Saturday, January 22

1st Wedding Anniversary

Couldn't believe that it's already the 22nd of January. Last year we were pronounced husband and wife exactly t 9.46pm @ Surau nearby my ol' house in Kluang. My dearie looked very handsome in off-white baju Melayu teluk belanga. He seemed calm, smiling at me when I entered the room. On the other hand, I'm a nervous wreck. We've known each other for 6 years but the thought of being his wife, till death do us part.. this is totally different than just being in love. Thank God, my dearest friend Eva was there to comfort me.
Luckily it only took dear one lafaz , a diamond solitaire ring and voila! We're officially MARRIED! Our nikah ceremony was a blast! Our friends from Independent Singapore Chapter came with their Harleys.. 20 of them. Plus, the Nomads Chapter from KL, 8 of 'em. So, you can imagine the sound of the V-twin engine roared through the silence of the night. Kompang pun tenggelam!
That was last year, today.. we're celebrating our big day with Aresha in hand. She's the best anniversary gift ever! Her aqiqah were done @8.45 am this morning. Dear almost fainted to see the slaughter procedure. We never knew that it's sunat to see the process of the qurban (When you're doing it for yourself or your family)
Went out to OU before having dinner at TGIF. It's been 5 years the same restaurant @Life Centre. This year, a slight change, the same restaurant but different venue. Nothing fancy,no candle light dinner or roses, can't even wear my wedding ring yet.(Have to shed few more pounds) but it feels so romantic. Maybe this is the first time we went out without worrying about Aresha. I don't know, but I have this feeling as if this is our first date. For few seconds, I couldn't talk , I had goosebumps.
Dinner was great. Hang out with IMG until 2.30 am. By the time we reach home. Aresha's still wide wake! Poor grandma. She couldn't sleep to take care of our baby. As soon as Aresha sees me, she smiled! My heart melts..She knew that her mommy's home to cuddle her to sleep. What a way to end the day..
So here we are, been tying the knot for one year,Aresha is the proof of our love, it will stay the same if not stronger each day. Happy Anniversary, dear!!

Thursday, January 20

BWL contest

4 days left.. and looks like contestant no 1 managed to beat us. Smells something fishy here.. How can she get more than 100 votes in one day?
Please vote for Aresha (no 2)
Thanks so much to Bob for being our unofficial campaign officer. Hehe

It's already 3.18 am.. I'm blogging while my babies..were sleeping. Gonna left for my mom's place tomorrow morning.
Aresha's going to have her aqiqah this Raya Haji..
Happy Aidiladha y'all!

Wednesday, January 19


Aresha slept at precisely 4.55am last night..Dear wanted to stay up with me but I asked him to sleep 'cause he has to work tomorrow. She's not crying, only restless..she seems hungry.
Maybe my milk supply is not enough.Anybody know how to increase your breast milk? I've been breastfeeding exclusively for 2 months now and I don't plan to change to formula. Although it is very time consuming and sometimes tiring, I want the best for Aresha. So far she's very healthy, no fever, cold etc. I even managed to prevent her from jaundice.
I want to continue nursing her as long as I could.
Tried drinking gallons of water.. not working.
Some said drinking green tea would help...
Dates would work too? I don't know...
Will try anything to make it work

Tuesday, January 18

deux moins

Aresha Reza turned 2 months today... She seems to put on weight. Tak larat nak bathe her.
...Her cheeks are puffy, rashes gone and her hair is already 1/2 inches.
She could really respond to our words. Always smiling.., loves to make bubbles out of her saliva..hehe.
Can't wait for her to grow up... so that I can tie her hair into ponytails. Buy her Adidas kids track suit.
At the same time I don't want her to grow...she's so sweet and adorable..wish I could cuddle her in my arms all the time.

Monday, January 17

Bon Septieme Anniversaire

Around 6 pm we'll be celebrating the 7th anniversary of the first time we met. Wow! Has it been really that long? It's all because of this IRC thingy. You make new friends virtually and the only way to know whether they're for real or not..through gathering. If I'm not mistaken it was my 2nd gathering. This time @ KL Plaza. It took a lot of effort, I even went to JB as Mr. xman ( I must say laa.. you did play some part.. hehe) himself offered me lift. Sanggup bersesak-sesak macam tin sardin. Just imagine there were 2 medium sized guys and 3 girls on the back seat of xman's car.

Damn!I already wrote long entry just now and blogger screwed up..Oh well I have to pick up the pieces from here...

