Sunday, June 7

Family getaway

We've just returned from a hellish bus ride from Kuala Besut early Wednesday morning.
I couldn't sleep the first three hours wondering if we could make it in one piece or be in the frontpage of national newspaper :P

Wedding went smoothly and KB has opened my eyes, truly new experience, everything is so different here, takes a while to adapt.

The family getaway was freakin' awesome! Imagine having siblings and spouses together for 3D/2N!
Private yacht and snorkel instructor!
Not to forget the food! If only we have fridge and microwave oven!

Of course, there's always someone who thinks he can do better, but screw them :P
We had so much fun and so much tanned!

Too many pics to choose from, will upload soon!

If only the 'real world' is that beautiful ;)