Wednesday, June 27

Roti John Malaysia/S'pore fusion style

Search for the recipe last night and conveniently found this yummy recipe from Resipidiana

Asked the mamak if he sells Roti John, bought Hot dog bun instead. Should be the same, only half the length.

Breakfast this morning, Roti John on the menu. Dear loves it! Then, just now I made it for Aresha and she asked for more albeit mommy swapped the bun with baguette. It tastes much better and more like authentic Singapore style.
If you're fan of Roti John, go indulge, make you own today!

Sunday, June 24

Sunday picnic @ Janda Baik

After family fun yesterday we decided why not end it just there, let's mandi sungai!

Saturday, June 23

Family reunion

the girls & Kerry

l-r : Ola, Kak Wati,Zach, Oare and Ina @ the back

us with Kalumpang clans

left to right- Pakcik Ayem, Oare, Kak Wati, me & Aresha not looking, Fahmi peeking @ the back

Family gathering was a blast. I've never experienced hosting potluck for more than sixty people, in our tiny little crib so, the inaugural resulting broken slow cooker glass lid and huge oil spillage in the kitchen. Clumsy lil' Zach.

And yes we were too busy to take pics of the glorious food ranging from Kacang Phool complete with condiments, baguette and fried eggs plus Choc Chip Cheesecake with Oreo & oat crumbs from your's truly, Mak's famous mee kari,Mama's yummy pecal, Makcik Shimi's all time favorite pasar malam style Laksa Penang, Kak Ada's cake like pulut kuning tht goes with Mak Utih's chicken rendang, sayur goreng from Makcik Tun's family, chocolate and cheesecakes from Kak Dee & Abg Lan, rendang kerang Mak Lang, red bean pudding & pulut & beef rendang of Mak Utih Noor, titbits for the kids brought by Kak Wati & Oare & hot murtabak from Makcik Ani's family and other lauk pauk tht I can't even remember brought by whom.

Aresha, as expected, ran around the house, up and down the stairs with her second cousins including her fav gothic Kak Mira aka Ola, Adam, Imran, bonded instantly with Abg Boy & Kak Nurul's kids, and of course her fav 'abang' Yoi. She seems to play a very good host, tht cheeky lil' girl.

We have so much leftovers tht almost everybody has at least laksa to take home.

Both sides of the family stay over at our place since we'll be leaving early in the morning for a picnic @ Janda Baik.

In few words I'd say it was so much fun, tiring, full belly, but all worth it!
I'd definitely do it again, anytime!

Wednesday, June 20

'62 VBB Makeover

Finally after almost 2 weeks dear brought his Vespa home. Looks immaculate almost like coming out of the showroom and it didn't cost a bomb. He had second thoughts about the paint, it didn't come out as expected but voila! I love it, and Aresha just can't wait to ride on daddy's eeepa!

Thursday, June 14

Puma Clyde x Solebox & Cure to my itch!

Just when I was the one who put the foot on not to spend anymore on plastic (read cash or no expenses at all) Solebox come out with this irresistible Puma Clyde. Argh!
Hikmet even send an invitation to the launch party, in Berlin? Gilo, mcm dekat je!

On the other note, we'll be watching The Cure on the 1st August along with Kecik, Nad & Man.. might be carpooling with them.
Yeay! Early b'day prezzie for me. Oh, Friday I'm in love!

Shop til drop!

Girls day out with mama & Fara. Yours truly (who has a car but too scared to drive) took a Metrobus from home to Jalan TAR with Aresha. She's one not fussy little girl who rides the bus behaving really well, no complaints at all. I guess it's how you teach her intentionally or not. We were relying on public transportation since she's born and if we're living in big cities in Europe or maybe anywhere else but here (where trains, buses are always on time) we might not be having car(s) at all.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention tht we didn't sell our Swift, kept for long distance roadtrip. And from no car at all to having 2 cars.. vintage and new. Dear's latest projekt his '61 Beetle is now in Sg Petani having major inside out customization complete with 1.6 engine and gearbox and tht old school green paint.

Ok, where was I just now? Shopping with mama was so much fun. We persuaded her for a complete makeover, she'll be wearing long skirts now, lol! Fara bought her first mobile Nokia 5300 with her own money( so proud of her, unlike me she worked while waiting for SPM result and went to PLKN in Papar, 3 months, come back with tan and extra 5kgs) We went crazy over really cheap 'bunga tabur' India songket, 4 metres for RM50, apparently everything were on sale after the KL flood last Sunday.

We're supposed to watch a movie together but Fara and mama decided to head home as they're tired from walking and shopping, so I brought Aresha to the park and she had a fabulous time there, playing on her own. She's really brave and very sociable, she could play just with anybody(read I have to put a really close eye on her) She tried on a really cute hat @ Mothercare but it was really pricey that I decided not to buy. Why didn't I take a picture of tht? Kecik came and we sat at the foodcourt while Aresha munching cheeseburger and mesmerized with the spinning gasing tht comes with her Happy Meal. She just adores her uncle Kecik and suddenly becomes a bit shy at first but quickly attached to him afterwards. She had so much fun and wore herself out, the minute I put her in her buggy she dozed off instantly.

It was absolutely long day for me as dear picked us up and went to Epa's (the part-time Vespa mechanic)to send chrome stuffs to put on his refurbished '62 VBB.
Ended the night with a late dinner @ nearby stall and we slept while watching Pet sematary 1 & 2 back to back. Heck, Aresha can sing along to Ramones "I don't wanna be buried in a pet sematary" !!

Monday, June 11

Wht Aresha did last weekend

A mandi sungai trip turned out to be a fun day with the cousins for Aresha and us too! We had luch @ Mak Utih's stall at Kalumpang followed by 'kebun' trip with the cousins cum Oare's trying out some stunts on the hills with her new XR150. (Dear sold it to her 5 months ago) Aresha was beaming from ear to ear cause she gets to play with Adam, Imran, Iwan and her idol Kak Ola! She simply idolize the black eyeliner, new spunky bobbed hairdo Ola who looks so mature beyond her 13 years of age. She didn't care to hold on to mommy's hands instead she ran up and down the hills, bushes,face & body bitten by mosquitoes holding on to the cool sis , sometimes the cute little Adam.
We went to Kalumpang river sans the adorable kak Wati's kids since they'r preparing for pak Utih's 70th birthday. The water was freezing cold and Aresha shivered after only 30 mins. Back @ Mak Utih's huge, but very homely home, Aresha just can't stop running around chasing the boys till they actually hide from her. where did she get such energy?