Tuesday, August 25

Ramadhan ya Ramadhan!

It feels so serene when Aresha joined us for tarawikh.
She patiently followed us and smiled all through all the rakaat while Zara looking excitedly/amused to see her big sis in telekung!

She also decided to wake up for sahur and already learnt to fast half day!
That's my girl! ;)

As mentioned last Ramadhan, I always look forward for this time of the year to solat together, cook delish juadah for iftar, dear to be home early & now training Aresha the basic essentials of fasting.

Tried new recipe today, deep fried minced chicken+crabstick wontons.
To my surprise both my darlings loved it to bits!
Our iftar is quite simple, rice meals are reserved for sahur.
We only splurged on weekends when having it together with the family.
Last weekend at mak's was like a buffet spread. End up bloating!
Nothing beats buka puasa with the whole Rezas!

This weekend mama invited us over plus I'll throw a bday/buka puasa get-together for my close friends!

What's on the menu? Surprise, surprise!

Thursday, August 13

Island getaway :)

We've been packing since few hours ago and even before we finish I have to go through an article on bringing frozen expressed milk boarding the plane.

There will be a possibility that I might have to dump it all.
There goes hours of hard work and a month supply of milk! What a waste!

I hope I'll be able to pull my best smile and not to get too emotional over this issue.

Lately I've been thinking too much and lash out for tiny little mistake Aresha made.
Not happy with how I'm handling stress and in dire of a short break before coming home fresh and ready for more parenting challenges

Told Aresha way beforehand and preparing her with the transition of staying with Tok Ma.
Mom stayed for few nights to familiarize with the kids.

I was more excited hotel hunting 30 days ago than going tomorrow.
My girls were extremely clingy and 'manja' when I put them to sleep, 4 hours ago.
It's as if they're not letting me go :(
Ah, maybe leaving the kids behind is not as easy as I thought.

Am sure they'll be just fine, i will be fine, definitely ;)

Thursday, August 6

Boys gone wild!

No, no this entry is not a review on a porn vid :P
Don't hold your breath ok?

It's rare to find young boys with such enthusiasm and passionate about life, travels and culture exchange.
Especially locals who thinks they need to compete (read colleague, friends, even family!)

I'm lucky to find such rare gems in Dimaz, Andrei Budiman & Riva ;)

These boys are from Bandung, initially, we met exactly a year ago, while I was preggy with Zara at Dago Atas to be exact.

Andrei is now a famous writer.
Travellous has made me teary eyed and sucked in his humble journey to Europe.
Check out http://travellous.blogspot.com
That's only half the book. I already felt I knew him for years!

These boys are exceptional, sad to see them leave so early, even Zara felt at ease instantly!

This is what I look for in CS, pure fun, no booze needed!
Kayanya mabuk minum teh tarik yaaa gitu!