Monday, July 18


Last weekend was a blast, apart from going out with Aresha 2 days in a row, we discovered her new skills (?) too! She actually talk in her sleep for the first time! My oh my! I can't believe how fast time flies. My girl, is BIG girl now. She slept quite early on Friday and being so active before that, she uttered her favorite word " Daaaag, daaag!" and went back to her la-la land shortly. I was talking with my dearie and we didn't have the chance to record the precious moment. I guess we never know when it will happen again.
Oh, did I tell you she's so chirpy the past few days? She knows how to call us, (not by saying mommy and daddy) but a casual "Eh!" It's kinda funny to hear our little baby trying to get our attention by saying it over and over again when we are not looking at her. Hmm, what else? Ok, I'm not just saying this, but she did llllllllooooooooveeeeeeeeee Coldplay's Speed of Sound!! Not just the video clip but the song it self! We were watching it on [v] when she suddenly turn her head excitedly. At first, we thought she's attracted to the lights movement but through our little experiment of playing the song on CD, she did turn her head, trying to find where the song came from! That's a first! She loves Coldplay as much as we do!
Since last Saturday, she loves it (she actually laughed so hard) when I read her POppy Cat and Peekaboo Pets books. Hearing her laughter, priceless!
Oh yeah, hey baby! You turned 8 months today! You are getting taller and smarter each day... Can't wait to see what you are up to next. I'm so lucky that I have the luxury to watch her grow and be there to guide her through.

Friday, July 15

Hyper !

Aresha really get on my nerves last night. I was so tired coming home from pilates and yoga class @ 10pm. She usually sleeps at 12.30am the most but last night she kept on demanding attention , play with her toys and kept on going to the restricted areas until 4am! Poor dear, he had to take over from 3am when I can't deal with it anymore. I'm so exhausted and Aresha's 'hyperactiveness' made my mood switch into 'cranky mode'. Dear totally understand how tired I was last night and asked me to sleep. I didn't even change into my slips or took a shower! Imagine how tired I was. Ask my dear, it is a rare for me not to take a bath before I sleep. No matter how late, shower is a MUST!
While I'm writing this, she actually sleeps soundly, nothing could wake her up. My oh my, she's also developing this annoying habit of 'pretending to cry' whenever she didn't get her way. I can't bear hearing her 'fake cry'. Last night was a great challenge for me. To tell you the truth, I feel like pinching her, but my conscious mind refrain me from doing so. She's just a baby, that's her way of getting attention from me, not that she's lacking of it but that's how she communicate. She couldn't say it in words, a smart girl like Aresha knows that mommy and daddy will come and get her IF she make shrieking noise or fake a cry. It made me realize how big she is now. She sleeps less and play more. I wonder where she gets her energy from? Must be from my yummylicious milk, hehe.
On the other note, my yoga instructor commented on how good my performance was for a beginner. Yeay! I love hatha yoga. never thought that I'd sweat a lot from stretching and light movements, not to forget breathing!

Thursday, July 14

High on workouts

It's 4am and this is the only time that I can blog. Been busy the past few days. Went to my 2nd cardio dance class yesterday. Make 2 new friends, both Chinese- Sara and Carol. The instructor, Jimmy was so cool. He must be a professional dancer/choreographer. Last week we were dancing to Destiny's Child and last night R&B song that I'm not familiar with. I guess my moves are getting smoother but still it's hard for me to catch up. I tried to stay as close to Jimmy as possible. My body/movements looks stiff and funny in the mirror, so I just pretend it was somebody else, haha. I did almost trip and fell few times. Luckily there's nobody I knew or else I'll be so embarassed. I managed to talk to a fitness instructor who promised to give me a call for 'quickstart' session. He's so damn busy that I haven't started using the equipment yet. If he's so busy why don't he refer me to someone else? He must be good I suppose, I'll just wait, if I couldn't get my session tomorrow, I'll ask someone else.

Hmm, let's see what I've done las weekend. Saturday was 'Rock to Rock'. HRC and Concorde were full of Harleys parking at the driveway. There were like 60 of bikes altogether. Our friends, IMG Singapore Chapter came all the way from the Lion City. Wak Dol is now riding CVO Electra Glide, worth RM200k. Apai and Kak Rozy is now riding their new 2005 Dyna Super Glide. Gosh! I envy these Singaporeans, they can change/buy new bikes anytime they want to. The downpayment is so low that anybody could afford to buy a brand new bike. Of course if given the chance dear wants to own a West Coast Chopper rather than a new Harley, but with the currency and import duty, it will be just a dream. Ok, enuff of the bike talk..

The ladies commented on how skinny I am now. I didn't realize that I'm getting thinner each day. Maybe because I was really fat at the end of my pregnancy. It looks totally different now. My chubby cheeks are gone what makes me worried is the spare tyres. Mind you, I'm not on diet, I ate whatever I want but breastfeeding does help, A LOT! Some of them did say that I look thinner than I was before married. Is that true. Kak Rozy told me not to let myself get skinnier because it wouldn't make me look good. What should I do? Should I stop my workout? Let me get my goals and then we'll see.

5am!! Gotta wake up early to prepare breakfast for my dearie. Will post more later! Toodles!

Thursday, July 7

leg u p!
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doing the leg crunch. Aresha loves it!

Can you do that Aresha?

Can you do that Aresha?
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An exercise for both mommy and baby, Aresha seems to enjoy it as much as I did. Debbie's baby talk seems to work magic on her.

what's up?
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Aresha close up, taken a month ago when we went to Fit for 2. We had fun!

Fit for 2

one for the album
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The day we went for Mami & Baby's photoshoot. My dearie accidentally become the photographer.
This is us after working out.