Thursday, August 6

Boys gone wild!

No, no this entry is not a review on a porn vid :P
Don't hold your breath ok?

It's rare to find young boys with such enthusiasm and passionate about life, travels and culture exchange.
Especially locals who thinks they need to compete (read colleague, friends, even family!)

I'm lucky to find such rare gems in Dimaz, Andrei Budiman & Riva ;)

These boys are from Bandung, initially, we met exactly a year ago, while I was preggy with Zara at Dago Atas to be exact.

Andrei is now a famous writer.
Travellous has made me teary eyed and sucked in his humble journey to Europe.
Check out
That's only half the book. I already felt I knew him for years!

These boys are exceptional, sad to see them leave so early, even Zara felt at ease instantly!

This is what I look for in CS, pure fun, no booze needed!
Kayanya mabuk minum teh tarik yaaa gitu!

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