Thursday, March 27

"V" for Vambutan

Aresha has strange pelatness she'd pronounce words started with R with V.

Vambutan = Rambutan
Vabina = Ribena

Where did she get that I don't know and even though I tried to correct her everytime, she refuse to follow.

Poor Aresha , mommy is so cranky these days that I can't tolerate her being disobedient to me, Aiyoh! I feel guilty everytime I scolded her. She'd quickly say sorry( which melts my heart) and the past few days (or maybe I just realize this) she'd say
"Aresha sayang mommy" countless times (followed with a huge hug)

She's very loving and becoming very manja with her daddy.
Whenever daddy's home she'll sit on his lap and watch tv , 80's rock videos (her favorite, KISS), pandai beli jiwa!

Last night after dinner, she said
'let's lepak, Aresha nak tgk cinta (=cerita, over-generalizing movies and footie match) Adebayor'
Mentioning the only player she knew. Hehe
She knows what daddy loves, and enjoy even watching footie with him :)

Last few hours, while having dinner, she purposely said she wants to poo poo and wee wee because she's tired and wants to sleep. I had to quickly finish my meal, only to find out that she tricked us this time.
Btw, she sleeps early now, alhamdulillah :)

I'm doing okay now, still resting whenever I could though so much chores piling up now, and almost sick of eating out.
Told dear, give it another one or two weeks, tak boleh tahan eating out.
He quickly replied" Can't wait!" Cheh!

Emm craving for fajitas, plan to shop for items needed to make 'em this weekend. Saw Martha made easy guacamole this morning, yumm!

Thursday, March 20

Bun in the oven

I was on bed rest the last few weeks.
Nauseous, fatigue and it's been almost a month that our dapur tak berasap(read I didn't cook at all)

I guess most of my closest friends and family already knew that I am pregnant.
As Dr B said 9 weeks 5 days (yes we switch from Dr A to Dr B)

This pregnancy is DIFFERENT.
with Aresha my morning sickness is only 2 weeks but this baby, don't even let me go to the kitchen even the smell of fried eggs would make me nauseous.

Dear has to put up with me, he has to cook his own breakfast and we now eat out almost every single day.

Last Monday nite, 9pm I bleed and we all went panic.
Out of the blue I felt like having my period again, which is impossible, right?

Too late to go to the gynae, we decided to wait till tomorrow.
I texted Ain, she replied early in the morning.

It is called threatened miscarriege.

We had the ultrasound scan and to be honest we already prepared for the worst.
Maybe not our rezeki this time.

I'm having subchorionic hematoma, bleeding at some part of the placenta.

You can see it from the scan, there's a huge hole in my placenta.

Alhamdulillah the fetus is growing healthily and we can hear the heartbeat.
What a relief! Even Aresha saw her sibling as she called it sleeping baby.

I was given a hormone and it's funny to see Aresha's reaction when the doctor put the needle in my arms. She seems so furious like 'what the hell is he doing to my mommy?'

And I'm now on duphaston for few weeks and scheduled for another checkup in 2 weeks time.

We just hope that we can get through the whole pregnancy without any complication.

I was told to have plenty of rest.

So, there goes my first entry on the second pregnancy.

I'm off to rest now, talk to y'all soon!

Monday, March 3

Off to grandma's

Aresha and I will be spending the night at my mom's and the next day we're off to Segamat to visit my grandma(papa's side)
It's been a while, I remember eating her specialty, for breakfastputu piring, fluffy , tasty and yellow unlike KL ones :P
Sadly she didn't make it anymore (use to sell though)Sometimes the old methods are the best. She tumbuk her own flour mixture, hard work and she just don't have the energy for that anymore :(

But I've already learnt to make her other specialty kuih bakar kemboja, yumm!

I'm old school, lol!