Friday, October 26

10tahun @ P P 25/10

For all his effort, hard work, and years of research, Fahmi deserves a full house
@P P last night. We've seen it more than 5 times already (even Aresha memorized some scenes and can sing along to Burhanuddin al-Helmi song) and yet it never failed to make us interested to watch it over and over again.
Last night it brought tears to my eyes seeing uncle Lim Kean Chye and Pak Yahya Nassim's face when their struggle were put off by British.

However,I shall resume tomorrow, but let's not forget to thank my CS friends who came last night in support of our local indie filmakers :)

Nite nite for now !

Wednesday, October 17


Some pics from raya @ Tapah. Too bad my old macbook and pc didn't allow me to upload pics(why?)
Had a fantastic, fabulous, wonderful, oh so traditional Aidilfitri celebration complete with homemade lemang and dodol making.

cousins, Farah, Eyda and yours truly

Atuk dearest, ala tuk, tak pandang camera plak

brothers and sisters

a bit blurry family pic

Wednesday, October 10

Cadangan melarang motosikal besar guna lebuh raya

I'm sure you've read Utusan and articles about superbikes are gonna be banned from using the highway or they have to pay the toll.

Who's the freakin' genius behind this? Who else than a so-called menteri who has been in his post for too long albeit his broken Bahasa Melayu (remember the derma dara, hisap dada joke?)

Tho' we're not a fan of superbikes or rather sportbike in general (they look so sexy but it just doesn't suit us, hehe), this is just insane! There's no doubt that they usually broke the law by going more than the speed limit, but who doesn't kan?
If they have to stick to those old roads (jalan lama/jalan kampung) I can't imagine what's the death toll gonna be like.

And dear just told me this so-called Datuk even dare to suggest additional 'brilliant' idea of imposing toll to ALL 'motosikal berkuasa tinggi' too!
That is just absurd!

I mean, if you read the articles above, it is so obvious the statement was made out of envy, just because we don't pay the toll, we have to be banned from using the highway? Wow! That's a good way to overgeneralize bikers.
We're a minority that clearly being oppressed by the authority!
We rarely use the highway, but we paid the same amount of road tax (actually more than average car)and I don't know if it's the same idiot but some Datuk actually agreed with him since most owners are well-off.
Wuhooooo! He must have done research all this while rather than sitting on his lazy ass waiting for bribe money.

Let me tell you how did we get our Springer. His dad is a Datuk. Nah!
He's just a boy with a dream, and I remember we used to peep outside the showroom in Jalan 222 (back then VS125 je) He did a freelance job for a US web magazine for few years and sent his check to Fahmi Reza who studied @ Vanderbilt back then. Fahmi came back with RM50k and his dream fulfilled, paid in cash.
My brother, with only two years of experience as HR exec, owned his Sportster early this year, that shows any average Joe could own one if you determine and work hard for it.
So, please those Datuk poseur bikers, leave your judgment/comment to yourselves.

All those cars racing on the highway takpe pulak (and ironically he's on the back seat of one, while witnessing this terrifying sight, lol!) Why don't he ban those cars, or impose higher tolls? Oops I forgot he's driving (more like his chauffeur) one! Plus nanti menteri-menteri lain marah thus he wont be popular anymore
If this kind of person can be a menteri, anybody can! Don't u think so?

Thursday, October 4

Robbery in broad daylight!

After series of investigation ( macam real je and yes, I watched too much of CSI, I know!)read, talking to our neighbours, it's confirmed that these 2 red long sleeved tee wearing guys has been watching the neighbourhood (at least our block) for say, half and hour before deciding to climb our gate. Our cool pakcik neighbour told dear that he noticed them circling around the block few times. Their first attempt was (since pakcik is always outside, Alhamdulillah for that) telling him that they're hubby's friends and was told to collect something from our crib! Can you imagine that? Pakcik told them that my other half is not around but I am at home. They left.
They saw pakcik went out (to surau)and quickly did all of the details below.
I mean, they'd go to that extent to some worth less than RM8 car battery! Now I'm really worried to balik kampung :(

Original post
Just when you thought your neighbourhood is safe from burglary and theft, some sick straight-faced loser climbed our gate and stole dear's '61 Beetle battery!

Good news, the battery is kaput, drained to the max.
Bad news, the neighbourhood is not longer safe, in broad daylight!

Imagine this, i was on Gtalk with Nad, suddenly I saw a white helmet wearing guy in red long sleeved tee, in front of our gate. I normally don't go out when some stranger knocked on our door, I watched from inside for safety purposes. Then, there's another guy climbing out of the gate! Damnit! Obviously the first guy is on the lookout for his partner! They looked so calm, must be so professional at this and selamba je get on their bike and left.

I was so stunned I can't scream like I'm supposed to. It's just me and Aresha in the house and what if they do something to us, not worth it.

My biggest mistake was I didn't get the license plate number. I could make a police report. Tgk CSI banyak2 pun bila jadi takle buat apa, lol!

My heart raced rapidly and I told Nad and dear, I'm totally shaken and I can't believe i stood there in silence, like I don't know what to do.

So friends, what should I do to protect ourselves and our belongings? Raya dah dekat.

a) tell my neighbours about this, let them be aware and ensure there's no valuable things left outside.

b)call the police (mama's idea, she said during this festive season we should inform the police on patrol how long we're gonna be away)

c)keep at least the sliding door open so that ppl know that we're in .But kesian Bambi kena ikat :(

d) all of the above

any suggestions are most welcome.

Buka Puasa @ chez Reza

We had our closest friends for buka puasa last 2 weeks, with baju kurung theme (which only the 3 of us and Ain obliged, haha) and Johor specialties on the menu! Well not so Johor la,

From the kitchen of Chez Reza

soto &
begedel daging (made with love by Nadia & recipe by Fariz Oliver kita)

Kacang Phool (yg i thot tak bape jadi but was a fav by everyone! Faizal even commented that it was the best I've made so far)
Roti Arab brought by the lovey dovey couple Ain & Mui

Drinks & Dessert
air cincau
kuih putri salat aka serimuka

We all makan sampai tergolek depan tv and had a fun girl talk and the boys tak tau la apa buat outside

The shiny kenyang perut suka hati people!

It was a fun nite indeed, we giggled like schoolgirls and Aresha showed us her drawing skills (she's so gonna be the next
Futura lol!)

more pics @ Ain'sblog , Eh sorry forgot to add, this picture is courtesy of Ain, thanks babe!

Skuirtgun x Sole What?

We were invited (and honored to have Skuirtgun artwork on the walls) to Sole What?('s) grand opening last Saturday @ The Gardens Mid Valley.

Great party great ppl, the Streething crew Kzzit, Skinner, Betul2 Pening, Just_iz, Jamastajules, Headhunter (it's gonna take too long to list them all) and not to forget Mr m.i.n.i and unkle himself plus our good friends Ain & Mui who were there to save me from the awkwardness of sudden fame of my other half, lol!
Oh, we buka puasa with free flow of softdrinks and botol hijau,(I mean free flow not that we buka puasa with it, heh) And the good ol' Ramly Burger! Damn cool!

More pics at Streething and dJ Hans DC from Sneaker Freaker magazine did wrote something on Skuirtgun's work. What more can u ask eh?

*notice how my lil' girl now wants to pose far away from mommy and daddy? Kecik2 dah pandai! Don't grow up too fast Aresha!