Tuesday, September 8

How fast time flies, less than two weeks before Aidilfitri!
We've got all the basics covered. Kids' baju kurung sent to u'an (as always), ours were considered done(will be wearing the ones made for Alang's wedding) Got my shoes last week, the house is almost squeaky clean thanks to dear's latest toy Karcher water pressure washer ;)

Phewww! We've never been this organized! Always last minute prep. We even got our raya open hse date ready!

However, am pretty much sad that Ramadhan will be over soon :(
Frankly, if we eat regularly just like this, we'd maintain healthy weight.
We were pretty much disciplined when it comes to solat. Never miss Any Subuh! (thanks to sahur)

Hopefully we'll be able to keep the routine, insya Allah!

Off to more chores & cookie baking!

Salam Aidilfitri!