Wednesday, September 21


Those who followed me on twitter and FB should've known by now.
Alhamdulillah. Allah loves me & gave me the best Ramadhan ever.
I'm utterly impressed with the change that I've seen in skuirtgun and it really is little thing that matters.

On my birthday I prayed and wished that Allah will guide me to be a good Muslim.
After my dearest wished me Happy Birthday we both cried in each other arms and told him,
"I will not ask anything as a birthday present as the changes I've seen in you is truly a blessing and all I ever wanted. From today on I want to be a better Muslim and I hope I'll have your support throughout,"

At 31,birthday present is not something I look forward to. I'm truly blessed with a happy family. Happiness is more precious than anything. He kept apologizing that my birthday present will be arriving late. So I told him,it doesn't matter. All his love for me all these years is the best gift ever. Sheesh why there's tears on the corner of my eye while typing this ;P

A week after raya,the day finally arrived, my precious Redmoon handbag. If you know me and him,you'd know why Redmoon,why not Mulberry,Birkin (haha for real?)or Chanel. Because, that is so not me.

I had THE best celebration with the family and THE best raya. Alhamdulillah

Thursday, August 4

Ramadhan Kareem

Alhamdulillah, it has been 4 successful days for all three of us. I'm quite amazed on how strong-willed Aresha can be this time around. Less dramatic than last year (read: waking up for sahur) but she managed to pull it off like an adult. She actually eats and drinks less than us to survive till dawn. Wonder how did she gets the energy to go for both schools.

We decided to do it like 2009, just a kurma,drinks & kuih before solat,saving carbs for after. Eating everything in one sitting is a no,no. We didn't lose weight at all last year. Time for a change and also a challenge to create low carb menu.

So nice to feel lighter and being able to do other things including tarawikh when you're not stuffing yourself silly like previous years :)

Sweet dreams are made of these

ETA December 2011.
His dream. My dream. Our dreams will be coming true end of the year,insyaAllah.
One is expected while I can't really speak for the other as we barely made any preparations for it!
Alhamdulillah,for new adventure/chapter/challenge,in a blink of an eye,we'll be ushering 2012. Bring it on!

Wednesday, August 3

El Mexicana!

I love Mexican food esp anything with tortilla and nachos. Loving the mojito recipe, just omit rum to make it virgin ;)

mojitos, chips, and salsa from rachelchew on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 20


Alhamdulillah we've successfully reached targeted weight loss in just 3 days. He lost 2kg while I managed to lose 1kg from Pure Protein(PP) diet. PP means just lean meat/poultry/fish/seafood. We had rosemary chicken fillet, steak(thin cheap piece of beef) and balsamic grilled chicken thigh for dinner. AND not to forget 1 1/2 tablespoons of oat bran eaten with plain fat-free yoghurt and for those who can't, sprinkle 'em on your omelette,the way Skuirtgun likes it ;) I've just learnt that it's okay to have it with your favorite fruit flavored fat-free yoghurt(Dukan approved) as long as it's just a small tub a day.
It wasn't easy for me as I'm used to early morning orange juice,fruits & chocolates for snacks,pancakes for tea,well you get the idea. I was literally weak from lack of sugar which quickly subsides on the 3rd day.
On the 2nd day,had to go fill the fridge with more protein and resist on Kenny Rogers sidelines for lunch,only to find myself hungry again after supermarket check-out. Chuka lidako and sashimi never tasted that good though I have to admit, I'm drooling over Zara's sushi which she gobbled up like a pro! ;P
I've promised Juxy et Yani pictures and recipes from my Dukan experience. Guess you girls gotta wait longer as I'm yet to compile those pictures and post it soon k?

Tuesday, April 12

Dukan Day 1

We decided to start Dukan diet today. Check out

What's on the menu today;
Breakfast- omelette + no sugar added orange juice

Lunch- Pari bakar for me and grilled salmon for him

Dinner-Grilled rosemary chicken and fennel shrimp
Oat bran pancake and sprinkled oat bran on fat-free yoghurt for dessert.

Like any diet,we're encouraged to drink at least 1.5litre water and allowed to drink no sugar coffee/tea/diet Coke.

It's okay to have dairy intake such as skimmed milk and no fat cheese

In this attack phase, you should lose at least 1kg in 3 days. Amazing isn't it?


So we've been skating for a month now and kinda addicted to it. Woke up real early on weekends just to have Putrajaya Challenge Skatepark all for ourselves. We're no pro yet so it's kinda embarrasing to skate in the bowl and pool when there's so many good skaters flock the park in the evenings. Spotted Joe Ipoh and Pa'Din once. Also I do realized the guys are watching me because ,errm I'm a girl?
Aresha now skates with us and from sharing a deck we have 5 decks including a longboard. Thing is I need to master some skills before going on longboard. It's really really nice to sweat that much,soaked our tees for hours and go home feeling oh-so-good!
Gone are the days where weekends spent lazying around and going from malls to malls. We didn't miss that at all. In fact our kids love it as well.
Since last week,we woke up as early at 6.30am on Sunday/Saturday and started skating by 8.00am! It's gonna be a routine from now on. We even plan to skate in Bali in June. Globe skatepark looks awesome!

Tuesday, March 1


I must admit I've stopped blogging since discovering twitter. Been a tweety bird,very chirpy one hence not updating anything since last year!
Can't believe it's March already and so much happened the last two months.
Highlight of 2011 so far would be Laneway aka Rainway Fest in Singapore on 29th January where we were soaking wet almost all thru the night but all worth it as we get to see Beach House (Victoria,you rock!),Deerhunter, Holy Fuck! (who claimed themselves as Broken Social Scene),Foals (trés awesome!) and the reason why we stood there shivering The Temper Trap!

I got goosebumps from Dougy Mandagi's falsetos. Feeling so foolish to realize that it was their last tour,even more after knowing that they've been to Indonesia last November,argh! The weather wasn't allowing us to have fun,all dampened by the heavy,non-stop rain complete with mud slides,you name it. Mat salleh jakun je yang enjoy lebih :P
Still regret that I didn't take any picture with him when photo opportunity came as we walk out of Fort Canning. Dougy was standing outside the band's tent ever so willingly to meet fans. If only I wasn't looking like a swamp thing (minus the mud) All I was thinking was to get out of this wet clothes!

So here I am hopefully skateboarding will get me to write regularly. For the past two weeks we've been swapping being mallrats to Putrajaya Skatepark go-er. The kids love it,Aresha been looking forward to go every weekend now :)

Longboard rocks!

I'm getting a longboard soon and can't wait to able to ride like these girls!

Longboard Girls Crew from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.