Thursday, October 4

Skuirtgun x Sole What?

We were invited (and honored to have Skuirtgun artwork on the walls) to Sole What?('s) grand opening last Saturday @ The Gardens Mid Valley.

Great party great ppl, the Streething crew Kzzit, Skinner, Betul2 Pening, Just_iz, Jamastajules, Headhunter (it's gonna take too long to list them all) and not to forget Mr m.i.n.i and unkle himself plus our good friends Ain & Mui who were there to save me from the awkwardness of sudden fame of my other half, lol!
Oh, we buka puasa with free flow of softdrinks and botol hijau,(I mean free flow not that we buka puasa with it, heh) And the good ol' Ramly Burger! Damn cool!

More pics at Streething and dJ Hans DC from Sneaker Freaker magazine did wrote something on Skuirtgun's work. What more can u ask eh?

*notice how my lil' girl now wants to pose far away from mommy and daddy? Kecik2 dah pandai! Don't grow up too fast Aresha!

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