Tuesday, December 25

Bkk , Xmas eve

that's Nammon our host, such a darling

us with fellow SEA Csers,Manila, BKK, KL unite!

Our journey didn't start as smooth as we received a text at 2pm from Thai Air Asia that the flight will be delayed for an hour and when we arrived at the airport we have to wait for another hour before we could be onboard!

Poor Honey, luckily she could receive text from us that she has to wait for an hour before we arrived! Mind you, it may be Xmas holiday in Malaysia it is not the same story in Bangkok. we arrived 1.30 am Thai already Christmas and missed a
party that our host, Nammon wanted to bring us.

Honey is sweet and definitely fit a profile of a real Thai and also a Bangkok Cs Ambassador, soft spoken, always smiling and energized even after a long day at work and fetching us at the airport!
She even brought a teddy for Aresha, thought that she's joining us, hehe. Err we didn't say it clearly I guess, haha.

We were welcomed by Nammon, dressed in pure cotton Thai clothes to his awesome one bedroom apartment complete with a really comfortable couch. He made us frangrant tea at 3am and albeit have to be at work @ 8am, he's still wide awake to give us an excellent direction and even drew us a map to get around the city! Oh yeah, he even gave us a spare key-card too! How cool is that! Prepared bread and eggs for breakfast, basically made us feel at home!

Monday, December 24

First after 4 years

We'll be leaving to BKK tonight sans Aresha :(
This is our first holiday together after 4 years :)
We found a couch for the whole 6 nights and tht's just awesome!
It comes with air-conditioned room and a swimming pool!

I have mixed feelings, I know I'm gonna miss her and think about her all the time, but we need this holiday badly so that we can get her a sibling, ha!

Nah, I guess it's not the right time to bring her along, she's so distracted with toys, clothes etc when we go to malls , imagine what would be like if she goes with us? She might just stop at every stalls at Jatujak and we won't have enough time to explore! LOL!

We promised her everything from Dora to Spongebob to Strawberry Shortcake. I know I'd buy a whole lot more!

Have a great Xmas and 2008!

See you guys on 1st Jan!

Thursday, December 13

What it's like being a CS Ambassador

First of all, what is Couchsurfing Ambassador (CS Amb)?
Well, it's a title that came with a huge responsibility. Not just a fancy cute little yellow flag on your profile. It wouldn't be so hard if your city is small and not many participating, but if the community is growing, then you might be dealign with cases like member disputes, miscommunication, sexual-harassment so on and so forth.

I applied to become one a year ago after that whole-in-a-pocket Euro trip since I feel like helping Csers who comes to Malaysia and those who wants to learn what Cs is all about.

I'm very much involved with this job now, it's full time and mind you it's a non-profit organization to begin with.

I've been organizing meetings, attending member's potluck, or just join an event just to show support. Sometimes when you give so much ppl step on your head.

I'm not bitching about how much I have done but there are ignorant ppl who feels like they travel so much, lotsa 'ang moh' friends and hey why not apply to become an ambassador as well?

Why bother if you're not helping the other ambassadors?

Can't believe ppl would go crazy over this status cause I'm ready to hand over my burden to anyone interested now!

That aside,

I received a sexual-harassment complaint from a member.

It was a very busy day yesterday handling this matter and some member disputes over a thread in our group postings.

Never imagine a day like this would come, but you know, when there's a huge crowd/participant, you just have to expect it coming.

On a lighter note, but makes it all worth, we received couchsurfers from Brazil who is just,just awesome.

They know how to carry themselves well and makes us think of visiting Brazil World Cup 2014.

Ana Maria & Andres you guys are always in our heart.

Aresha refers to all our couchsurfers as 'friend'

This couple are just great with kids, Aresha even missed them when they left :(

'friend mana?' LOL!

After all the headache, hosting wonderful Csers just brighten up our day.

