Saturday, February 21

Bkk, Burapa & a lot of love!

Just came back last Tuesday from much deserving break .
He had to finish his previous year annual leave.
Burapa Bike Week '09 coincides with V day, what can I say, perfect timing!

Last year we went sans fille , this time with deux filles in tow :)

Well, fun isn't "the" word, I'd be lying if I say that it's not tiring, but definitely worth every sweat seeing Aresha enjoying every bits (especially the hostel part) & Zara's beautiful smile, every morning (and everytime we retire from all the shopping & sightseeing)

We never celebrated V- day , however dear was being so sweet & oh sooooo romantic by getting me a bouquet of roses (which I proudly brought home in one piece, ha!) when he went out on his own to get us coffee & snacks :)

Ok, enough of that, heres' some snippets of our first family holiday with Zara :)