It was #malscene's berbuka puasa get together.. about 15 of us. Amongst the chatters were weaponska,xman himself,shuvit, padil aka weezer, shuvit, isabella,comell,xein,amin, aleen, dd,amir,bluezcale aka azhar etc..(forgot their nicknames already) but my eyes were fixated to this long-haired guy. Was told that he's one of the founder of the channel. (I've always has this 'thing' on guys with long hair) HOw should I say eh, he's not the cute type ala Justin Timberlake but he has this charisma that made me attracted to him( Haha..laugh yourself out, dear)
I assumed he has no interest in me since he didn't even lay his eyes on me...or introduce himself to me. Such a snob eh.

Anyway.. I did sat in front of him for a while since Apek and Shuvit were at the same table (met them from previous gathering) He was busy talking to them, totally didn't acknowledge my presence.

The only words he uttered to me was,

"Ni la Jubilee eh?"

Chaitt!! Da nak balik baru nak tanya? I managed to nod sheepishly despite the fact that my heart skip a beat..

Our relationship did blossom from that day onwards. We chat on IRC almost everyday.. Even "date" virtually. Yeah..internet love does work...provided that you met the right one laaa.

Happy Anniversary my dear... Love you lots.. more than ever :)

p/s: we managed to sneak out for a quick dinner..Wish we could bring Aresha along, but she's too small,next year perhaps

Saturday, January 15

To go or not to go

I'm still undecided whether to go out or not tonight. We're gonna be celebrating Bob as the new "full member" of the club. He's been a prospect for almost a year now. That's a damn long time, I tell you.. and he's been really patience and enjoy every moment being in the group. Never failed to wear the "half" patch every time we hang out together. Two thumbs up for the man!

No, no.. we're not a gang member of some sort. We belong to Independent Motorcycle Group (IMG in short)..a bunch of good friends ( more like a big family now) who loves riding on our Harleys.

So, back to my decision... I've never left Aresha to hang out with my friends yet. The only times that I left her, to get a haircut and buy some groceries. It's not that I don't trust other people to take care of her, it's just me.. I don't have the heart to leave her and and have fun like I used to be. I did ride on the back of my dearie's Springer until the end of my pregnancy. 9 months and still riding.

Tears were rolling down my eyes each time I see Aresha smiling at me. If she's sleeping I wouldn't be this emotional.

How laa...?

Thursday, January 13

I'm loving it!

Yeay!!! Finally I got my own personalized header designed by my dearest Faizal Reza. Thank you so much dear..really appreciate the time you've spent to do this...and lots more to come right dear?Really love it!This is just what I always wanted. :)
Ooohh oh!We found ot last night that Bill Wall himself engraved Aresha's birthdate on her pendant. How cool is that?Only if you buy it from the store itself laa...It won't apply on the stuffs you bought from Mikelrob@ Ebay.
There was a major blackout @ noon around 12.30 to 2.30. Aresha and I we were sweating but kept our eyes shut as if it could take away the heat.Hehe. Luckily it doesn't last for so long. I was told that the whole KL, Selangor, Melaka and Johore experienced the samething!

Ooppss! Aresha dah bangun... Later!

Monday, January 10


Aresha smiled at me just now and it really make my day..
Wow! Never thought a simple smile from your own baby would mean so much.
She's now sleeping like an angel in her favorite rocker.
Yesterday we took some pics. My baby still looks so much like a boy.
Maybe because she's still bald.
Better stop now, feels like wrapping my arms around Aresha. Heaven!

Friday, January 7

Aresha's first BWL

Last night Bob arrived from Singapore. He helped us picking up our BWL stuffs from Kak Rozy and Apai's place. Our long awaited "A" pendant for Aresha is finally here! It is sooo huge! The best part is that they engaraved her birth date for free, with two hearts at the bottom. Talk about personal touch. Worth every penny!Check out We love the pendant so much that we decided to "borrow" it from Aresha until she's old enough to wear it. Hehe. I've got an advance anniversary gift. Dear had won the BWL contest , the prize? A pair of crown earring. So cool!

Thursday, January 6


Today I found a new solution to sooth Aresha when she's crying after feeding.The ol' pacifier! Well, dear had suggested giving it to her a long time go but I refuse to do so. I don't want her to be clinging on the pacifier all the time. BUt hey, never thought that it will be a great help. Before this, when Aresha cries I'll immediately feed hear until I become so exhausted. I learn a great lesson..sometimes all she needs is a pacifier. She seems to love it so much and sleeps soundly when I put it in her tiny mouth. She's been up until 2.30am for the past 2 days. Pity her daddy, have to put her to sleep cause I'm obviously too tired to do so. Now at 11.56 am she's already asleep an hour ago. Time for mommy and daddy to cuddle up. hehe