Tuesday, November 27

Monthly update

I didn't realize I've stopped blogging for a month! What happened to me eh?
Ain has been wondering wht the hell happened to this almost dead blog, lol!

Yeah I've been lazy, I'm online at least 6 hrs a day but why laaa so hard to blog again?

I had Raya Open house early this month and Aresha's 3rd birthday bash last 2 weeks, CS meet @ Pavillion and even went to Flyfm 2nd bday bash just to watch Hujan live and met my long lost bff Eva there!

while typing and watching Hitz.tv's Skool of Rock, The Cure's End of the World video clip were on!It wasn't easy to see their video ok, they're not your average rock band anyway. Aresha was stunned when mommy got so excited and telling her it's The Cure and tht's Robert Smith on tv, lol!

Hey tht girl is slowly becoming mini-me, she could sing Hujan's "Pagi gelap sudah gelap' and last night to our surprise she sang "Lalallalalallalla" ala Meet uncle Hussin.

She surely can talk now, adoi, she only stops talking when she's asleep can you imagine having 'burung apa?' 'Murai' conversation everyday? But her's would be 'apa?' 'Mana?' repetitively, Pening woo.

till then I shall wait for Dear's Macbook to update on pictures.
Ain, tunggula kejap ek?

Saturday, November 17

Aresha's trois anniversaire

Look how excited and anxious we are waiting for Aresha to blow all the candles!

Csers who came to celebrate Aresha, thank u guys for the lovely prezzies :)

Friday, October 26

10tahun @ P P 25/10

For all his effort, hard work, and years of research, Fahmi deserves a full house
@P P last night. We've seen it more than 5 times already (even Aresha memorized some scenes and can sing along to Burhanuddin al-Helmi song) and yet it never failed to make us interested to watch it over and over again.
Last night it brought tears to my eyes seeing uncle Lim Kean Chye and Pak Yahya Nassim's face when their struggle were put off by British.

However,I shall resume tomorrow, but let's not forget to thank my CS friends who came last night in support of our local indie filmakers :)

Nite nite for now !

Wednesday, October 17


Some pics from raya @ Tapah. Too bad my old macbook and pc didn't allow me to upload pics(why?)
Had a fantastic, fabulous, wonderful, oh so traditional Aidilfitri celebration complete with homemade lemang and dodol making.

cousins, Farah, Eyda and yours truly

Atuk dearest, ala tuk, tak pandang camera plak

brothers and sisters

a bit blurry family pic

Wednesday, October 10

Cadangan melarang motosikal besar guna lebuh raya

I'm sure you've read Utusan and articles about superbikes are gonna be banned from using the highway or they have to pay the toll.

Who's the freakin' genius behind this? Who else than a so-called menteri who has been in his post for too long albeit his broken Bahasa Melayu (remember the derma dara, hisap dada joke?)

Tho' we're not a fan of superbikes or rather sportbike in general (they look so sexy but it just doesn't suit us, hehe), this is just insane! There's no doubt that they usually broke the law by going more than the speed limit, but who doesn't kan?
If they have to stick to those old roads (jalan lama/jalan kampung) I can't imagine what's the death toll gonna be like.

And dear just told me this so-called Datuk even dare to suggest additional 'brilliant' idea of imposing toll to ALL 'motosikal berkuasa tinggi' too!
That is just absurd!

I mean, if you read the articles above, it is so obvious the statement was made out of envy, just because we don't pay the toll, we have to be banned from using the highway? Wow! That's a good way to overgeneralize bikers.
We're a minority that clearly being oppressed by the authority!
We rarely use the highway, but we paid the same amount of road tax (actually more than average car)and I don't know if it's the same idiot but some Datuk actually agreed with him since most owners are well-off.
Wuhooooo! He must have done research all this while rather than sitting on his lazy ass waiting for bribe money.

