Saturday, October 23

Let's skype!

I couldn't sleep last night, decided to cook ayam masak merah and starfruit juice for sahur.After having a simple meal with dear and mak ..I browse throught the net and found my dearest Eva on YM. She insist that I download Skype a software that will enable us to communicate as clear as a phone call via a microphone. How cool is that? At first, me and dear were a bit skeptic, we thought that it would be no different than YM. In fact, at that very moment, Eva and I were already voice chatting. Heck, why don't we just try and download this Skype thingy...10 minutes, voila! Eva dialed me up and to my amazement it is definitely clearer , just like talking on the phone. Felt like she's really not that far in Liverpool. We had fun talking for almost 5 minutes. I really really miss her. Talking with her was so much fun!She's looking for a job to cover her expenses there. I promised to send her serunding and some kuih for raya.
Didn't do anything much after that. Dear and I slept until 3pm! Weather wasn't so good,cloudy and windy. Luckily by 5pm the sky cleared up and off we Sg. Wang before having a stomachful of chicken buffet at Hartz Chicken. I myself coudn't believe that I could eat that much. Sampai tak boleh bangun!
Oh yeah, bought a washable breast pad for my nursing days from Mothercare.

There's only few stuffs left in the list:
Baby blanket
Plastic pants
Nappy rash cream
Maternity pads
Cotton balls
Alcohol swab to clean the baby's cord
Baby's cap
Button front nightdress

Have to buy all these things tomorrow... due date is just around the corner!

Friday, October 22

Ramadhan is a great month to enjoy all the food that I love! I've been eating like there's no tomorrow, seriously! My mama has a menu for buka puasa for the whole month. I could only enjoy all these food such as nasi beriyani, soto, nasi ayam etc... now as I'll be on confinement for the next 44 days after delivering my baby. What would it be like to drink without ice, eat everything cooked without oil. Not allowed to eat 'cold' fruits and vegetables. Define cold? Is there any research out there that supports all this confinement rules? I was told to be prepared for 'bertangas' where you stand on top of a burnt charcoal with your body wrapped around in a blanket. Something like a home made sauna. My dearest Faizal was totally against this "bertangas" thingy. We even had a funny argument with atuk last Monday. Tangas supposed to make your uterus shrink to its normal size, but according to our ante-natal instructor Jenny, it's nonsense. Some mothers even almost burn themselves by this practice. Hmmm.. this is the conflict that any new mother would face. We learn the modern practice through books and classes whilst our mother/grandma would insist on practicing their confinement rules on us. It's not that I don't believe in old tradition, but some practice such as putting pilis on your forehead seems to be so ridiculous. It supposed to drive your hubby away as the smell from pilis would really turn any men off. I wouldn't want my dear to avoid me! I want him to be there right next to me, we both decided to take turn taking care of the baby except for washing the baby's poo poo... Gross sangat eh dear? That responsibility is mine, hehe.
Hari ni teringin nak makan apa pulak? Been craving for kueh kole kacang for the past few days. Dear pun sampai terikut-ikut sekali. Nasibla I'm not really that fussy. Dapat kuih pun dah best sangat. Today I would love to go to any bazaar Ramadhan. Nak cari kole kacang!

