene),Foals (trés awesome!) and the reason why we stood there shivering The Temper Trap!

I got goosebumps from Dougy Mandagi's falsetos. Feeling so foolish to realize that it was their last tour,even more after knowing that they've been to Indonesia last November,argh! The weather wasn't allowing us to have fun,all dampened by the heavy,non-stop rain complete with mud slides,you name it. Mat salleh jakun je yang enjoy lebih :P
Still regret that I didn't take any picture with him when photo opportunity came as we walk out of Fort Canning. Dougy was standing outside the band's tent ever so willingly to meet fans. If only I wasn't looking like a swamp thing (minus the mud) All I was thinking was to get out of this wet clothes!

So here I am hopefully skateboarding will get me to write regularly. For the past two weeks we've been swapping being mallrats to Putrajaya Skatepark go-er. The kids love it,Aresha been looking forward to go every weekend now :)

Longboard rocks!

I'm getting a longboard soon and can't wait to able to ride like these girls!

Longboard Girls Crew from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.