Let me tell you how did we get our Springer. His dad is a Datuk. Nah!
He's just a boy with a dream, and I remember we used to peep outside the showroom in Jalan 222 (back then VS125 je) He did a freelance job for a US web magazine for few years and sent his check to Fahmi Reza http://10tahun.blogspot.com who studied @ Vanderbilt back then. Fahmi came back with RM50k and his dream fulfilled, paid in cash.
My brother, with only two years of experience as HR exec, owned his Sportster early this year, that shows any average Joe could own one if you determine and work hard for it.
So, please those Datuk poseur bikers, leave your judgment/comment to yourselves.

All those cars racing on the highway takpe pulak (and ironically he's on the back seat of one, while witnessing this terrifying sight, lol!) Why don't he ban those cars, or impose higher tolls? Oops I forgot he's driving (more like his chauffeur) one! Plus nanti menteri-menteri lain marah thus he wont be popular anymore
If this kind of person can be a menteri, anybody can! Don't u think so?

Thursday, October 4

Robbery in broad daylight!

After series of investigation ( macam real je and yes, I watched too much of CSI, I know!)read, talking to our neighbours, it's confirmed that these 2 red long sleeved tee wearing guys has been watching the neighbourhood (at least our block) for say, half and hour before deciding to climb our gate. Our cool pakcik neighbour told dear that he noticed them circling around the block few times. Their first attempt was (since pakcik is always outside, Alhamdulillah for that) telling him that they're hubby's friends and was told to collect something from our crib! Can you imagine that? Pakcik told them that my other half is not around but I am at home. They left.
They saw pakcik went out (to surau)and quickly did all of the details below.
I mean, they'd go to that extent to some worth less than RM8 car battery! Now I'm really worried to balik kampung :(

Original post
Just when you thought your neighbourhood is safe from burglary and theft, some sick straight-faced loser climbed our gate and stole dear's '61 Beetle battery!

Good news, the battery is kaput, drained to the max.
Bad news, the neighbourhood is not longer safe, in broad daylight!

Imagine this, i was on Gtalk with Nad, suddenly I saw a white helmet wearing guy in red long sleeved tee, in front of our gate. I normally don't go out when some stranger knocked on our door, I watched from inside for safety purposes. Then, there's another guy climbing out of the gate! Damnit! Obviously the first guy is on the lookout for his partner! They looked so calm, must be so professional at this and selamba je get on their bike and left.

I was so stunned I can't scream like I'm supposed to. It's just me and Aresha in the house and what if they do something to us, not worth it.

My biggest mistake was I didn't get the license plate number. I could make a police report. Tgk CSI banyak2 pun bila jadi takle buat apa, lol!

My heart raced rapidly and I told Nad and dear, I'm totally shaken and I can't believe i stood there in silence, like I don't know what to do.

So friends, what should I do to protect ourselves and our belongings? Raya dah dekat.

a) tell my neighbours about this, let them be aware and ensure there's no valuable things left outside.

b)call the police (mama's idea, she said during this festive season we should inform the police on patrol how long we're gonna be away)

c)keep at least the sliding door open so that ppl know that we're in .But kesian Bambi kena ikat :(

d) all of the above

any suggestions are most welcome.

Buka Puasa @ chez Reza

We had our closest friends for buka puasa last 2 weeks, with baju kurung theme (which only the 3 of us and Ain obliged, haha) and Johor specialties on the menu! Well not so Johor la,

From the kitchen of Chez Reza

soto &
begedel daging (made with love by Nadia & recipe by Fariz Oliver kita)

Kacang Phool (yg i thot tak bape jadi but was a fav by everyone! Faizal even commented that it was the best I've made so far)
Roti Arab brought by the lovey dovey couple Ain & Mui

Drinks & Dessert
air cincau
kuih putri salat aka serimuka

We all makan sampai tergolek depan tv and had a fun girl talk and the boys tak tau la apa buat outside

The shiny kenyang perut suka hati people!