Thursday, October 21

15 more days to go

Wow!I can't believe that it's just another 15 days to my EDD. It used to be 42 weeks now it's only fifteen days! The baby could be delivered anytime. two of my friends had already given birth to their cute lil' babies. Congrats Kamal and Lyla on your babygirl Sakinah, and to Matun and Syed on their newborn Syed Aiman Haziq. What a year to begin and end with. Got married to Faizal Reza on January, and having our baby right before raya! Tak sempat nak raya berdua dah bertiga! So we're gonna be celebrating our first anniversary with this baby girl named.....(secret.. wait until she's born)
Actually I really can't wait to deliver this baby...My belly felt so tight. You can really feel and see her movements. Sometimes it's her knees, elbow kicking and punching me. It's so strong compared to the last few months that sometimes it hurts!
Went to Putrajaya Hospital last Tuesday. There are so many mommy-to-be. I have to wait from 9 am to 2.00 pm to complete my check up. This new Government hospital really amazes me. It's so ultra-modern and chic...and the charges are so minimal. I'd really suggest anyone who's expecting a baby soon to have their baby here. It will only cost you few hundreds and you'll get to enjoy the same privilages as private hospital. The GP was so friendly. A young Dr. Norhana did my ultrasound and we were talking like friends! My baby now weights 2.5 kgs... Pretty small but normal for my height and size. I asked the doctor to confirm the sex once again...was introduced to the term 'burger'.. funny word to describe the female genitalia. I've already bought pink clothes for her..if boy pulak comes out, siapa nak pakai tu?
I'm gonna be in labour anytime soon, the GP said.. since my placenta has moved downwards.
So far there's no sign of labour yet. No show, no waterbag burst, no contractions. Still riding on the back of dearie's Harley. Gila ke tak gila tu?Please don't come to me and tell me it's dangerous. I know what I'm doing ok?
I have been fasting for 7 days now. It's just like any other day. I have no headache or nausea that keep me from fasting. I intend to fast as long as I could until I gave birth.
I might not be blogging anymore after having the baby.. for a while la since there's no phone line back in the USJ 3A neighbourhood. It supposed to be equipped with ISDN, wireless broadband whatever crap but it just didn't reach our area yet. How frustrating.

Sunday, October 17


It's Sunday and we went to IKEA with mama, Erie and Fara to shop for some stuffs. everybody with their own agenda. Mama wants to buy her Kenwood mixing bowl to bake cookies for raya while dear and me would love to shop around and buy nursery furniture for our baby. This is the first time we shop and browse through the Kids section. We decided to buy a diaper changer rack(?), bath basin and face towel. I'm really happy and overjoyed. I don't know why, but shopping for the baby makes me really excited. Dear also bought a swivel chair for his home office. We didn't plan to spend so much but end up shopping rabak2. Can't wait to assemble the rack at home... Mama gonna buy us the crib...Just have to rearrange the room to make it easy to move about. Can't wait.. can't wait...

Saturday, October 9


My feet are swollen for the past few days. It's really hard to got up from bed. Today, dear took me up for a cendol treat, yummy.. and I fell asleep as soon as we're home. Dear went out without me to Bangsar.. It's really hot out there and I don't think I can cope with the weather. Plus, I wanna be prepared for our dinner tonight. Nothing fancy, just going out to our favorite restaurant.
Last night, dear asked me not to leave him. Err.. actually I'm going to live with my parents starting from next week. Why? During the day, everybody's in this house is working, so if there's an emergency i.e waterbag burst or any sign of labour.. I would be alone. It's kinda sad when dear said that from Monday onwards there will be no one waiting for him when he gets home, nobody to talk to at night, etcetera etcetera

"Please don't go eh dear?"

Ehmm..the thought of not seeing him for few days, breaks my heart. I'm gonna miss him. Miss his out of tune singing. His laughter. His stories on stuffs he found on ebay, Jesse James, WCC, the new Heuer Carrera. :(
Most of all I'm gonna miss his smell, hugs all thru the night...everything!

Thursday, October 7

Dearie's big day!!

Finally the day that I've been waiting for has arrived! Although I'm a bit frustrated by the fact that I couldn't throw him a party like I've been planning to (we settled for another date, when our baby girl comes out to this world, since his friends are going away for business trip to Bandung this weekend), but..he's really lucky though.. Dear's going to celebrate his birthday twice! We're having dinner Saturday night and for the first time in his life, he's wearing a sterling silver embossed Harley-Davidson ring, a gift from me! Definitely I would never top his prezzie for my last birthday.. my dream iPod.. but I'm glad he really love that ring, in fact almost obsessive with it. How obsessive? Hehe... only we both know, right dear?
I'm a bit frustrated that the surprise gift that I ordered thru the net didn't arrive on time. In fact they're only shipping it tomorrow!!! Bila nak sampai tu? Silap2 my baby comes out earlier than the 'mystery' gift.
Oh yeah, I managed to make a birthday card for dear.. Plus decorating the room with balloons and ** candles. I'm not really proud of it as I wanted to give him more. My dearest hubby has been so understanding , the look in his eyes is priceless! His eyes were shining underneath the candle lights, almost made me cried by his words...

"Being with you, on my birthday is a blessing"