Monday, May 28

Lounging with Laila

Aresha and I had a fab time with Nadia last nite. We went from eating at a banana leaf restaurant to pasar malam to Hartamas to watch Laila's Lounge in action.
I just love these super-friendly, highly talented, much deserving exposure guys hailing from JB.

Best conversation of the nite, "Mana Hamzah?"
a question from Bai who has this crazy thought tht dearie's name was the aforementioned. I laughed so hard with the company of Tepet, Nad & Ogy too.

A wonderful nite indeed, tho it will be more fun if dear's around :)

Thanks to Nad for making it all happened. I wish I could see more of Laila in the future. Love 'em!

Friday, May 25


We'll be watching At world's End- the final trilogy of the Pirates of the Caribbean this evening along with dear's colleague- Well it's their company outing I just tag along, with Aresha. ( she calls it skulls)

She was really behaving well when we took her to watch Spidey. The whole 2 hrs just sitting calmly provided tht she has ample of popcorn and soda supply :) Only the last few minutes she got tired of watching Spidey and Venom in action and took my hand "Jom!"

We'll see if Davy Jones,Jack Sparrow and ehmm..Will Turner could do the same trick ;)

Aresha all clingy to daddy

Wednesday, May 23

I heart Cuisinart!

I'm obsessed with everything made from scratch. Be it bread, cakes,cookies and dishes tht screams HOMEMADE! Would really love to get my hands on this baby so tht I'll be able to make bread loaf wherever,whenever!
Well, b'day is just 3 months away...*hint*

Friday, May 18

Cookie in the making

I've just finished my 2nd order for the week. Another 240 pcs of yummy choc chip cookies. So far, there are two choices... double chocolate choc chip or just choc chip, walnut cookies. Made butterscotch sauce yesterday but still experimenting the amount of sauce and extra flour to put in the dough. Aresha seems to enjoy mommy's freshly baked cookies.

Meanwhile, dear's also excited designing my logo, definitely spoilt for choices, they're all magnificent!

So, which one should I choose?

Thursday, May 17

Pot luck part deux, a success, Happy 9th Anniversary ZachReza!

Here's pictures courtesy of Kecik the photographer tht nite. Thanks to all, we had so much fun and great food again..especially the much awaited chicken balls and smashed potatoes, with blanched veges. Healthiest food tht nite, worth the wait, hehe

Thanks to Kak Lynn from I managed to surprise dear with skulls anniversary cupcakes. It's been 9 years since we're together. Ajeep managed to dig it all out on how it all started. Our gratitude to Ajeep for staying till the end (the first to arrive and the last to leave)berbaloi kan with all the food to bring home, hehe
Kecik and Nadia who made the effort to cook and help me out with the dishes. Thanks to all for a wonderful anniversary bash :)

Thursday, May 10

Pot luck part deux

Dear Malscenians,
Come and join us for our 2nd pot luck, this time, Barbeque theme!

Click above for details and the map yeah?

See you guys on Saturday!