It was a fun nite indeed, we giggled like schoolgirls and Aresha showed us her drawing skills (she's so gonna be the next
Futura lol!)

more pics @ Ain'sblog , Eh sorry forgot to add, this picture is courtesy of Ain, thanks babe!

Skuirtgun x Sole What?

We were invited (and honored to have Skuirtgun artwork on the walls) to Sole What?('s) grand opening last Saturday @ The Gardens Mid Valley.

Great party great ppl, the Streething crew Kzzit, Skinner, Betul2 Pening, Just_iz, Jamastajules, Headhunter (it's gonna take too long to list them all) and not to forget Mr m.i.n.i and unkle himself plus our good friends Ain & Mui who were there to save me from the awkwardness of sudden fame of my other half, lol!
Oh, we buka puasa with free flow of softdrinks and botol hijau,(I mean free flow not that we buka puasa with it, heh) And the good ol' Ramly Burger! Damn cool!

More pics at Streething and dJ Hans DC from Sneaker Freaker magazine did wrote something on Skuirtgun's work. What more can u ask eh?

*notice how my lil' girl now wants to pose far away from mommy and daddy? Kecik2 dah pandai! Don't grow up too fast Aresha!

Thursday, September 20

Faces of Aresha

This video was made by uncle Bob a while ago and I find the background music so cute!
Aresha's so lucky to have mommy's and daddy's friends like Uncle Kecik & Man to take her pictures and then made into this clippings.
Thanks you guys!

Monday, September 17

5 things

I've been tagegd by Ain almost a week ago and this is the first time for me!
Siap tanya lagi, caner nak buat ni, lol!

5 Things In My Bag (you don't wanna know what bag I'm carrying these days, lol!)

1. Mi WCC wallet
2. Aresha's Mothercare bib, which rarely used now, she's a big girl but if I left it at home, she usually spill food/drinks on her clothes, duh!
3. Carrera aviator sunglasses (Ain, I bought this @ Kajang aunty cranky shop)
4. ballpen (to write list of things to buy , groceries!)
5. our old school Ixus 50

5 Things That Are In My Wallet

1. mykad / ATM card
2. Aussino discount cards/dear's business card (in case he forgot or out of stock)
3. old receipts (konon2 nak buat account, which I always put on hold, lol!)
4. unlike Ain, I never bring surat nikah nor that I own the nikah card (selamba je, haha, there's no way to prove tht we're married, show them stretch marks kot?LOL!) but I carry Aresha's mykid with me
5. some rm50 and mostly small changes for bus,LRT fares

5 Favorite Things In My Bedroom

1. closet and collections of Obey tees
2. the idiot box, hehe (it's old but I could surf & watch Grey's Anatomy rerun @ 10am every weekday mornings)
3. the collection of sneakers that take up most of the closet space.
4. Bambi sleeping on dear's work desk
5. the Mathmos lavalamp we bought in S'pore almost 8 years ago. Very 70's

5 Things I Wish To Do

1. be more serious about being a baker (I should really go to classes, been putting it off for a while)
2. have the guts to drive!
3. be a supermom who wakes up early and non-stop doing chores (I tried but failed miserably)
4. be a manager, accountant, PA for Mr Skuirtgun kita, he's so disorganized sampai I pening, hehe
5. write whenever I feel inspired, especially when I'm doing the dishes.

5 Things That I Am Doing Now

1. checking email
2. watch season 1 of Grey's Anatomy episode (one with the male pregnant guy)
3. checking out updates on Fahmi Reza's blog http://10tahun.blogspot.com
4. doing laundry on commercial breaks
5. checking on Aresha who's still sleeping soundly, never failed to make me smile

5 People I Would Like To Tag

Arghh I honestly have no idea! Can we skip this? I don't think I have 5 ppl to tag. hehe

Thursday, September 13

How to conceive a baby boy

Finally, I'm ready to have another baby and I know gender of the baby is in Allah's will but with the technology and knowledge, no harm trying kan?
Regardless of the gender, boy or girl, we just hope it will be a healthy baby.

