Thursday, June 14

Shop til drop!

Girls day out with mama & Fara. Yours truly (who has a car but too scared to drive) took a Metrobus from home to Jalan TAR with Aresha. She's one not fussy little girl who rides the bus behaving really well, no complaints at all. I guess it's how you teach her intentionally or not. We were relying on public transportation since she's born and if we're living in big cities in Europe or maybe anywhere else but here (where trains, buses are always on time) we might not be having car(s) at all.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention tht we didn't sell our Swift, kept for long distance roadtrip. And from no car at all to having 2 cars.. vintage and new. Dear's latest projekt his '61 Beetle is now in Sg Petani having major inside out customization complete with 1.6 engine and gearbox and tht old school green paint.

Ok, where was I just now? Shopping with mama was so much fun. We persuaded her for a complete makeover, she'll be wearing long skirts now, lol! Fara bought her first mobile Nokia 5300 with her own money( so proud of her, unlike me she worked while waiting for SPM result and went to PLKN in Papar, 3 months, come back with tan and extra 5kgs) We went crazy over really cheap 'bunga tabur' India songket, 4 metres for RM50, apparently everything were on sale after the KL flood last Sunday.

We're supposed to watch a movie together but Fara and mama decided to head home as they're tired from walking and shopping, so I brought Aresha to the park and she had a fabulous time there, playing on her own. She's really brave and very sociable, she could play just with anybody(read I have to put a really close eye on her) She tried on a really cute hat @ Mothercare but it was really pricey that I decided not to buy. Why didn't I take a picture of tht? Kecik came and we sat at the foodcourt while Aresha munching cheeseburger and mesmerized with the spinning gasing tht comes with her Happy Meal. She just adores her uncle Kecik and suddenly becomes a bit shy at first but quickly attached to him afterwards. She had so much fun and wore herself out, the minute I put her in her buggy she dozed off instantly.

It was absolutely long day for me as dear picked us up and went to Epa's (the part-time Vespa mechanic)to send chrome stuffs to put on his refurbished '62 VBB.
Ended the night with a late dinner @ nearby stall and we slept while watching Pet sematary 1 & 2 back to back. Heck, Aresha can sing along to Ramones "I don't wanna be buried in a pet sematary" !!

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