Tuesday, November 27

Monthly update

I didn't realize I've stopped blogging for a month! What happened to me eh?
Ain has been wondering wht the hell happened to this almost dead blog, lol!

Yeah I've been lazy, I'm online at least 6 hrs a day but why laaa so hard to blog again?

I had Raya Open house early this month and Aresha's 3rd birthday bash last 2 weeks, CS meet @ Pavillion and even went to Flyfm 2nd bday bash just to watch Hujan live and met my long lost bff Eva there!

while typing and watching Hitz.tv's Skool of Rock, The Cure's End of the World video clip were on!It wasn't easy to see their video ok, they're not your average rock band anyway. Aresha was stunned when mommy got so excited and telling her it's The Cure and tht's Robert Smith on tv, lol!

Hey tht girl is slowly becoming mini-me, she could sing Hujan's "Pagi gelap sudah gelap' and last night to our surprise she sang "Lalallalalallalla" ala Meet uncle Hussin.

She surely can talk now, adoi, she only stops talking when she's asleep can you imagine having 'burung apa?' 'Murai' conversation everyday? But her's would be 'apa?' 'Mana?' repetitively, Pening woo.

till then I shall wait for Dear's Macbook to update on pictures.
Ain, tunggula kejap ek?

Saturday, November 17

Aresha's trois anniversaire

Look how excited and anxious we are waiting for Aresha to blow all the candles!

Csers who came to celebrate Aresha, thank u guys for the lovely prezzies :)