Time to get my baking soda stocks ready, ditch dairy foods (and forget about drinking milk for a while) and get Mr. Skuirt (eh, lain macam plak bunyi dia, lol!) to drink lotsa coffee, to keep the sperms active!

I'll definitely share my findings & research here. Just you wait :)

Tuesday, September 11

10 tahun

We had an exclusive sneak preview last Sunday of

"10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka"

a film by a young, brilliant,activist Fahmi Reza.

If you want to learn/know about what really happened before we were given independence,
check out the screening of this film at the Freedom Film Fest

this Friday 14th September

Central Market Annexe

What time?

Yeah, yeah it's Ramadhan but, if you have some time to spare, please come!

Support your local filmakers!

Monday, September 10

Lounging with Laila (again!) @ lil' Havana

Fun filled, worth every cent in 16 bucks, period!

The coolest Dr ever et moi

tak ready lagi group shot

Icham & Toya of Laila's Lounge , Taylor & Eva & us!

Thanks to Nizam, for emailing me these awesome batch of pics!

Sunday, September 9

2 weeks notice

so much happened the last 2 weeks that I'm either too lazy to update or just yeah, pretending to be busy, ha!

Now I'm gonna like summarize it all in one entry and post the pics later yeah?
I got mi own laptop now, and it's an obsolete Powerbook, better than nothing.Useless to design stuff here, obviously but good enough to blog, email, watch Strawberry shortcake with Aresha.Besides, Mr. Skuirt got his new Powerbook since joining O1. He won't let me touch that.
We should get wireless router soon, but we have this understanding when he comes back I don't go online that much so, we'll just make do of this wired(2metres phone line connected from the bedroom to our living room)Why spend RM200+ over something you don't really need eh? Tho' the phone lines can be an eyesore)

Went to watch Laila's Lounge again on the 19th, Met Nadia (I miss her, seems like we meet only when Laila's playing)Envied her lovely figure now,( damn I do look fat esp. when it's a full body shot) Now, I dreaded weaning Aresha of breastfeeding. I gain rapidly but hey,I'm like overbreastfed her already.
We went to BK together and as usual dear entertained us with his silly jokes, I felt like hitting his head,lol!
Ain were there too, always so stylo and yeah, we finally sat down with Laila talking about the EP cover design. Of course, when Bai's around you can't just sit there without laughing sampai sakit perut. They got lotsa ideas those talented down-to-earth boys,but in the end we finally meet a point that everybody agreed upon.
Can't wait to see the final print.It's gonna be awesome!

And then the week before 25th, I was really busy organizing Cs Picnic @ Lake Garden. Ken was there, MO and his CS converted housemates, MIL Elma & Ina who kindly enough cooking mee hoon for all of us. I'm like OMG is this how u organize meetings? I'm bombarded with emails every day to the point that I have to put aside those who replied that they won't be able to make it. I think it's the biggest turn up since the last 2 that I organized(or help with)
We got NORAHS (she's sweet and we hit instantly)Taylor(the Hawaii Amb) & Eva, Rob & Ruby from Melbourne, Fallingleaves aka Jamal who has interesting way of expressing himself, just love the way he talks, and Syahrul the Lomo guy. lotsa ppl actually confirmed that they're coming but you see I don't know if this is Malaysian thingy or maybe all of them has 'something came up' the last minute, but this is what you get and i don't expect too much anymore. The more doesn't mean the merrier but to get to know people at personal level and make new friends is more important.

it's almost 6am and I should head back to bed, definitely resume tomorrow.
au revoir!

