Friday, November 12

Big Mac

Arizal and Zai are so kind to send us home. The four of us went to IKEA to buy some stuffs. The fact that we were shopping like mad yesterday didn't stop us from buying a set of baby gym for our yet to be born baby girl. Oh , IKEA's cafe currypuffs, so yummy!Kalau tau, beli 2 dozens baru puas, hehe. Aiyoh!I'm already looking like a balloon about to burst, but still eating like there' sno tomorrow. We had our buka puas at home(my MIL's). Everybody's eating out today, so we decided to have go to JJ's McDOnalds for the Buka Puasa special. Even bought a bottle of Ribena.
At home, I decided to raya at dearie's kampung in Jeram instead of my parents' place since there's no sign that the baby will come out any soon. I want to taste the famous ala-ala dish, U'an's specialty.

Tuesday, November 2

Pineapple tarts

Today, teringin nak makan tart nenas so bad..Normally I wouldn't really care about this pineapple tart so much but this year, nampak je tart , so tempted. I want the original round shape with jam on top not the rolled ones, seems so hard to find. I've been craving for it since the past few the beginning of puasa, I think. So, I told dear...I would settle for the rolled pineapple tarts. Yeah sure you can find it anywhere in this festive season, but how would you know that it's the best?
My mom is not an expert in baking tarts.. She made the best pineapple jam, no doubt, but the art of making tart is different. Have to buy la ini macam..
Dear's going to KLCC tomorrow, and he'll get me some....Yeay!

Monday, November 1

7 days

It's November already... and I'm still counting days..Is it gonna be today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or on the weekend? Dear woke up this morning, dreaming that our baby has been born. Last night he told me that he has a hunch that the lil' one will be born this Thursday. Ohh... it makes me so nervous, although I'm trying so hard to be calm. Every pain that I experience makes me think that it's a contraction. Lately, I can actually feel the baby move (or was it jerking?) downwards, it hurts. So hard to get up, to bend and kick yourself out of the bed.
My baby girl wants to stay inside until she feels ready to face the world, kot?
Your daddy can't wait to see you... in fact everybody's eager to welcome you this world.
Only mummy has this uncertain feelings...Part of me wants to see you badly, another part of me wants to protect and carry you inside the womb forever. Mana boleh forever kan? I wish I knew when you would come out.