Thursday, May 17

Pot luck part deux, a success, Happy 9th Anniversary ZachReza!

Here's pictures courtesy of Kecik the photographer tht nite. Thanks to all, we had so much fun and great food again..especially the much awaited chicken balls and smashed potatoes, with blanched veges. Healthiest food tht nite, worth the wait, hehe

Thanks to Kak Lynn from I managed to surprise dear with skulls anniversary cupcakes. It's been 9 years since we're together. Ajeep managed to dig it all out on how it all started. Our gratitude to Ajeep for staying till the end (the first to arrive and the last to leave)berbaloi kan with all the food to bring home, hehe
Kecik and Nadia who made the effort to cook and help me out with the dishes. Thanks to all for a wonderful anniversary bash :)


justthegirl said...

im sure u had a good time with the potluck thingy...
so how have u been?
im really itching to travel or shall i say im itching to go on a shopping spree..


zach said...

Hey Anne! It's been a while!
Yeah we had so much fun meeting up with old friends, specifically friends we made online via irc!

Yeah me too! Really looking forward for another travel/escapade. Thinking of a nearer destination, maybe Bangkok? My 2 year plan is still intact, still saving to go the States tho'.
How about you? Any Euro or Japan trip?

justthegirl said...

ohh...BIG APPLE...i was surfing around and green with envy coz there's lotsa factory outlets there...cant beat anywhere else.

yes..japan is still on...finalising abit here + there...
and the pocket too..ive been saving up religiously..coz i have difficulty in doing so...haha

u shud dhl ur cupcakes to me too...for the logo..the 1st top one is good based on colours usage n the logotype too :)

zach said...

ahhh, tht's great news for us, do you mind to share where did you get all the infos on this outlet thingy. Ok, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for outlets, lol! When I was in Cheshire Oak, I just can't get enuff of it.

And you're still going to Japan? Well, such a dream place to travel.When would tht be? August?
R u going to the Fuji Fest? I envy you!

The cupcakes look swell eh? I know you're crazy over cupcakes. DHL dear? It might get squished when u received it, hehe

Thanks for the help on choosing the logo. Got 5 to choose from actually, saved u guys from headache, lol!

siti said...

the cup cake do look delicious. i missed it huh?