Friday, August 17

Kluk Kluk Adventure @ Laundry

Went to Laundry to catch Kluk Kluk Adventure in action last night. Tepet was so kind to fetch me & Aresha @ home and we had a nice dinner @ IKEA's restaurant. We talked about the good old days, hmmm.. I actually had the same thought in my mind since returning from the Cure concert. Sometimes wish that we're transported back in time where we could hang out without doing anything, nothing serious to think about, oh well...

Aresha was behaving really well, and calm when we did our list on things to buy for her room aka playroom. She told she wants this and that but quickly put things back on its rack when we're about to leave. Hey, now I can see it pays to stay at home and teach her manners. She's been saying sorry whenever she did something wrong or just in a polite manner :)

What a chatterbox she has become these days.
Sometimes I just tell her, 'you talk to to daddy ok?'

It was a good show indeed. Malokai Gruv was very entertaining.
KKA as usual, always pour their heart out.
The last time I remember enjoying their show was when they first started.
Battle of the Bands or something @ Bkt Jalil

We should really be buying this ear muffs for Aresha since she enjoys going to these shows.

Monday, August 13

the family I love

These are my fav people, period!
I looooooooove all of them
Happy 46th anniversary Mak Utih & Pak Utih from all of us.

Chewy gooey brownies from Kak Ada for Ola's 13th birthday

46 and still going strong, laughing some more!

Aresha 'pengsan' after running around with her kakaks

Don't u think Oare looks so much like Sara Ramirez aka Dr Callie of Grey's Anatomy?

Friday, August 10

Friday I'm in Love :)

I'm in such a chirpy mode.

Had a great pillow talk with dear last night.

He's my muse, my everything and I wish Aresha will get all the creative juices/genius from her daddy.
I don't mean to get in-the-bakul-and-pick-it-up myself but I am truly blessed to be married to such a talented artist.

We talked about a trip to Bangkok (marked our 10th anniversary together) early next year and sending gas tank to be customized by Thor from Heaven's Devil's Custom all in one.

I was so inspired I couldn't sleep.

My two babies were sleeping soundly.

Just like Heaven, Lovesong, Friday I'm in Love,Lullaby, Let's go to bed playing on shuffle mode in my head.

In fact I lullabyed those songs to put Aresha to sleep last last nite.

Oh Friday I'm love, ohohohohooooo

Wednesday, August 8

CUREd in Singapore [a title borrowed from justthegirl :) ]

The Cure was fab!
What more can you ask when Robert Smith belting his heart out for 3 hours, Porl strumming non-stop (not even for a drink) and changing his guitars every song (his very artsy, eyecatching and complemented his bald tattooed head and body) (only stop for brief freshen up, and came out energized for 2 encores!) I can only talk about these two, forgive me for my petiteness.

Can't believe that he stood right in front of me more than three times, trying so hard to gaze away from stares, pretending that those hysterical screams are not for him. (But,i do secretly think we had a 2 secs moment where our eyes were fixated on each other, lol!)

For a rockstar, he's one sheepish, ever so shy but performed like it's their last show with the energy of a youth! Heh I hope I don't sound too starstruck there.
Definitely was fun to be in the 2nd row standing, cuddling with dear during lovesong(s),and the best part, no smoking allowed,clean air pure fun.
Feels like we're taken back to the 80's when they played all the greatest hits.
And we've just found out they're in the top 20 for Just Like Heaven( Top 20, y'all!) voted as VH1's 100 greatest song of the 80's.

To my surprise dear did something (so not him!) crazy that night. Well actually, he wanted to leave immediately, but yours sincerely persuaded him to stay for a while just to see the commotion while people are battling to grab drumsticks, guitar picks and set lists thrown on air. Just when the 2nd (I think) drumstick were thrown,he ran, jumped and aggressively, hassled and (add) a bit of tug o' war here (err, more like grab it from someone else's hand la senang)

Anaz (of Laila's Lounge) saw that too and pointed tht it was a smart idea to immediately hid the stick in the shirt right after that. LOL! He was really friendly tho' tht was the first time we've ever spoken to each other. The first pic was kindly taken by him :). We're so gonna see them next Saturday.

