Thursday, October 4

Robbery in broad daylight!

After series of investigation ( macam real je and yes, I watched too much of CSI, I know!)read, talking to our neighbours, it's confirmed that these 2 red long sleeved tee wearing guys has been watching the neighbourhood (at least our block) for say, half and hour before deciding to climb our gate. Our cool pakcik neighbour told dear that he noticed them circling around the block few times. Their first attempt was (since pakcik is always outside, Alhamdulillah for that) telling him that they're hubby's friends and was told to collect something from our crib! Can you imagine that? Pakcik told them that my other half is not around but I am at home. They left.
They saw pakcik went out (to surau)and quickly did all of the details below.
I mean, they'd go to that extent to some worth less than RM8 car battery! Now I'm really worried to balik kampung :(

Original post
Just when you thought your neighbourhood is safe from burglary and theft, some sick straight-faced loser climbed our gate and stole dear's '61 Beetle battery!

Good news, the battery is kaput, drained to the max.
Bad news, the neighbourhood is not longer safe, in broad daylight!

Imagine this, i was on Gtalk with Nad, suddenly I saw a white helmet wearing guy in red long sleeved tee, in front of our gate. I normally don't go out when some stranger knocked on our door, I watched from inside for safety purposes. Then, there's another guy climbing out of the gate! Damnit! Obviously the first guy is on the lookout for his partner! They looked so calm, must be so professional at this and selamba je get on their bike and left.

I was so stunned I can't scream like I'm supposed to. It's just me and Aresha in the house and what if they do something to us, not worth it.

My biggest mistake was I didn't get the license plate number. I could make a police report. Tgk CSI banyak2 pun bila jadi takle buat apa, lol!

My heart raced rapidly and I told Nad and dear, I'm totally shaken and I can't believe i stood there in silence, like I don't know what to do.

So friends, what should I do to protect ourselves and our belongings? Raya dah dekat.

a) tell my neighbours about this, let them be aware and ensure there's no valuable things left outside.

b)call the police (mama's idea, she said during this festive season we should inform the police on patrol how long we're gonna be away)

c)keep at least the sliding door open so that ppl know that we're in .But kesian Bambi kena ikat :(

d) all of the above

any suggestions are most welcome.


ira said...

hi!i would say,all of the above!but what my family did lasttime,we hang up a 'beware of the dog' sign at our gate,and that kinda scare strangers frm simply entering our porch.hehe..

Zach Reza said...

Hmm good idea! But, nanti I'll get snickers from makcik2 neighbour I, lol!

Thanks Ira for dropping by, can't wait to see ur little Mia grow,Ohh I miss having a baby, desperately wanting one, 2008 baby yeah!

fariz said...

letak gam atas palang gate..and taruk kaca2...nanti dia taleh panjat..hehe ol skool.

Zach Reza said...

good idea seh Kecik!

Letak kaca halus, tak nampak punya, jangan makan tuan sudah! LOL!

Anonymous said...

uuh.. that was scaryy.. dengan u n aresha saja @ home..mmg patut u duduk diam2 dalam rumah je.. anyway.. u should do all the options above.. yerlahkan, langkah berhati2...

take care tau!


kiddo's mom said...

that is scary!!!! memang bahaya la nowadays... always make it look like there's people in the house la dear.. but make sure everything's locked.. leave porch lights on at night, etc..

justthegirl said...

oh dear...i understand when panic overcome u..
gosh..bulan baik pun masih ada org buat crime..did u see their faces?

same thing happened to my relatives in jb...

Zach Reza said...

Thanks for your feedbacks girls !(now I know my readers are mostly girls, good to know that)

Matun & Yanz

Scary indeed, to the point of nothing came out from my mouth, I was about to scream "Oi!" but I froze!
Yes, we're so gonna do all of the above and we already informed our neighbours, I got more surprising findings that i'll update in this post soon!

Anne -
I saw their faces and I can definitely describe it in detail, damn,I don't think they all puasa kot? Kalau puasa pun dah tak diterima dah.

I know! We got a S'porean friend who lives in JB who lost his precious SGD60k worth Harley when the whole family IS at home! Kena pukau kot, damn scary!

nads said...

don't la leave ur sliding door open...if they watches ur house, they'd know if u guys are around or not, whether sliding door open ke tak. easier work for them...potong je lock grill, tadaa...
pasang alarm la you! heheh

Zach Reza said...

Spot on Nad! They can aim plak wht to rob by looking inside.

Alarm? Oh dear, if this house is ours, we definitely invest on one.

I think I'm gonna go for 'guarding' the house with surah2 from the Quran, my dad did that with our old place in Kluang, alhamdulillah never occured any incidents like this.

*sigh* Nad, it's an evil2 evil world we're living in nowadays and ppl like this would do anything to get wht they want.

ain said...

Those men must have gotta be junkies! RM8 battery pun bedal. Yknw zach, my in-laws in JB, they installed these spotlights that are vibration-sensitive. If a car or motorcycle, or any slightest of movement for that matter comes in contact with the gate or front door, the spotlight will be switched on automatically.

And they also have this lamp bulbs that are dark-sensitive. They only get turned on in dark environment. These junkies are more suspicious if u leave the lights all day and night.

Thank god u only observed them from inside! and now im thinking of getting a doorview or that peep hole thingy installed. hmmmph

Zach Reza said...

Ain! Thanks for the input dear,
Mmg junkies pun kot, everybody said so. Org kita plak tu, damn!

Now where to get those lights? Ace hardware ada kot?

Yeah I've seen those spotlight u mentioned, my parents' neighbour been using that and yes we all pun kekadang annoyed bila balik malam, haha!

We already got those timer where you switch on when you're not at home, and I thought of plug in the lampu lip lap to it, so macam ada org la kan malam2 tu.
And I went to my new neighbour's place, nasib baik she'll be back on 3rd raya. So, at least she can look out for us :)

And yes, you should invest on tht, for security reason.
Btw, your neighbour depan tu Arab or sumthing eh? Was that the house u told me abt? He said 'Hi' to me :)

MINXX said...

oh dear takutnya.. right now bukan malam jek takut siang pun mengerikan.. i think u should report police pasal benda ni.. so they know ure house memang dinantikan oleh penyangak2 itu... and pasang alarm tuh memang bagus..