Wednesday, July 28

Routine X 3

I love what I found after re-reading. Sometimes at first glance you might misinterpret or misunderstood sentences but quickly get the picture after reading it again. With these two I would be lucky to finish a book, most of 'em are read half-way, quarter-way or sometimes just few lines :P
Been reading before your kids drive you crazy, read this! by Nigel Latta and realized I've been doing some of the tricks/rules wrongly.
First, before even thinking of disciplining kids, you gotta be disciplined first. KEEP the routine until it all seems natural and NEVER give up easily.

So the last two nights, sleep training starts over. Wasn't a smooth stroll as I have big kid and small kid sleeping in the same room and methods explained in the book is quite different for both.
But heck, I gotta make this work right?
So, right after the family's fav SOA on FXHD, milk,brush teeth, diaper changing and wee-wee one after another before we hit the sack.
I'm determine to wean off Zara of boobies before bedtime. That translates to continuously pick her up-put her back to the bed. I even lost count on how many times she tried to climb out but noooooooo, she needs to sleep inside the cot not stealing Aresha's space.
She seems to love head massage, well, more like body massage. Took like 20 minutes before she finally yawned. Her sister however, tried her tricks on
 'oh, I'm not sleepy'
'I can't sleep, mommy'
'Can you stay longer?' 
right until the ultimatum of not going to school trip, she slept all through the night, without stealing our bed. Alhamdulillah  :)

Tonight was much easier for eldest but Zara still resist but surprisingly didn't ask for milk. So, that's a good start. Mommy just need to persevere or else all these effort will go down the drain.
Keep in mind, routine is the way to go. Routine, routine, routine!

Now mommy needs to train herself to sleep earlier but, not until daddy sleeps too!