Seeing Cure live simply bring back memories. I'm listening to the CD and iPod everyday now, it made me smile, dance, and feel so good. I have to admit we're not the biggest fan who could sing along every single song, but we're just soo in love with their 80's hits.

All in all, we had a blast and we're honored to be part of the legend's last years of touring. (They are planning to retire soon, as spoken by Robert Smith in an interview) and the best early b'day prezzie. Period.

Thursday, July 19

Girls day out!

Exhausted, word!

Girly outing with Nad and as she fondly called Aresha, "Kenit"

Note tht, she'll actually pick me up in an hour, and I'm already barely breathing.

I've been up and about since 7am, doing all the chores making sure tht I didn't left home cluttered, or in short, just like that.

Dear's dinner - done
washing clothes- done
bake cookies for Fara- done
sterilize bottles- done
pack Aresha's snack & drinks- done

I'm staying @ my mom's tonight and be back demain soiree, leaving the only grandchild with her grandparents.

Can't wait for a peaceful night with dear tomorrow ;)

Ok, gotta go now! Don't wanna keep Nad waiting!
She's already being so kind to fetch me @ home.

Tuesday, July 10

7/7 Ride to Singapore

Has it been almost three years tht I left the Phantom seat of dear's '98 Springer for long rides?(read: more than 3 hrs)How fast time flies and I remember now, the farthest I've been since giving birth were Melaka and Kuantan. All done last year.
Singapore ride was so much awaited, I only slept a wink, mosquito bites didn't help at all, Aresha cries every 10 minutes, the tiny insect just love young fresh female blood eyy?
Well, to be honest when I have something to look forward to early in the morning (say, cooking for a party, a flight to catch, or wee bit too early ride like this) I can't sleep soundly, I have this alarm clock in my head snoozes every 15 minutes, a reminder tht I can't afford to overslept.

We were 10 minutes late et nous avons faim hence @ 5.30 am the 24 hours Golden Arches seems to be beaucoup tantalizing at that hour.Conveniently located at our meeting place by the roadside of Sg. Besi Highway, it was the most wholesome petit-dejeuner we've ever ate in months!
(Yeah, I make brekkie every single day but this is when we could sit without either dear rushing to go to work or yours sincerely counting calories)

The ride was pretty smooth , dear just had to take a nap at Ayer Keroh R&R,
I've already took mine on the bike, thank God for back rest! Lol!
After few fuel stop, we reached Gelang Patah soaking wet @10.30am when showers from Senai slowed us a bit. Wait till the road towards Tuas dried up and voila! after an hour stranded at the immigration, due to a change of wallet mistake and bike to be transported back to Johor border, we finally touched the ground of Lion City.

An unproductive day(read just lounging around HD dealership showroom for hours, waiting for the SG brothers to convoy to a member's daughter wedding in Woodlands)
It was fun meeting my Singapore sisters, learning that someone just got divorced and other personal stories that I dare not mention here, but deep inside I'm dying to get to Orchard which we did at 9pm and almost all shops are about to close.
Oops, the wedding was, how should I say it, they have great food from Biryani to Sup Tulang ala S'pore, rojak, lai (or len?) chi kang, scrumptious kueh-mueh and what looks like CupcakeMomma wedding cuppies.
We didn't know tht the bride & groom will come down @ 6 (that's when we left)
If only, we'd just stay since the Ipanema sandal tht I wanted to buy for Aresha is nowhere to be found :)

So the trip was merely about riding and buying lovely cotton prints for Aresha's dress. Oh, I forgot to mention tht Erie, rode with us and mama & future SIL, Siti took a bus and had a fab time shopping. It's okaylah I guess, at least they had a fruitful visit and we're coming back on the 1st August. Must check out Mustapha Center for imported cooking ingredients, cheap chocolates and cheese!