Friday, April 20

Of gossiping and KLCC playground

Went out with Aresha to KLCC meeting up with Saskia a Belgique CSer. I tot she's gonna be tall and blonde but just a petite Eurasian like girl. She wants to be a nanny and seems to enjoy playing with Aresha @ the playground. It was sooooo huge. Can you imagine this is my first time taking her to the park after zillions time going to KLCC? Most of the time all we did was shopping je. Rarely go out to the park. I must say it's a damn good park for adult and kids alike. Gonna take her more often. I need a good walk and Aresha definitely needs a place to play around!

Then I met Kecik with his office attire(I've never seen him in shirt and tie, so abg2 korporat gitu) So weird! Hehe.. of courselaa since my hubby has never worn office attire all his life! Just jeans and tee with mohawk lagi , he's damn lucky! And I don't need to iron his clothes etc, easy peasy.
We had fun gossipping around , kutuk2 mat salleh sekor ni yg mula2 kata tak lapa pastu selamba je mintak my double cheeseburger. Cheapskate btol!
Met Faizal for few minutes before heading off separate ways. Aresha now can pronounce Kecik as 'Uncle Ketik' haha so cute! and she enjoys Kecik's company when he drew Daddy (complete with sunglasses, goatee and mohawk), Mummy, Eetle & Vespa. Kecik initially drew Daddy without goatee and she pointed out 'janggut?' Lol! One smart kid!

Thursday, April 19

Back to reality... after almost a week of vacation, it feels so hard to start my daily chores again. I miss the beaches, pool, shopping, Songkran already. Everything was so laid back in Patong.. we can even bring Aresha on our Harley sans helmet, yeay!

We had healthy brekkie every single day, ate Lays (20 baht only!), and drinking our favorite Honey-lime Green Spot! I'm aching for another beach break! We didn't have the time to enjoy the breathtaking views of Kata-Karon beach. I know Aresha didn't get enough of sand-castle making :)
Where to next? Going to Redang perhaps?

Monday, April 16

Post Phuket Bike Week

Touched down @ LCCT @ 3.55pm. It took forever to get our bag out, must be the rain. Papa has been waiting for us since 4. I met Jo from north of England @ Phuket airport while struggling with my luggage and Aresha's buggy. Jo offered to help me out with the pram. Coincidentally she's heading to KL too! We'll be in the same flight.

The trip trip to Phuket was a great one, definitely more fun with Aresha this time around. She really enjoyed her first ride on the daddy's Springer, the beach, Songkran and everything! No complaints at all, she had a great time, you can really tell.

Wednesday, April 11

Phuket Bike Week/ Songkran

Dear left @ 8.15 this morning and departed from Sg Buloh R&R around 10 ish. It's a very long ride from KL to Hatyai (most probably as the initial plan was staying @ Trang/Krabi sans IMG S'pore) He called me from Tapah and Gurun 3.30 pm telling me tht he's soaking wet, raining all the way from Ipoh to Penang and the phone might not be working at all. It was confirmed tht before they continue their ride, dear rang me from a public phone, his mobile officially went kaput.
Hope it's just a false alarm. It's gonna be hard to reach him without it, maybe I have to call his IMG brothers.
I did all the cleaning and packing necessary for this pretty long trip. Now gonna go through all the lists that I've made, hope we didn't leave anything behind. Erie's gonna pick Aresha & I up after Maghrib.

Updated: His mobile works out just fine, received text from him "Still in Gurun, moto Apai rosak' Oh well, this things happen especially on long ride like this.

This is definitely Aresha's trip. Bought her a pretty roses bathing suit and water gun to play with @ Songkran on the 13th.
Gotta go now, need to prepare everything, and seems like Aresha's repacking the bag!