Wednesday, August 16

I miss travelling :(

My fellow CSer friends Reen and Anne are now in Europe and I wish that I could do the same too! However we have to be patient and wait till Aresha's big enough to understand and remember the journey before we embark on another Euro trip. We're gonna be staying with as many CSer as possible and most prolly staying with the same hosts in Berlin, Amsterdam,Barcelona (Jan asked us to wait till he get back from his Globetour) and London.

Pics uploaded above were Jan the ever so kind host who picked us up @ Barcelona Sants train station (his place is literally an hour drive from the city)and Phaeny & Sergi, the lovely Greek+ Catalan couple who's also Easyjet's hostesses, they've been so helpful on giving us guides to flea markets and best places to shop for vintage clothes. We miss you guys so much, and here's hoping our paths may cross again!

Monday, August 14

A long awaited ride!

This is what I've been up to the past few weeks. Yes, I'm back riding on dearie's Springer,after almost twenty one month of long hiatus. It's not that I didn't ride at all, very minimal to tell you the truth. Now it's not so hard to leave Aresha at home. My parents and MIL always ready to take care of her, She's not totally dependent on my milk anymore, yeay for me!

Last Saturday we went to PD, a short ride which I miss the most after having Aresha. I just love riding, long rides are the best especially with fellow IMG brothers and sisters. Can't wait to ride maybe to Fraser's Hill next weekend!